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    we would win this league if we were still at our home,we need to turn wembley around sharpish and if we do then we will go close
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    I want our top players to stay of course, but chipping in a few quid for a player already earning more in a month than I could earn is 10years? .......... no way !
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    Agree! Sissoko is a 'powerful' player and central mid-field is his best position but he is not as 'control tight' as Dembele and against top opposition we can not afford to lose the ball when driving forward. I'll give the lad praise for knuckling down and his all round improvement from last season but Dembele every time for me when fit.
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    Just received this message from his grandson. Dear uncle Stan,apologies once again about Grandads rant about the Welsh. His " carer" was late this morning,and somehow he managed to get hold of his iPad,which as you know is kept under Lock & Key. He's only allowed one hour a week on it,and that's under supervision.The good news is he's been sedated,so peace and harmony should return to the forum. Once again Stan,my apologies for the Daft Fucker.
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    His shooting is ok, dribbling is good, awareness is excellent, but he needs to work on his diving!
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    he needs a boot up the arse
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    I know the feeling Crom....my Urologist gave me some tablets
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    This game will depend on a couple of things if we're to get anything out of it. Some players may freeze for the first 30mins or so.It's something that happens when players aren't used to playing such prestigious opposition.I hope we don't give them too much respect. If we're patient,play to our strengths we'll be OK. We need to get Kane involved from the off,let them worry about how to cope with him. These are the games,players,staff,and everyone associated with our great club have been yearning for. Now it's time to deliver.
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    I just can't wait for this game to start. This is what it is all about! I want us to win. I'll be satisfied with a draw. I'll be OK with a competitive loss. A good performance could set us up well for the future and any points won would be a bonus.
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    I wonder if Vorm will play in goal? I hope not! I'll go for this side:- Lloris Toby Dier Sanchez Aurier Verts Two from Dembele/Winks/Sissoko Son Kane Eriksen I had preferred Delle over Son, but he is still suspended. I have also just read that Dembele and Rose have both travelled to Spain!
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    We absolutely must go at them early on, even it is just putting the ball in behind their back four for The Kane and/or Dele to run on to.... I have to say that I was disappointed that we did not go at Bournemouth from the get-go on Sat. We would have made it a lot easier for ourselves with an early goal or two. I am hoping that Dembers will be back for RM, but even without him I still fancy us to get something from the game. Getting up for it already.
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    If we go out there playing for a draw, we will probably lose. We have to be bold when the situation dictates. I don't want to see Kane hanging around in the centre circle for 90 minutes, waiting for a ball to come his way!
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    Just to give another prospective on the 'pace' we sometimes play at! When teams decide to take us on we are a much quicker/adventurous side. The likes of Burnley/Swansea and Bournemouth when they visit, as we all know, they put 9+ players behind the ball. This shape from the opposition restricts (up to a point) the pace of our game because the preferred pass is not always on. So we go sideways/backwards and look to probe again and again! We could argue our movement off the ball then needs to be better but that's a hard game to play for 90+ minutes over a 38 league season, plus CL and domestic comps! So we resort to the patient/slower game with MOMENTS of invention. As frustrating as this can be at times it should be looked at as a side with the ability to control/deal with all types of playing styles and now calculated enough (remember the burn-out of 15/16) to play 'The Long-Game'! COYS!
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    Lots of stories doing the rounds at the moment about Danny Rose. Apparently, Chelski and Manure are soon going to be fighting for his signature and he has said he is worth more etc. Apparently, he doesn't feature in the new calendar either. Ben Davies has been playing really well and it seems we have cover in that position, so .......... should he stay or should he go? My personal opinion is that we should take the £40m-£50m that will apparently be on offer and give him a hand with his bags, but would that actually be best for the team?
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    I'd like to think Enic have played the long-game! Patiently and strategically been planning our rise over the past several+ years. I'm sure the new stadium plans must have been initially talked about over 5 years+ ago! Our academy has always been noted as one of the best in the prem. A State of the art training ground invested in to help give all the playing staff on the books the best chance to develop and keep developing. The sale of Bale/Modric/Berbatov I'd like to think were calculations to allow us to get where we are now. DL for me has been looking for the final piece of the jigsaw for a very long time. Ramos! The revolutionary (or so he was billed) AVB! Both failing miserably so we went with Harry (old school) Redknapp and in a similar mould the interim Sherwood, but now DL has found his missing piece there is only way this club is heading and I believe DL knows what it has taken and will take and cost to continue the journey even if it means handing it all over to someone else for a very, very tidy profit! So no need for crowd funding at The Lane Daft Yank! Not these (or future) days my friend! COYS!
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    He is better in the center. Doesn't mean he is great there, just better than on the wings. And I put him in here in order to save Dembele for mid week with Real.
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    Tonto,Ramsey like Wilshit flatters to deceive.. He should have taken more control and encouraged the rest of the team. He'll never be a leader,yes Wales had a lot of possession but nobody wanted to lead by example. We don't have anyone to replace Ramsey so he becomes an automatic choice. People say there's no such thing as a one man team,,,,,Wales without Bale are clueless
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    I have to say that we never really looked like scoring, although Ireland didn't either, but well done and good luck in the play offs. Wales will always struggle without Bale - and when their two main strikers are Robson-Kanu and Vokes !
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    I should get the facts straight before I post out of anger, sorry. I'd thought that the Ballon D'Or committee had over looked Harry Kane, and was about to rant a bit, but then I checked the facts and indeed he is on there (and damn well better be)
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    I'm happy with our business over the summer, strength and pace with Aurier (who will hopefully prove me wrong) and Sanchez added and I think the boy Foyth has the potential to become another Bobby Moore. Toby/Verts are our Hansen/Lawrenson. Llorente is the plan B up top we needed, Sissoko is looking like he fancies it this season, young Winks, who my boy loves and wears his 29 shirt, looks like he will feature a fair bit this season always looking to go forward. Eriksen has been a 7+ in every game so far. Davies the most improved for me and we still have Rose/Wanyama/Lamela/Dembele to return to full fitness plus a January window if tweaks are needed. Sonny who's movement is first class, along with his finishing most of the time. Dele once he focuses himself we know has the potential to become world class and then there's the other fella who wears the 10 shirt!! The future is bright! The future is Navy and White! COYS!
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    Yes, I mean all the talk about him moving on. I'm hoping he will be another Ledley and stay for good. Sylvia PS Not too impressed with Wembley pitch after NFL!
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    With dullard Gareth in charge we will qualify and then as usual disappoint everybody..... Just hope that all THFC players play well, but come home early. Then maybe we will have a proper pre season and be ready for a strong extended winning start for a change.
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    As a spectator.I enjoy watching International matches. I support Ireland primarily, but also support England, Wales and Northern Ireland when they are not playing the Republic.Twenty years or so ago I would have included Scotland but they have annoyed me intensely since they tore down the England goal posts in the last England v Scotland match at Wembley and are so vehemently anti English and want Independence from the UK. (Incidental I applied for a British passport when I was in the British Army and was given one. Now being a dual passport holder, I am Irish and British without citizenship.) I don't get overly excited about the European and World Cups but that is possibly because the 4 teams I am following are quite unlikely to win either of them. The downside of these competitions for me are the breaks during the league play season. As, like you, I am a club supporter above country, it irks me during the International breaks as I get frustrated and impatient waiting for the next game. It is especially annoying if one of our players picks up an injury. Of course this is a tad more than hypocritical as I am chuffed if one of the title rival teams players get injured! The other side of it, of course, is I am being somewhat selfish as the players them selves want to represent their countries. Sadly,as the players themselves want to play International games as their ultimate goal, these competitions must go ahead and I see no way around the way they play the qualification rounds. Also, of course, there are those who are intensely proud of their countries and are very Nationalistic. They too are entitled to have what they want. I'm afraid for we club over country fans, it is a cross we have to bear. COYS
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    I could not care less about England and their involvement, but maybe that is because I am Welsh ! Seriously though, the international breaks are a complete pain. We have had our players injured on international duty in the past - what happens if Kane is injured playing for England, Davies for Wales or Toby for Belgium?
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    It would be harsh on Ben Davies if Rose walked back into the starting 11. Davies has definitely been one of our most improved players.
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    Praised last season a lot for his goals and positive play, but also received criticism for his petulance, and especially the CL sending off. This season he has been instrumental in our wins, and is now being accused of not being involved enough, not so much on this forum, but also elsewhere. Surely I cannot be the only one to have noticed how much 'special attention' he has been getting from various opposition 'hatchet men' shelvey got sent off for a stamp, and the toons had others (matt richie especially) ready to try and wind him up by kicking him. Swansea had a defender running his studs down his achilles three times before getting booked, in the recent match, and the spammers were also at it. Despite all of this (and more) Dele has not retaliated and not shied away from the action. Time to praise him for that, he is still learning, and it is good to see.
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    Perversely I like the fact that his early form has been 'indifferent'! It might make him realise that he still has much to learn on and off the pitch and Poch being here for the long-haul just might make him reject foreign/domestic advances for a few season yet?
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    Never crossed my mind Tonto! The debates on this site are always just that! A debate! It very rarely becomes silly or personal! Maybe because the majority posting on here are all far to wise (polite way of saying old!) for any nonsense like that! COYS!
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    Well he definately won't play against Uddersfield, so he won't make any mistakes this weekend... lol I do realise that you want to be wrong, I'm not in any way having a go at you. This is a forum, for opinions. I shall certainly revisit this thread after his next game.
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    Happily they are in a difficult position as they seem to have got the wrong man with Klopp, which will again set them back. I play Golf with a gobby bindipper, he is just like Lawro and is always predicting that they will win everything, and that we are lucky. I don't bite anymore, just smile, shake my head, and say "Mmmm, just like last week....."
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    he will be ok,just trying to prove himself too quick at times he needs to calm down a bit but he will become a brilliant signing
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    Give him time - he's played a handful of games so far. He is young and he will learn.
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    Likewise Jamesinashby! Just my opinion and I truly hope that your one is the right one my friend and that (as I have said) I have to eat my words! This is from a man almost 4 years ago who would have been happy to see a certain Mr Kane leave the club! So what do I know!!!!:) COYS!
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    Kane hattrick. Clean sheet. No more injuries. No new suspensions. Winks back in. Sissoko still improving. Great pitch time for a few squad players. JOINT TOP of the group with Real Madrid. Shaky first half. Fantastic result. COYS
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    Yes, I agree and wonder if he has been carrying a knock from maybe even since the newcastle game, which for obvious reasons the club did not want to reveal. From a body language point of view, he certainly looked a lot happier on saturday against the spammer pikeys...
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    Good points well made. Just wondering/observing the points you make Dele is well aware of and he seems to have (subconsciously) 'tightened' up a bit which on occasion has affected his first touch/control?
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    Man sitting at a bar produces a miniature grand piano and stool and sits down a mouse at the piano who begins to play amazing classical music! A crowd gathers in amazement! At this point the man puts his hand in his pocket an produces a matchbox, opens it and a spider emerges on to the bar and begins to sing to the mouse tune! By now the crowed has doubled is size, not un-noticed by the landlord! I'll give you £500 for that act the landlord says to the man. Oh I couldn't sell them he says. I have spent so much time training them! Ok says the landlord this is my final offer......... I'll give you £750 for the mouse and £750 for the spider. £1,500! 750 for the mouse and 750 for the spider the man repeats! Yep! replies the landlord. Cash! the man returns! Cash! the landlord confirms! DONE! says the man. The money changes hands and the man sets to leave the pub but is quizzed on his way out by an elderly gentleman on why he sold such a potentially profitable (tv shows etc) duo? Can you keep a secret says the man to the old boy? The old man nods. Well he has just give me £750 for the mouse and £750 for the spider right? Again the old man nods. Well the spider can't even sing says the man! The mouse is a ventriloquist!!!!!!!!! I thank you!
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    I totally agree James - I can almost understand us rotating players for some games, but on the other hand, success breeds success and we are not so big a club that we can afford to ignore the domestic cups. We used to be the most successful FA Cup winners in history and our most famous achievement involved winning the League AND the FA Cup. Statements like Poch's about us being 'too big' to care about the cups are not what I want to hear.
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    They are good at taking the piss......
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    Yes he is,,,,,he's had a medical and his wheelchair has just passed its MOT.
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    Yes, I think Harry should be given a rest...he's going to need it...all that picking p the ball from the back of their net.
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    Poch is both a great motivator and tactician in my book. I will accept he has to improve to be labelled a great coach/manager and I think he will. The problem Poch has, is that he is a purest! Just like Guardiola but without the finance. What imo he has to learn/adjust to and accept is that because we have not got the billions Chiti have available that he, against everything football he believes in, on occasion he will have to concede that the "ticka-tacka" approach in certain games will have to be replaced by a more direct style, if only until the first break-through (goal) is achieved. Personally in certain fixtures I would reverse the initial approach and start with Llorentte and Kane and play direct until an advantage is gained and then revert to the purest style which would then see us exploit the spaces left by teams needing to advance. We don't have The Silva's, Kevin De brunya, Aguero and Jesus's that can un-lock a stubborn defence but we do have players that can exploit space. So lets create that space by smashing/bashing in a goal, any way we can and then........... COYS!
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    When we joined as Bronze members, we were something like 36000 on the list around 2010. As I stated before, we paid the membership fee just to get ahead in ticket queue. Is this what Rookie is pissed about? For the little extra money, My wife and I, thought we would go straight to Bronze and get on the ST list. We did not know at that stage how long the queue was. Having started at the back of the queue, we just renewed our Bronze every year. So from 2010 til now, we progressed from 36000 to 22000. If not for the new stadium, I predicted we would both die before a ST would be available. I don't know but do people pay Bronze membership for years and years and years just get a ST and not attend matches?
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    I know he is still very young but when you have someone of his stature (Lloris too) displaying his devotion to Tottenham/Poch, then we can only hope it may have some influence on our other top, top (sorry) players committing long-term too!
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    We'll see its all about the mentality my good old friend. Just take a look at Barcelona. Dembele is good, but he shit his pants. When they introduced him medially and all eyes were on him, he looked like a 10 year old without any skills. In the CL match he looked lost and Barca like they were playing only with 10 men. The media does the rest and interpret things their own way. The next thing, O. Dembele is not the brightest. I fear its the reason why he got injured now and will be sidelined for half a season. Another thing that influences these young lads are agents, family and friends. Just take Rose for example and if its true Dele has fired his agent and is in talks with Raiola (Pogba agent) The pressure is high for these young lads. Keep focused Alli