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  2. I must admit that my number of posts have dropped in the past couple of months, but that is purely because I have had very little to say or add to the discussion (of what has already been said). It is very sad that a forum of such high numbers of members, that on the whole, only half a dozen people actually contribute (I remember back to the "rivals" forum days) Maybe the obvious talking points, such as Sisokko being shit and we must get rid, are shared by the vast majority and there is little else to be added to the discussion. It is a shame that after our most successful season in decades, that the place is so quiet. Hopefully things will pick up as the transfer speculations and lead up to the new season start to kick in....but I won't hold my breath. One thing that I will say though, is that over the past 1-2 seasons, we have had members who have expressed opinions that have really "bucked the trend" and have subsequently been lambasted. There has been the gambling guy, "Big" something or other, Mihai (who still pops up from time to time) and Spurfect to name a few. Maybe members get too easily offended by their alternative views....and that does not encourage debate. Whilst I do not agree with the "negativity of Mihai" of the "told you so by Spurfect", their posts are 100% conducive of debate. On the other hand, we are in the fortunate position of having some great posters, such a Borodin who is trying his damndest to keep the forum alive and Gary Jones who is our eyes on the ground, reporting exactly how he sees it. I do fear though that such members will give the forum up as a lost cause, that is unless we can inject some vigor into the forum....as Delia once said, "Let's be having you!". On Facebook I see many responses to the official THFC postings, if only we could engage a fraction of those contributors, the forum would be so much more lively. Maybe some shameless mentions of the forum on those FB posts is what's needed? It's not like we are after advertising revenue or click-bait, we just want to have open, honest discussions on the team that we all love, regardless or whether individually we agree with others's thoughts or ideas.
  3. Big Sam Resigns....

    I for one hope that his words are true. Never really liked the guy, but you have to hand it to him in terms of trying to maximize his earnings. Surely he has enough dosh now and can do without the hassle of managing a team. Go enjoy retirement Sam, that is until the next desperate relegation facing team contacts you! Similar can be said of our 'arry, although I don't recall him ever saying that he was done with the game.
  4. Since March 23rd the following members have joined this website : John Jenkins / Bonnieprincecharlie / Mattman615 / Kevthf / Emi Lee / morris / Peter Kropotkin / Bladesy / Bigoldalan / Glebbers / Rob Rodway / Blackpoolspur / Watto / GingaSpurs450 / Flynny1984 / Crazy diamond / steven coulston / nara / John H / Andy McSpurs and Guvnar. As far as I am aware only one or two at the most have posted on the forum since joining which is disappointing to say the least gentlemen. I am totally at a loss to understand why we don't see more people airing their views and opinions about our beloved club. With over 6,000 listed members you would think this place would be absolutely buzzing with comments and articles...but it's not. I may well look back on this thread in a few weeks and see it has had over 100 views but not one reply....why is that ?. Why are our members reluctant to find their voices ?. This website forum is in real danger of dying unless it's members start typing instead of just reading. It's demise would be such a loss but it's fate rests in your hands. I can post thread after thread trying to incite a reaction from others but the apathy currently being shown towards conversation topics does not augur well for the future of this place. So when you read this and then click on your mouse to see what else has been written on here why not think about actually contributing something ?. I would be intrigued to find out what is stopping you because unless the situation changes dramatically then I know that the future of this place is in jeopardy. You cannot rely on the same small core of members for material. I have posted a thread tonight asking for next season's league position predictions....why not begin with that ? I do not intend stressing the magnitude of this problem again. The future will be decided by yourselves....over to you. Hastings and I can do no more....
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  6. On August 11th 2016 a member called New Era posted a thread asking where we all saw Spurs finish this season....here are the predictions that followed : New Era 1. Manchester United 2. Chelsea 3. Arsenal (given they sign a centre back and striker, if not then 3rd and 4th switch) 4. Tottenham Hotspur 5. Manchester City 6. Liverpool Borodin :1 Man City 2 Man Utd 3 Tottenham (and FA Cup Winners) 4 Chelsea 5 Arsenal 6 Liverpool (I had Arsenal correct...lol) J Nobles :1. Man City 2. Chelsea 3. Tottenham 4. Arsenal 5. Man U 6. Liverpool Cromulentmart : I don't have a clue this season but I am willing to make one prediction - Manchester United will not finish in the top 6. (Wrong) TC 1000 : 1 MC 2 Spurs 3 Arsenal 4 LC 5 Liverpool 6 MU 7 West Ham Leroy 10 : 1 City 2 Liverpool 3 Chelsea 4 Spurs 5 Arsenal 6 United (Arsenal correct again) Salopspur :1.Leicester(Form side) 2.Sunderland (Just survived last year. Its happened once) 3.Squatters.(Just pip the Mighty, after we lose 6-2 to an already relegated team.) 4.The Mighty Spurs. 5.Man Ure 6.Citeh I shall post a new thread for next season...asking the same quest So here we go again members old and new...and let's see if we can have more than 6 replies this time please !....Let's have your top six teams for 2017/2018 please..... Borodin 1st Man City 2nd Chelsea 3rd Spurs 4th Man Utd 5th Liverpool 6th Arsenal (3rd place based purely on our move to Wembley....no longer a fortress for home games)
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  8. Big Sam Resigns....

    Sam Allardyce has resigned as Crystal Palace manager five months after he joined the Premier League club.Allardyce replaced Alan Pardew in December on a two-and-half-year deal with the Eagles one point above the relegation zone.But the 62-year-old, who had an ill-fated one game spell as England boss led the club to eight wins in 21 games to guide them to a 14th-place finish."I have no ambitions to take another job," Allardyce said in a statement."I want to be able to savour life while I am still relatively young, and when I am still relatively healthy enough to do all the things I want to do, like travel, spend more time with my family and grandchildren without the huge pressure that comes with being a football manager."This is the right time for me. I simply want to be able to enjoy all the things you cannot really enjoy with the 24/7 demands of managing any football club, let alone one in the Premier League." Borodin : Sorry folks but I just don't buy this at all....I reckon he'll take a summer break and then whatever plans are taking place in the background will be revealed. Anyone believe this story ??
  9. Yesterday
  10. Latest Stadium Pictures...

    Currently looking at an ugly duckling......the beautiful swan will soon be here !
  11. Hong Kong Squad Named

    Maybe this is Poch giving him an olive branch and a chance to redeem himself during this short tour...then if not he's up for sale ?
  12. The Spurs Report Recommends...

    No no no not glyfi. Timo Werner, Riyad mahrez or now big Sam has gone I can see zaha. Yes dembele and sessegnon
  13. REALITY CHECK by Spurfect (FORWARDS)

    I'm not going to write a huge paragraph on this topic. In my opinion any of those strikers spurfect has mentioned would of done better than the donkey janssen. He's shit. Waste of money. Bought as a stand in for the real deal not someone to challenge that's the only reason we bought him but we need a striker like dembele. A different dimension.
  14. Hong Kong Squad Named

    For me, this indicates that Walker might not be as far out the door as rumors suggest.
  15. REALITY CHECK by Spurfect (FORWARDS)

    I see where you are going and I understand the temptation to do this. Especially if you were bullish on one or more of the "other" guys. The reality here is that you are actually comparing apples and oranges. Only one player on your list moved to the PL so while everyone else's numbers have some baring on the valuation, you cannot project what would have happened had they come to England. If we stretch it, I'll also give you the guy who moved to Scotland as they play a lot like the English clubs but again, even there they don't have the same match pace, Batsuayi scored 5 goals. But when we dig deeper we see he scored 4 of those in the final 3 games against teams with nothing to play for and, in the case of Watford, fielding an injury ravaged starting XI. The last two came late against a relegated and humiliated Sunderland. He doesn't have a single big game goal against a quality side. I'm not saying he won't be great down the road but he isn't setting the world on fire right this second and he sure didn't justify his price tag, which was almost twice that of Janssen.
  16. Possible Spurs CPL Nightmare...Ajax must win !

    Ajax Hotspur?! With just over a day to go until the Europa League final in Stockholm, a host of ex-Ajax players have been sending good luck messages to their old side. One of the first came from three key Spurs players: Jan Vertonghen, Toby Alderweireld and Christian Eriksen. Speaking in Dutch, Jan Vertonghen does most of the talking from the Spurs plane heading to Hong Kong for a post-season match versus Kitchee. “We will support you” Jan Vertonghen says the following: “Guys, lots of luck for you on Wednesday. We will watch it for sure, from Hong Kong. We will support you and hope that you’ll win.” All three Tottenham players performed with distinction for Ajax during their time at the club. Vertonghen and Eriksen were signed from the Amsterdam side straight to Spurs. Alderweireld moved to Atletico Madrid, where he played at Southampton on loan, before joining Tottenham. Tottenham players and fans have another reason to support Ajax Whilst the Spurs trio who played for Ajax want their old side to win, there is another clear reason why everyone connected to Tottenham will hope for a Manchester United defeat. If United win they will go straight into pot 2 of the Champions League seedings. And, Spurs, despite finishing in second in the Premier League, would go into pot 3. If Ajax claim victory in Stockholm, then Spurs will go into pot 2.
  17. Possible Spurs CPL Nightmare...Ajax must win !

    I really do hope Ajax win this
  18. 'the fuck? GAMEIRO?

    If the rumors are true. Lets start a petition against this overrated money burner, if you don't want a "Sissoko deja vu"! Or lets go a strike, "SAY NO TO GAMEIRO, SAY NO TO GAMEIRO!!!!
  19. Let's take a look at the players we were strongly linked with and the guy we ended up instead. Here we go: Moussa Dembele, Sandro Ramirez, Sebastian Driussi, Sebastien Haller, Michy Batshuayi, Depoitre, Marega and in the youngest past Patrick Schick. But first take a look at Vincent's stats and compare him with the others: VINCENT JANSSEN 22 (England): 27 apps. 2 goals 2 ass I think I already made my point clear in previous posts. TAKE CARE OF DUTCH STRIKERS!!! Even they have made it into the list of the top gaol scorers in their league they'll flop. Bas Dost, Castaignos, van Wolfswinkel, Luke de Jong, Finnbogason.... and many many more. The list is long!!! Janssen was a risk. If you take a look at Janssens stats when he played for Alkmaar he didn't have a lightning start. He started to do for what we had signed him only in the second term of the season. He was rated for only half a season. Bit to early for somebody who came up like a phenix IMO. Sebastian Haller 22 (Holland): 32 apps. 13 goals 6 ass. Was strongly linked with us, before Janssen was on the agenda. Could be that he was on Mitchell's scouting list, but who knows? "All that glitters is not gold!" He might not scored as much goals as Janssen, but he would have been better for our team I guess. First (and a very trivial first) he is not dutch. Second he has the same attitudes like Vince, but would have been cheaper. Third, he showed more consistency during the whole season while Janssen needed time to find into the league. Fourth he has more experience. I like players who had played for more than one club, cause you can see how fast they grow into a new team and system. And Haller managed the balancing act when he moved from Auxerre to Utrecht. Sandro Ramirez 21(Spain): 30 apps. 14 goals 5 ass People who read my comments especially about players we are linked with know that Ramirez wouldn't be my first choice, but when it comes to decide between him or Morata. I won't hesitate and go for Ramirez. Younger, cheaper, stronger and not that prick as Morata is, who has a bad character. Moussa Dembele 20 (Scottland): 29 apps. 17 goals 8 ass/ CL 5 goals A definitiv YES! We had the chance to sign him, but what shall I say? Levy fucked it up. Now we will have to pay the double for him. Other clubs are also keen to get his services. Who will pay the most? Michy Batsuayi 23 (England): 20 apps. 5 goals 1 ass. According to the apps some of you might thought, "puh... good god we were lucky not to sign that lazy donkey, but you were wrong! He might played in 20 apps, but he only get 235 minutes playing time. And according to his playing time he did very well. Michy is the guy and reason why Levy and Mitchell have parted ways btw. I understand Levy not to pay the demanded millions for him, but tbh he fucked it up. Cause we could have signed him for a bargain. 2015 I personally talked to Michy when I met him in Austria, when Marseille and Leverkusen had a pre-sessional test match. And he definitively was in talks with our club. The reason why he stayed in france, was probably, cause Giniac was number one in this time, but moved to South America the same summer. That opens the doors for Batshuayi to become Marseille's first striker. Shit happens and once again... Levy was too late!!!! Sebastian Driussi 21 (Argentina): 22 apps. 13 goals 2 ass For me Driussi was the real deal, we couldn't have done anything wrong, except to throw him in at the deep end just take a look at Lamela.Although I think Poch would have a good eye on him. Driussi has a buy-out clause and for 15 million very cheap for one of the brightest talents at the moment. Italy is famous to sign young argentinans, although I think Driussi can play on a spain level. And it is said Juve have the best cards signing him and loan him to Sampdoria to get in exchange young Patrick, what brings us to Patrick Schick 21 (Shitaly): 31 apps. 11 goals 3 ass A player who was on nobodies radar. It is said he is the next Lewa but I doubt it. Similar to Kessie its hard to rate players from italy cause the Serie A became a shadow of itself. But maybe I'm wrong, we'll see. If the lad is intelligent he will move to germany and test himself. Btw the only player I would have suggested is Manolo. He got a fine start, but than he struggled. Let's see if he can make it at Soton next season. Laurent Depoitre 28 (Portugal): 7 apps 1 goal 1 ass Depoitre is a Lambert clone, thats why I think he got on Pochs radar. I think he made a wrong choice choosing Portugal for his career. He is the oldest in the lot and really he looks like a 40 year old player. Not more not less. Moussa Marega 26 (Portugal): 25 apps 13 goals 7 ass The exactly opposite of Vince last season. Had a brilliant start, but flopped the second term of the season. A lotta fuss about nothing. Totally overrated. Maybe he can put his mark in a league like turkey. But IMO an "One day wonder". Tells me what kind of drunk and hopped-up employees we have in the scouting network and I really question their expertise. nuff said! Well, I know its a bit harsh to compare Janssens 2 goals with others and although my logic and experience tells me that Janssen was a flop from the very first day we signed him, I hope he'll come good. Cause at the end of the day he seems to be a nice lad, who's trying hard. But hey, if he won't make it, he still has the chance to become a body double of Star Lord, Chris Pratt in Gardians of the Galaxy! Yours Spurfect, the last boy scout ;)
  20. Hong Kong Squad Named

    Toby Alderweireld Dele Alli Luke Amos Ben Davies Eric Dier Christian Eriksen Vincent Janssen Harry Kane Filip Lesniak Hugo Lloris Pau López Will Miller Georges-Kevin Nkoudou Moussa Sissoko Heung-Min Son Kazaiah Sterling Kieran Trippier Jan Vertonghen Michel Vorm Kyle Walker Victor Wanyama Kevin Wimmer Powerful midfielder Mousa Dembele will miss out on tour of Hong Kong due to having to undergo surgery on his foot.The Belgian has been struggling with a knock for weeks and remained on the bench for the last two Spurs matches, which were both emphatically won by his team-mates. Dembele has only been able to start in one of Tottenham’s last five matches and now the midfielder will be sidelined completely in order to take the time to fully recover, starting with surgery. Subsequently, Dembele has not been selected for the squad making the trip to Hong Kong. Tottenham announced on social media today:“Mousa Dembele will this week undergo a planned procedure to resolve a persistent problem with his left foot.” “The Belgium international will be unable to travel to Hong Kong for our fixture against Kitchee SC, as a result, and is expected to return for pre-season.” Borodin : I am surprised that Walker is on the plane but the question circulating the internet is What about Marcus Edwards ??...everyone expected the lad to have a run out against Hull so maybe it's an injury problem rather than Poch laying down the law.
  21. It's decision time..the transfer window is on the horizon and you are Poch. Do you consider everyone (except perhaps Walker) is happy with their situation at the club and concentrate your mind on getting rid of excess baggage and buying new talent to strengthen the squad ? OR Do you fear for being able to keep your current crop of stars if the club continues to pay below average wages ? Surely Harry Kane at £100,000 a week is almost insulting to the striker who has won the Premiership Golden Boot two seasons running ?. I know the lad appears contented but it has to be just a question of time before the big clubs come knocking the door. So does Poch have a meeting with Levy and demand the current wage structure is broken in order to keep everyone together ?. If you pay Harry £250,000 a week then what salary would the likes of Alli, Eriksen, Lloris,Vertonghen, Wanyama, Son and Alderwiereld be asking ? My Choice : It's a tough one to call but if I was sat in the Spurs office that had Manager on the door then I would be looking to keep what I already had before buying new. I would demand that Daniel pays the top players the wages they deserve and that the extra expenditure is taken out of the proposed transfer pot. Sell the unwanted ones which would recoup a fair bit and then work out what is left to spend....but do that now. Let's show prospective incoming that we are realistic about what's in their weekly pay packet and perhaps that together with CPL football on the horizon next season will allow us to lure some first class additions. So come on all you budding Mauricio's out there....what strategy would you adopt ....one of the above or a different approach ?? Let's have your thoughts on the subject please....be great to see the opinions of some of the newer members together with the more established ones.....so get posting and see if we can generate quite a few replies on this one.
  22. The Spurs Report Recommends...

    I've no doubt there will be many rumours on here in Transfer Talk before the next window opens on July 1st. I share the wishes of many others in that we do our business early this time then get out and concentrate on bedding in the new signings. I would imagine the likes of Dani Alves would love to be a part of this amazing squad for a couple of seasons unless the lure of Chinese millions tempts him. Time will tell....

    Checkout my posting about possible CPL nightmare ...then pray that Ajax beat Man Utd on Wednesday.
  24. Zlatan Is Super Fit....

    He's walking already, it's a miracle...but why isn't he walking ON the water instead of in it ?
  25. Last week
  26. Gooner Wedding...

    A wedding minister who supports Arsenal suddenly realises they will be playing Europa League next season.....
  27. Yesterday
  28. Tottenham could be faced with the daunting prospect of facing Barcelona, Bayern Munich and Roma in the Champions League group stages after the top seedings were confirmed.Spurs are set to be in pot three for the draw in August, despite the club finishing second in the Premier League with 86 points - a record total and enough to win the title in 11 seasons since the league's inception in 1992.Mauricio Pochettino's side can look forward to a second straight Champions League campaign, but they may have to do things the hard way.Bayern Munich, Real Madrid, Juventus, Benfica, Chelsea, Monaco, Spartak Moscow are in the top pot after winning their domestic titles, while Ukraine champions Shakhtar Donetsk are promoted to pot one as the position reserved for the holders will not be used.Pot two will provisionally consist of Barcelona, Atletico Madrid, Paris Saint-Germain, Borussia Dortmund, Manchester City, Porto and Manchester United - provided Jose Mourinho's side prevail against Ajax in the Europa League final - while Sevilla would be the eighth side should they come through their play-off.It means Tottenham could come up against Barcelona and Bayern Munich in the same group, or even face trips to Real Madrid and Paris Saint-Germain in the group stage. But Pochettino's men will be roaring on Ajax in the Europa League final this week, as they will be elevated to pot two if Manchester United are denied entry through defeat in Stockholm.Italian side Napoli would similarly benefit by moving up a pot if Sevilla fail to come through their two-legged play-off. Tottenham are unlikely to rest on their laurels regardless of who they are grouped with in Europe's premier competition, after being handed a seemingly favourable draw in Monaco, Bayer Leverkusen and CSKA Moscow last time around. Borodin : So this Wednesday I will be an Ajax supporter and pray that they manage to "clog" up Mourinho's plans.......nice pun eh ??
  29. Last week
  30. The Spurs Report Recommends...

    While like most of this (I'd keep GKN another season), I don't think Pulisic is all that realistic. I love the idea but I don't think Dortmond is going to part with him, and if they do it will be for more than 40 mill.
  31. If I were Poch I would sit down at my desk and read this interesting article from "The Spurs Report"......here's an extract : Sort out the mess on the right flank Let’s be frank: the right wing position (or whatever the correct term is for the roaming/backtracking/creative equivalent in Pochball) was a garbage fire in 2016/17. Moussa Sissoko started just eight Premier League games, and totalled 901 minutes, contributing zero goals and three assists. Erik Lamela appeared in nine league games, scoring once and assisting once, before missing the rest of the season with a hip injury. GK Nkoudou played 47 minutes of league action in total, and his sole contribution was to not look quite as appalling as Clinton N’Jie. After the 6-1 demolition of Leicester, Sky Sports pundit Jamie Carragher offered a well-measured diagnosis of Tottenham’s needs — or rather need — this summer, identifying the difference a quality and pacey wideman, such as Sadio Mane, could make. The signing of Sissoko, and gambles on N’Jie and Nkoudou, suggest Pochettino agrees. These three all failed in their first campaigns to show they are the answer, and all may be sold rather than be given more time to prove their worth. They’ve been so bad it’s not clear they’ve earned another shot, unlike, say, Vincent Janssen, who has at least hinted at some modest footballing ability. It is unclear if OM have already activated their option to make N’Jie’s loan move permanent. However, there are questions of whether this need for pace and ball-carrying ability is really required. Simply put, if Spurs signed a player such as Wilfried Zaha (who is likely staying with Palace anyway, but he’s just an example), would he be used? In big away games, sure, it would be nice to have a player like this — but you rather suspect, when push comes to shove, this player is likely to be benched in favour of an additional midfielder such as Harry Winks as Pochettino seeks to assert control. There is also the question of Son Heung-min — he may not be a ball-carrier like Zaha, but he’s fast, direct and scores loads. You rather suspect, the decision on what to do in this position will be made at the same time as the decision on what to do with Lamela. If Lamela moves on, this opens the door for a more creative type of player; if Lamela stays and returns to fitness, expect Spurs to look for pace and dribbling ability. Either way, Spurs are pretty much upgrading from nothing in this position — the only way is up. Link : https://thespursreport.wordpress.com/2017/05/22/how-do-spurs-get-better/
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  33. OUT Kyle Walker (£40m), Kevin Wimmer (£15m), Moussa Sissoko (£20m), GK Nkoudou (£5m); plus loanees Clinton N’Jie (£5m), Nabil Bentaleb (£18m) and Fede Fazio (£2.5m) Total: £105.5m IN Ryan Sessegnon (£15m), Dani Alves (£0), Gylfi Sigurdsson (£28m), Christian Pulisic (£40m) Total: £83m
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