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    • Where Are You ? (Old and New)
      I must admit that my number of posts have dropped in the past couple of months, but that is purely because I have had very little to say or add to the discussion (of what has already been said).
      It is very sad that a forum of such high numbers of members, that on the whole, only half a dozen people actually contribute (I remember back to the "rivals" forum days) Maybe the obvious talking points, such as Sisokko being shit and we must get rid, are shared by the vast majority and there is little else to be added to the discussion. It is a shame that after our most successful season in decades, that the place is so quiet. Hopefully things will pick up as the transfer speculations and lead up to the new season start to kick in....but I won't hold my breath. One thing that I will say though, is that over the past 1-2 seasons, we have had members who have expressed opinions that have really "bucked the trend" and have subsequently been lambasted. There has been the gambling guy, "Big" something or other, Mihai (who still pops up from time to time) and Spurfect to name a few. Maybe members get too easily offended by their alternative views....and that does not encourage debate. Whilst I do not agree with the "negativity of Mihai" of the "told you so by Spurfect", their posts are 100% conducive of debate. On the other hand, we are in the fortunate position of having some great posters, such a Borodin who is trying his damndest to keep the forum alive and Gary Jones who is our eyes on the ground, reporting exactly how he sees it.
      I do fear though that such members will give the forum up as a lost cause, that is unless we can inject some vigor into the forum....as Delia once said, "Let's be having you!". On Facebook I see many responses to the official THFC postings, if only we could engage a fraction of those contributors, the forum would be so much more lively. Maybe some shameless mentions of the forum on those FB posts is what's needed? It's not like we are after advertising revenue or click-bait, we just want to have open, honest discussions on the team that we all love, regardless or whether individually we agree with others's thoughts or ideas.
    • Big Sam Resigns....
      I for one hope that his words are true. Never really liked the guy, but you have to hand it to him in terms of trying to maximize his earnings.
      Surely he has enough dosh now and can do without the hassle of managing a team. Go enjoy retirement Sam, that is until the next desperate relegation facing team contacts you!
      Similar can be said of our 'arry, although I don't recall him ever saying that he was done with the game.
    • Where Are You ? (Old and New)
      Since March 23rd the following members have joined this website : John Jenkins / Bonnieprincecharlie / Mattman615 / Kevthf / Emi Lee / morris / Peter Kropotkin / Bladesy / Bigoldalan / Glebbers / Rob Rodway / Blackpoolspur / Watto / GingaSpurs450 / Flynny1984 / Crazy diamond / steven coulston / nara / John H / Andy McSpurs and Guvnar. As far as I am aware only one or two at the most have posted on the forum since joining which is disappointing to say the least gentlemen. I am totally at a loss to understand why we don't see more people airing their views and opinions about our beloved club. With over 6,000 listed members you would think this place would be absolutely buzzing with comments and articles...but it's not. I may well look back on this thread in a few weeks and see it has had over 100 views but not one reply....why is that ?. Why are our members reluctant to find their voices ?. This website forum is in real danger of dying unless it's members start typing instead of just reading. It's demise would be such a loss but it's fate rests in your hands. I can post thread after thread trying to incite a reaction from others but the apathy currently being shown towards conversation topics does not augur well for the future of this place. So when you read this and then click on your mouse to see what else has been written on here why not think about actually contributing something ?. I would be intrigued to find out what is stopping you because unless the situation changes dramatically then I know that the future of this place is in jeopardy. You cannot rely on the same small core of members for material. I have posted a thread tonight asking for next season's league position predictions....why not begin with that ? I do not intend stressing the magnitude of this problem again. The future will be decided by yourselves....over to you. Hastings and I can do no more....
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