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    • 2018 Winter Transfer Window
      Good point, although I do reserve the right to attack you on a regular basis !
    • 2018 Winter Transfer Window
      I know what you mean Royce, but even Usain would have football skills and qualities, he won't work I'm afraid, cause Pochs narrow and predictable system, so as single players like Dembs don't allow a fast counter attack. In some cases he is a better version of Henderson. Its more the system, the formation, the understanding of players and their decisions that are fasten up or slowing down the game. Strange... know I understand why Poch is looking to replace Dembele with a player like Kondogbia. Hmm... Interesting Poch must think he could be a kind of player Pogba is! Anyway, players like Vardy and Mahrez are good examples that super fast and pacy wingers are not necessary. Cause if the system is set to the advantages of the striker and the winger they will find a way. And if you have wingers with a great shooting and passing accuracy, dribbling skills and who can profit from the momentum like Mahrez do, you don't necessarily need speed. Players like Hazard for example, David and Bernardo Silva are proving the same, there are not pacey but efficient on the ball. All they have is acceleration, what is more important IMO and who have the understanding of switching fast from a defensiv formation to an offensive formation and use the momentum. Forget the formation they show you on the tele, fact is that they broadcasted a 4-3-3 formation, but the reality was that Utd played in a defensiv 4-4-1-1 against Citeh in the derby last weekend. Next is the system, thats why the man marking became so difficult. The offensive midfielders or wingers are switching their position from side to side to confuse the defense (like we do from time to time), that means if you are not focused enough or very bad in the shell game you will lose your head easily when the attackers are spinning around you. Now you have Sane and Sterling who are super fast, but Mourinho was aware of that and had almost 10 players at the back, including Lukaku who was to blame for both of the goals Citeh scored. But they scored them as result of standards not because of their way of playing. One corner kick and one free kick. Standards have decided and the lack of concentration or nervousness from a player (Lukaku) that led to individual mistakes and goals. What I want to say is Sane, Jesus and Sterling are two of the fastest players in the PL and I'm sure faster and more skillful than Zaha and they were outplayed! Firmino, Salah and Mane outplayed! LaCloset, Sanchez and Iwobi outplayed. Its like the lower clubs have mixed concrete. Poch system isn't wrong, but it becomes more and more predictable. Even on Youtube and other platforms his tactics are explained, that means you have to change your system when you recognize its not working anymore. To have more options upfront its a no brainer and pacy wingers can help, especially when the opponent plays a high defensive line, but this is the tactic of bigger clubs who wants to boss their opponents and call the tune, but a high defensive line is vulnerable. Best example Citeh against Monaco last season in the Ko stages of the CL. But what if 10 men are defending and the defensive line sits deep? Pace is not the answer I'm afraid! In that case it needs ideas from the coach, creativity, the will, passion and individuality from the players and two big fat hairy balls to dare the impossible. Unpredictability is the key word. Best example Saul against Bayern Munich.  Sorry for my english, but I hope I could explain my point and you understand! :D 
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