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  2. PL: Manchester City v TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR

    I have a feeling we will not lose.
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  4. 2018 Winter Transfer Window

    I know what you mean Royce, but even Usain would have football skills and qualities, he won't work I'm afraid, cause Pochs narrow and predictable system, so as single players like Dembs don't allow a fast counter attack. In some cases he is a better version of Henderson. Its more the system, the formation, the understanding of players and their decisions that are fasten up or slowing down the game. Strange... know I understand why Poch is looking to replace Dembele with a player like Kondogbia. Hmm... Interesting Poch must think he could be a kind of player Pogba is! Anyway, players like Vardy and Mahrez are good examples that super fast and pacy wingers are not necessary. Cause if the system is set to the advantages of the striker and the winger they will find a way. And if you have wingers with a great shooting and passing accuracy, dribbling skills and who can profit from the momentum like Mahrez do, you don't necessarily need speed. Players like Hazard for example, David and Bernardo Silva are proving the same, there are not pacey but efficient on the ball. All they have is acceleration, what is more important IMO and who have the understanding of switching fast from a defensiv formation to an offensive formation and use the momentum. Forget the formation they show you on the tele, fact is that they broadcasted a 4-3-3 formation, but the reality was that Utd played in a defensiv 4-4-1-1 against Citeh in the derby last weekend. Next is the system, thats why the man marking became so difficult. The offensive midfielders or wingers are switching their position from side to side to confuse the defense (like we do from time to time), that means if you are not focused enough or very bad in the shell game you will lose your head easily when the attackers are spinning around you. Now you have Sane and Sterling who are super fast, but Mourinho was aware of that and had almost 10 players at the back, including Lukaku who was to blame for both of the goals Citeh scored. But they scored them as result of standards not because of their way of playing. One corner kick and one free kick. Standards have decided and the lack of concentration or nervousness from a player (Lukaku) that led to individual mistakes and goals. What I want to say is Sane, Jesus and Sterling are two of the fastest players in the PL and I'm sure faster and more skillful than Zaha and they were outplayed! Firmino, Salah and Mane outplayed! LaCloset, Sanchez and Iwobi outplayed. Its like the lower clubs have mixed concrete. Poch system isn't wrong, but it becomes more and more predictable. Even on Youtube and other platforms his tactics are explained, that means you have to change your system when you recognize its not working anymore. To have more options upfront its a no brainer and pacy wingers can help, especially when the opponent plays a high defensive line, but this is the tactic of bigger clubs who wants to boss their opponents and call the tune, but a high defensive line is vulnerable. Best example Citeh against Monaco last season in the Ko stages of the CL. But what if 10 men are defending and the defensive line sits deep? Pace is not the answer I'm afraid! In that case it needs ideas from the coach, creativity, the will, passion and individuality from the players and two big fat hairy balls to dare the impossible. Unpredictability is the key word. Best example Saul against Bayern Munich. Sorry for my english, but I hope I could explain my point and you understand! :D
  5. PL: Manchester City v TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR

    spurfect wants to be right, I want to be winning, please,dear god, play Rose, go defensive and attack on the counter, don't start Lamella or Sissoko, play for the draw and win on account of, on account of you ought to........ oh by the way 2-1 Spurs COYS
  6. PL: Manchester City v TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR

    You are very optimistic. I'm not. We were helpless in the cup when we played Citeh in the USA and we had Wany and Toby in the line up. Our team struggled and Poch seemed clueless. I hope he watched the Manchester Derby carefully and won't repeat the same mistakes, long balls are not the answer and it makes no sense to mark every single player, even they are called Silva and de Bruyne. They will find their way even you double or tripple mark them. But although I think Utd shit their pants most of the time they were unlucky cause Lukaku was involved in both Citeh goals. So a single player can decide the game. Thats why we have to be focused and concentrated the whole match even we have to play 10 minutes in extra time. If Pep decides to let Sterling play as a kind of false 9 we must profit from that. Sterling is shit in this position and hardly find his mates, cause his passes are awful and he makes a lot of mistakes. Another thing is the pairing of Otamendi and Mangala in central defense, cause Stones and Kompany seem to miss the match. Otamendi and Mangala know each other from their time in Porto, but nevertheless they haven't played often at Citeh, also because Mangala was out on loan and is fourth in the picking order when it comes to the line up ranking. Although I think we will probably lose 3:0 or 5:2 I hope Liam Gallagher is right who is a big Manchester City fan but predicted a win from Tottenham. As he predicted the buildings in NY will be blown up he predicted we'll win last weekend before the derby started, so I hope he is right for the match and will become something of a modern John the Seer on drugs!
  7. 2018 Winter Transfer Window

    I was one of the supporters, as others on this forum who disliked him for the reasons I have already explained. But we are all thankful that he transformed under the Poch and improved his awful crossing skills. The goal against the wankers is memorable, I remember well, but how many goals of the same kind has he scored after that? I'm afraid none. Otherwise he would be the Stephen Curry in football and worth at least something about 400 million. So maybe its more like the phrase, even a blind hen finds a corn. And if its about shots from distance, John Bostock must have become a Legend. But this is as true as David Bentley became our private Beckham! Or was it Beckham who called his privates David and Bentley? I don't know
  8. 2018 Winter Transfer Window

    Exactly, good point and perfectly proves how average Zaha is. I compare Zaha with Gayle cause he is cast in the same mould! In fact Gayle is better stat wise. Anyway, I'm still waiting for Zaha's predicted breakthrough, but I get tired of waiting, cause I'm waiting for years! 1 goal in the seasons debut against Chelsea who lost the match because of an own goal, funny cause it was not the first time that happened in this pairing. 1 goal against a discarded Bilic eleven and 1 goal against Everton managed by their interim. Wow.... so amazing. So awesome (sorry, I'm sarcastic) Cause the rest of the last matches - nothing! No hocus pocus, magic or anything special from him. One of the most overhyped players in the PL who has one good match against a struggling club like Watford and he is hailed and praised in the media. He may be a good transfer, but not for that money. As I say, for the demanded sum I would rather go and sign Mahrez instead. Next, the reason why he looks so accurate against the defense is the fact that he is playing for Crystal Palace. He won't get that chances when he is playing for us or other top clubs I'm afraid. You may not forget that mid table and lower teams are playing in different ways when facing smaller, equal or bigger clubs. That means when they are facing Palace they will play more offensive while they would play more defensiv when they play against us for example. And tbh Zaha can't even profit from the counters against equal or smaller teams. Best example his last matches this season. A very interesting fact is, that he hasn't played against Utd and Citeh. Of course because of his injury, or was it to keep his value and rating on the transfer market right? Cause I remember the same score of 5:0 against Palace when they faced Citeh last season WITH Zaha in the line-up. Same for United. All that glitters is not gold!
  9. 2018 Winter Transfer Window

    In the 16 hundreds! His one of our oldest/original posters...............James aside!!:)
  10. 2018 Winter Transfer Window

    Blimey, when did Oliver join ? lol
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  12. PL: TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR v Brighten & Hove Albion

    Sissoko! Built like a brick out-house yet rarely does he use that physic to take responsibility and attack the back line, 9/10 he go's sideways/backwards. I can't ever remember seeing him pass a football more 5 yards! Is this lack of confidence in his own ability or lack of commitment? Either way if we can replace him he has to go in January or we keep hold of him until the Summer and play him when there is no other option.
  13. What did he do about it

    I don't really put it down to a 'blip' although that is how I like to refer to it. To me, it was more of an unusual run where things went wrong on the day. At times we didn't get the rub of the green where as the opponents did. Also, it is not unusual for players to have sub standard days. Both Liverpool and Arsenal have had a similar experience in their last two games. Also, we are going through a patch with unfortunate injuries to key players. I think individual things had an effect rather than a team imploding. We don't have a depth of squad to easily cope with a string of unfortunate events happening at the same time. Looking at it objectively, whilst it was a tad long, there were positives. We gave away soft early goals putting our selves under pressure but managed draws. We had teams parking two buses to spoil the game yet we still battled hard and put the effort in and avoided a string of defeats. The point is, was it actually a dip in form or was it a sequence of other things going on at the time that perhaps had a bit of an adverse effect? I am hopeful that regardless of the result next Saturday, we will ease back into having a string of steady performances and by the time February arrives, the ship will have steadied and we will still be in contention for a 3rd or 4th place with a team full of confidence again. COYS
  14. PL: TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR v Brighten & Hove Albion

    Sissoko just looks lost to me, as my old Sunday morning coach used to say about one of our lesser players..."It's his third touch that lets him down".... he gets the ball and just doesn't seem to want to do anything with it..... And yet, he scored a superb goal against the spampikeys.......
  15. 2018 Winter Transfer Window

    The one thing that has really struck me is the diversity of opinion on here. We all see the same thing, but some rave and some at the same time others hurl abuse. My view that it is a human trait that very often opinions on here are expressed more from a subjective angle rather than objectively. I have seen posts on here extolling Rose and others slagging him off. There were Son lovers and others who hardly had a good word for him. Cromwell recently actually posted he had now changed his negative opinion to positive regarding Son. Sissoko is another that gets a lot of stick while others see improvement in him with a possible role for him within the side. The important thing to me is that on here we are allowed to express them without fear of being attacked for holding them. Just my point of view. COYS
  16. PL: Manchester City v TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR

    Before the Brighton game I would agree about the fitness/sharpness but thought that was Danny's best game since he got back in. He was still going strong right at the end. His crossing/passing is still not at his previous best though.
  17. 2018 Winter Transfer Window

    I can't see it. But if The Poch goes for him then he obviously would only do it if he thought Bale would fit in and improve the team.
  18. 2018 Winter Transfer Window

    I know lots of THFC lovers, like me, and also others just fans, and not one of them has ever "hated" Rose. As far as my own opinion of Danny, he achieved legend status on his debut, with THAT goal, and was then dicked about by 'arry and others, and had to go out on loan to establish himself as a full back at Sunderland. They certainly showed some hate for him when he went back there in our colours. It would be interesting to see if any others on here ever "hated" him..... I can't imagine just how he felt at that moment ! Awesome.
  19. 2018 Winter Transfer Window

    He takes people on on the outside, looks up and crosses it.... that's what all wingers should do........
  20. PL: Manchester City v TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR

    No! I simply revealed my hopes as I said. I shan't make a guess as during the 'blip' all my predictions were rubbish. lol
  21. PL: Manchester City v TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR

    You just have made your prediction ha lol
  22. What did he do about it

    After my last piece about our dip in form and what was poch going to do about it things seemed to have taken a turn for the better so my question to you all is what did he do ? i’d be interested in how differently people think it has changed
  23. PL: Manchester City v TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR

    I don't think we can play 4 at the back. Too much space between defenders. I would use KWP as extra defender. Just need a couple quick counter attacks to break MC. Lloris Aurier KWP Dier Jan Davies Eriksen Winks Dele Son Kane
  24. PL: Manchester City v TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR

    When teams go on a long winning run, I have always felt that the longer it goes on the more a team tightens up. The other point is that City now hold the record outright having surpassed Arsenal's run of 14. Putting those two factors together, I am hoping that City may possibly relax and we take advantage of it. My one worry is our propensity to concede soft goals that throw away any good work. I am hoping for at least a draw and possibly sneaking a hard fought win. I shan't make a prediction as I have been a bit of a jinx during our 'blip'. COYS
  25. PL: Manchester City v TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR

    Rose looked unfit and I cannot see him starting on Saturday. I think Rose and Tripps are the best options for this game. We won't be bombing forward too often! I guess it depends on the formation, but 4 at the back seems most likely.
  26. 2018 Winter Transfer Window

    You are probably right although Mourinho has done it before. Lukaku/Mata?
  27. PL: Manchester City v TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR

    I'd take a point right now! Albeit for less than 5 minutes Davies and Rose both played down the left against Brighton. I'd like to see that for the whole game against City in an attempt to nullify Sterling/Walker and the other wing-back? And see how Dele/Eriksen/Dembele match-up against Silva/De-Bruyne/Sane? With Sonny and Harry as our out ball. Dier/Verts/Davies 3: Trips/Dele/Eriksen/Dembele/Rose 5: Son 1 Kane 1. 2-2 COYS!
  28. 2018 Winter Transfer Window

    Doubt Mou would sell to a rival either....
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