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  2. Nothing new here, then. I noticed that the German Manager, Stefan Kunitz, stated his side would not be practising taking penalties before this match. He reckoned that the atmosphere and tensions of having played 120 minutes football and then being required to take a spot kick could never be recreated so therefore trying to practice such a moment would be impossible. Do you take this view or should teams practise taking penalties before the game? My view is that you should. Footballers still need the skill to put the ball exactly where they want it to go and that only comes with practise. COYS
  3. Say Hello

    James, I know what you mean but man...there is little to talk about save rumor and I'm rumored out. Levy and Poch are playing everything close to the vest this summer, even by their standards. The speculation about Harry going to Man U is plainly ridiculous. I think there is some truth to the Walker talk but the longer it goes on without happening the more I wonder. I don't think Dier is going anywhere. Hell, I'm even beginning to wonder if we will get rid of Sissoko or not. As for who the club will bring in...well...right now I don't think anyone outside of Spurs transfer board knows for sure. I read through the "news" everyday looking for a thread of anything that has the sound of truth to it but right now there is precious little.
  4. Vincent Marcel

    The rumour mill still keeps churning more out. Footmercato - a french football news channel is claiming that Vincent Marcel, 20, with 10 appearances for Nice in the 2016/17 season and 2 under 20 caps for France,has accepted in principle Spurs offer of a 5 year contract. This website has previously reported the lad has been pursued by 5 top PL clubs but are now saying that Spurs are in pole position to sign him. Apparently he doesn't have a Wiki page and there is no You Tube video of him! That tells a story that speaks volumes! Considering GKN and N'jie (who both came from the French ligue 1)both signed in the summer window with neither making a first team impression, should I be getting excited if there is any truth to this story? I suppose it could be 3rd time lucky. lol COYS
  5. ITK - Non football stuff

    James, I started skiing when I was 43, got reasonably good, and brave, then had a big tumble after probably taking on too much off-piste. Just stick to the piste now...
  6. ITK - Non football stuff

    I started a golf thread, as i know a lot of footie fans/players are into it as well as me. Is this the correct place to pursue it further ? I am actually due to play with David Howells next month.....
  7. ITK - Non football stuff

    The latest selfie craze is taking them in ridiculously dangerous situations such as sitting on the edge of a crumbling cliff or hanging over a tall building. One guy recently was killed taking a selfie hanging out of a train window. I'm a guy who is up for most things, but I would never put myself in in a perilous position. Are you a 'thrill' junkie or more like me and more controlled with taking unnecessary risks? COYS
  8. Say Hello

    Well hello again. Having taken a four day break it was disappointing to to come back and only find 10 unread posts to catch up on and only 4 different guys making the effort to keep the forum active during the mid season break. . Come on you guys. This is not a paper, it is a forum ie a place to chat and exchange views. Is it too much to ask for a little support? Please say some thing even if it is only to have a go back at me for having a go at you - but keep it polite and clean please. Would it help to have an ITK thread? It would mean there is a wider target outside of football to go at as in this mid season time it is all repetitive transfer gossip. I would suggest that politics and religion are not included as they really are taboo subjects to get started on. Also, as there is only one choice - 'like' -,and you may not want to use it. Why not answer with 'agreed ', 'disagree', 'informative' or 'funny'. At least the writer knows people are taking an interest of what is written. This will at least put more posts up and show the guests that several members are using the forum and not just a handful. Just a thought. COYS
  9. White Hart Lane or.......

    I hadn't really thought about it. Having read the article i can see the sense in it and anew name would not really be so bad a thing. having said that, why not add the ' New WHL,' after the new name of whom so ever buys the naming rights?
  10. Come on England !

    I think we have one player in the squad ? I can't find anywhere that confirms the squad..... There might be a German player appearing that we have apparently shown interest in..... Oh, and maybe Alfie Mawson ... Still laugh everytime I hear the cautious way that the German managers name is pronounced........
  11. Yesterday
  12. Language Timothy

    The Corner Pin was always the meeting place of choice...... back in the 70s.....
  13. selling club

    I had forgotten about him, looked good when he first played..... Aggressive as well, from what i remember.. good shout.
  14. selling club

    If Walker is going to MC, we should try to get Iheanacho in return. Unlike other players he already got experiences playing at a high level team in PL. He got the size and pace to play as a lone striker. And he's only 20 years old. Iheanacho is a good option as an impact sub. Bring him on when need goals. Use Janssen when we need a striker who will run every ball down and plays hard for 90 minutes.
  15. selling club

    Maybe it's Gareth bale bollocks lol,,that started in the papers
  16. Language Timothy

    I know mate ,,,the swearing can be not nice ,,,,but I treated this place like the corner pin,,that's not there anymore,,or the bill nick ,,,brick layers arms the crown ,,,,bell and hare,,,olive branch,,,antrwerp arms ,,,all pubs around white lane ,,most of swearing in a battle cruiser is general excited chat before a match ,,it's no harm ,,might not sound nice ,,but hay ho ,,,ya don't have to listen ,,and I have no probs with my kids going to any of those pubs,,,the fun lovers and piss takers got bashed up on here tbh,,I know my spelling is shite ,,,grammar worse,,but I talk and type like I am in the pub,,,lol I know it might not make sense but fuck it I ! ! I was never Einstein and that won't change lol
  17. White Hart Lane or.......

    I'll miss the name. Personally, the whole "naming rights" thing has always left a bad taste in my mouth. I like names with more meaning than the money attached to them. However, having said that, Spurs are trying to punch in the upper financial weight classes of world football, not just English football.They are years away from developing the world wide fan base of Man U or Chelsea, much less Real or Barca, so to compete with those clubs they will need to wring every penny out of every source they can to compete. I don't see Man U selling the naming rights to Old Trafford anytime soon (just as I don't believe Levy would have ever done that with WHL) and I doubt Real and Barca will either, so if we can pick up several million a year in place those teams won't it will help to balance the difference in income from other sources, like kit sponsorship, where those clubs far outstrip us.
  18. Injury to Son

    Probably the worst possible injury for Sonny.... I hope it doesn't mean that his elaborate hand choreographed goal celebrations will be affected .......
  19. White Hart Lane or.......

    I wouldn't mind 'NIKE at White Hart Lane' 'Nike at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium' or similar, but if the big big money demands selling out, then so be it. From everything that I have seen already regarding the new Stadium, DL hasn't missed a trick, I'm sure he won't let it go cheaply or in a tacky way like woolwich did....... Mind you "Always White Hart Lane"....... has a great feel to it. Unless its https://www.always.co.uk/en-gb lol
  20. selling club

    typical newspaper bollox
  21. White Hart Lane or.......

    as above
  22. Last week
  23. selling club

    The unthinkable, Harry with that awful man Mourinho. We want him to be another Ledley at The Lane! It hasn't opened yet and I can't wait for it to close!
  24. White Hart Lane or.......

    Always WHL
  25. selling club

    seeing the headline about harry being worth as much as 100,000,000,000.00 worries me, there is no better replacement for Chrstian Ronaldo in my opinion, I just hope that opinion is not shared by management at Real
  26. Language Timothy

    I certainley did'nt 'tell them off'. I don't object to the odd profanity. So how come it's like a church, might have to go myself as i'm an Atheist. Anyway JC4PM, shame he's a gooner though.
  27. Language Timothy

    No, they are still here.
  28. Language Timothy

    It's a bit like a church now ,,,you can hear the echos bouncing off the forum walls!!!
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