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    Man United Gent
    Thu 16th Feb
    Kick Off: 18:00 UK time
    Venue: Ghelamco Arena
    Comp: Europa League
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    • Same Old Story.....
      To moderate = "To become or cause to become less extreme."  Anyone who is prepared to use such extremely foul and offensive language towards another member doesn't fall into a 'moderator' category in my books. Your appointment therefore leaves me with only one option which I duly take.
      No, not stuck for words, rather just tired Asc3. I think perhaps we saw two different games Thursday and the seeming perfection expected of our lads at every outing bothers me. For example...Dele's sending off. Do I think it was a straight red offense? Yes, I do. Do I think Dele was frustrated by not getting the call on the clear foul just seconds before? Yes, I do. Having said those two things I don't believe, as so many others here appear to, that what he did was intentional in any way. I have watched the play from every single angle I have been able to find, in regular speed and slow motion, and to me it appears Dele was going aggressively for the ball, missed, and hit the opponent high. Understand, I am not excusing him as it was obviously dangerous but I don't believe there was any ill intent in the play, which is important to me. Yet so many here seem to think he was trying to hurt the other player. He is certainly rash but I don't believe him to be mean. Second example...Dier's defending. He is being highly criticized for chesting the ball down right in front of a Gent player for an easy goal. Again, I've watched this from every angle I can find and I'm not sure he could have changed anything. He was in perfect position to keep the ball from being crossed to 2 wide Gent players, either of whom would have had an open shot on goal, but with the distances involved and the speed of the ball I think a block of the cross w/o control of the ball is the best anyone could hope for, which is exactly what he got. In short, if not for the Gent player trailing, it was great defending and had the Gent player not been there we would all be lauding Dier today. Am I happy to be out of Europa...no. Go back to last year and check my posts. You will see I am a fellow who believes that if you take the pitch, you take the pitch to win. Period. Having said that, I also recognize they pay the other guys too. Some days just aren't your day and the best you can do is try to learn something from them. I see guys being hoisted up for ridicule here when I read what a great game they had from guys who have actually done the job. Reading the post match reports from media and listening to former pros on TV here in the US Dembele and Eriksen had amazing games and are heroes, yet here, on this site, both are being relegated to bench or transfer ASAP. And I know that should those lads have an ourstanding match on Sunday v Stoke, and Spurs win, both will be heroes again. Then again, perhaps I am just too easy on the lads. I haven't suffered through decades without a top flight title or years without any silverware at all. To me, I see a squad that has steadily improved every season I have been a supporter and shows every sign of being able to bring home a PL title in the next couple of seasons. Yeah, I want to win now too but I see so much hope for the future as well.
    • Same Old Story.....
      Quite correct,,,,my message was ,,,fuck off you old cunt.
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