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  1. Yesterday
  2. 2017 Summer Transfers - Confirmed

    I have seen reported by guys close to the team that NO contact with Fulham over Sessesgnon has been initiated by Spurs since the player signed a new day with at Craven Cottage. All that noise is just that...noise.
  3. 2017 Summer Transfers - Confirmed

    that are 4.5 Million? That doesn't move mountains. BTW we could have had Toljan for 5 Million, but no... we are chasing Barkley for 50 Million and a shit arse like Sessesgnon for 25 Million! Pound of course. Instead we could have had Toljan and Klassen for 30 Million in total. EUROS of course!!!
  4. 2017 Summer Transfers - Confirmed

    To answer your question, yes you can find quality players for little money. The Toljan deal proves it. 5 million EUR and he moves to BVB, although its said Dembele will leave Dortmund for Barca in a 150 million deal. No... Levy isn't a good negotiator, he is a prick, if we were really linked with Toljan. With Toljan we would have had a both footed fullback who are able to play at both flanks. I give a shit on Sessegnon who are rated 25 million, when I can get a similar (if not better) player who is 5 times cheaper. Shaw is the same example. Look at him now! 25 Million? His Arse! Ridiculous!!! Overrated britkids.
  5. 2017 Summer Transfers - Confirmed

    I'm sure some would be fine with 130 k a week and be benched. And if they win the championship with... let me say only 200 min. in total of playing time the whole season, its okay, it doesn't bother them, cause they will still be champions, even they haven't played
  6. 2017 Summer Transfers - Confirmed

    Everton signed Siggy for 45m and Spurs is getting 10% of the fee. I still see us getting Barkley. Sanchez in, Wimmer out I would happy with the current squad + Barkley + Sanchez. We probably need a 3rd GK. Maybe get a deal to sign Sessesgnon and loan him back to Fulham this season.
  7. Deli and dier

    I see Sanchez replacing Wimmer. If Van Dijk is sold for 70m, Dier's price tag should be the same. Keep Danny Rose for another season. Then he can make his big money move. This gives us a year to shop for replacement. Maybe NKoudou can adapt to play wingback.

    I have faith in the team and MP. So long as Son doesn't play at wing-back we will be OK.
  9. Deli and dier

    Martial has said he won't move to Spurs, so we can forget that one. I don't think Dier would be that great a loss, especially if we finally manage to get Sanchez, who can fill in along the back line as far as I know.
  10. Two Kyle Walkers ?

    nad what a prospect hes gonna be
  11. Yeah I had to google him

    i live less than two blocks from what many consider to be one of the best mountain courses,It is great for snowboarding and sledding for myself and the kids during the winter also the PGA championship was held at Quail Hollow last weekend that is an hour and forty five minutes from here but most know us for Pinehurst which is three hours south east.
  12. Last week
  13. Yeah I had to google him

    Same here!!! Just took delivery of a new Odyssey putter this morning (along with with a Cobra F6 3/4 fairway) - hopefully that will improve things for me, although I doubt it very much!!!
  14. Yeah I had to google him

    Oh yes I do.... I often miss putts..... lol you got some nice Golf courses in Carolina....
  15. Yeah I had to google him

    oops wrong Manchester boy you don't miss a thing now do ya
  16. Deli and dier

    Good points, but I really do think Martial is an upgrade on Son... by a huge amount. Greater potential as well in my opinion. I think that the Toby thing is being quietly sorted out behind the scenes.
  17. Deli and dier

    Dier is a young player so he haven't reach his full potential yet. Dier grown up as a MU fan so he wanted to join MU. It's a relief that MU got Matic. For 40m Matic is much older and can't play CB. Martial is a very good player but it is questionable how effective he is as a lone striker. He plays on left wing a lot. Mourinho chose Ibra and Lukaku as the main striker. Now Rashford is ahead of him in the pecking order. We don't need him on the left wing because Son's already playing that position. We need to tie Toby down to new contract.
  18. Two Kyle Walkers ?

  19. Deli and dier

    My biggest issue with loosing Dier, other than weakening the squad, is that his friendship with Dele is huge and might be the difference between keeping or loosing Dele.
  20. A four-ball of guys were waiting at the men’s tee while four women were hitting from the women’s tee. It was a fine spring day and the ladies were not rushing. When the final woman had her ball teed up she hacked it about ten feet. Calmly, she walked over to it and addressed it again. This time she whiffed it completely. Taking a third try at it she hacked it another ten feet and finally on her fourth swing she whacked it an additional five feet. At this point she looked up at the men who were patiently waiting and said apologetically, “I guess all those fucking lessons I took over the winter didn’t help at all.” To which one of the men immediately responded, "Well, there you have it. You should have taken golf lessons instead”
  21. Yeah I had to google him

    Martial is at Yanited, so no surprise that citeh said "no"... lol
  22. Yeah I had to google him

    Been tweeting to Davinson about his move to Spurs, given Levy's negotiating prowess I figured it couldn't hurt to offer a little encouragement (Levy will probably make him pay for his own ink if he should sign)
  23. LETS ALL LAUGH AT CHELSEA? Conte falls out with Costa, Costa tries to engineer a move to China. Conte informs Costa by text he is no longer part of his plans. Chelsea lose their opening home match to Burnley who only won once away from home last season. The man management skills of MP and Conte are worlds apart lol COYS
  24. Just so all the tumbleweeds don't blow your way James.............. Man walks into a bakers and asked the woman behind the counter for a wasp! We don't sell wasps replies the confused woman! Well you have got one in your window counters the man!!
  25. Deli and dier

    I can blow a bit hot and cold over Dier depending on my mood, Mr8ball. I appreciate his usefulness regarding his ability to play in 3 positions - he has really been a very useful asset for MP. But when it comes to just how good is he, I struggle to compare him with the likes of Toby, Erikson and Harry. Yes, he is important at the moment but not necessarily a 'must keep' player. If Utd really wanted him as a regular first team player rather than simply taking him to lessen the quality of Spurs, I could accept him leaving but only if Anthony Martial coming to us was part of the deal. Losing Dier would weaken the squad. However, I feel, that MP could bring out much more from Martial where Utd have singularly failed to do so and prove to be a real asset. Just a thought while we are talking about Dier. COYS
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