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    This may upset the PC Brigade, but I feel strongly compelled to say it despite the possibility of being labelled a racist. This country must follow the Donald Trump mantra and say Britain and all those who live here must come first. The first thing is to endeavour to bring in a ban on any more Muslims coming to this country from the 7 countries where extreme Muslims are creating death and mayhem daily. Secondly, we must round up the several thousand of those on the radar of the security force and deport those we can and lock up the rest in detentions centres. Thirdly, the deathly silence from the Muslims in this country that tend to only complain they are being picked on and blamed for these atrocities now needs to change to a strong vocal condemnation of much that which is attached to being a Muslim. Fourthly, Muslims must accept the fact that this country they have chosen to live in has it's own culture and customs which they must accept and not try to impose their ways to replace them. For those who disagree with my views, I suggest they don't direct their venomous retaliation on me, but to explain to those who have lost loved ones why 'collateral' damage is acceptable and these extreme measures are not wrong. Dozens killed and hundreds wounded is, in my opinion, crying out for strong and robust action. To hell with the liberal brigade, and so called human rights, put Britain first. I do not apologise to anyone who is upset by my views. At least I am not killing and maiming anyone as the perpetrators of these atrocities do in expressing what I feel.
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    Part of that difference is due to the debt we are assuming for the stadium build. Give it a few years as that is paid off and the valuation will climb.
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    With all due respect kindly remind me when this became a 'rule' of the forum and then also enlighten me what the penalty is for breaking it ? If I do a search on "Gameiro" the first reference to him is on a thread entitled Strikers and I find a posting by BlueSoulO dated July 21st 2013 in which he asked the question How about Kevin Gameiro? He's only 26 years old and with PSG signing Cavani I'm sure he wouldn't mind moving to somewhere he'd get more playing time. I mean he scored 24 goals during 2010/11 and in his first season at PSG he scored 14. Last season he scored 8 goals in 7 starts. He seems like a good forward and he prolly wouldn't cost too much. What you think of this Spurs? Should we all have replied to that ?? It's hard enough getting anyone to actually post threads without making them do a bloody search first....just try looking up the word Sissoko on here and see how many threads you find....enough to make a suit !!
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    1st if someone else has started a thread about this fella sorry!!! i did mention this fella on spurfects striker thread,,, i thought he was going to Italy for big money!!!,,,his buy out clause is (wait for it)£5 million pounds only !!!this fella would be magic back up for Harry,,,and he can play anywhere across the front,,big ,strong ,quick feet .he started at Barca,he was 4th choice behind messi,Suarez,neymar,,he left Barca to play football!!! i really hope we get him rather than Everton!!!
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    Playing one's cards close to one's chest is, perhaps, not a bad thing. There is fierce competition in the market these days with all that dosh sloshing around. Sometimes that competition may come from the other top teams who come in simply to stop Spurs getting the ones they want. As it seems that all Spurs transfer targets originate through the media and there is fierce competition for players, perhaps not revealing their plans is not such a bad thing. Another aspect, the likes of Utd, Chelsea and City may start rumours hoping to put off other clubs going for them thinking they can't compete in transfer fees and wages. Like you, I too am learning not to be so impatient when it comes to our slow transfer policy but at times it can be a bit frustrating. Just a thought. COYS
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    Hi All I always have a look but don't post as much as I should do! I heard someone on Talksport say that Spurs supporters might be worried if Ronaldo leaves RM. They were prob referring to H or Dele. I do wish people would keep their noses out of our business. I love my football but I cannot believe the amount of money that is in the game now, it's crazy, you don't have to be that good either! I check the cameras at the new ground regularly and I hope they don't price the average fan out. I always drive to Spurs so not sure how I will get to Wembley, I don't really fancy public transport, will need to see where we can park away from Wembley with a mile or so walk. I hope we continue to give youth a chance and give home grown players a go. I don't fancy many English players will get a chance at the big clubs. Although, I don't suppose some of them mind as long as they are getting paid a lot for not doing much. Signing off now. Keep cool this summer. Sylvia x
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    If I remember correctly, the lack of replying to posts and keeping them flowing was something that decided you to take your recent break. It leaves me frustrated to the point I sometimes think - why bother. It's a bit sad that they only want to talk about things when they go wrong and to shovel out vitriolic blame. Just for once it would be nice if they could to hold a conversation where different views could be shared to broaden the outlook on the topic - a nice chat among friends. Or am I hoping for too much in this modern era? COYS
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    Your roving reporter Borodin brings you this news scoop....remember folks...you heard it here first !! Cengiz Under will be joining Tottenham this summer in an £8million deal, according to reports in Turkey.The 19-year-old winger has become a prime target for clubs across Europe this season after firing in nine goals and providing eight assists in his first season at Basaksehir. The Turkish club snapped Under up for less than £500,000 a year ago and look set to make a massive profit on the young star who has also been linked with Man Utd. Tottenham have been locked in talks with Basaksehir for months and have finally settled on a fee, according to Turkish radio, Radyospor. Tottenham have placed an emphasis on nurturing young stars and Mauricio Pochettino would be the ideal manager for the developing Under.The attacker has been likened to current Spurs star Dele Alli who burst onto the Premier League scene as a teenager last season.Many Turkish commentators believe Under has the same quality as Alli despite his young age.
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    Keep him. For now. It wasn't so long ago that everyone here thought we should sell Kane, Rose, Walker, and Eriksen. I have even seen a few calls to sell Verts and Dembele. All were outstanding this last season and integral to Spurs success. So keep Janssen around for another season but bring in another option. Frankly, I won't be comfortable until we have 3 strikers who can play well up front.
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    Burn him at the stake!!!!!!!
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    "Cool finish"...??? have a good long look at where the nearest defenders are when he receives the ball. He has had time to read "War and Peace" and go to the toilet before they can get anywhere near him. It's simply a case of an average striker being given a distinctly non average amount of time to bring the ball under control and shoot.....Dele and Kane influence....lol. Bye Tonto...hope you still keep getting likes from Stanmac now I've gone.
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    It comes as no surprise to me, I like his honesty, that's quite refreshing to read. And it's true we need a huge addition to the. First 11, someone Danny and the boys can get excited about playing with. I believe the next season will be the last for a few of the team unless we win silverware and I can't blame them. Who wants to be remembered for being in that spurs team that went unbeaten at home all season but won fuck all? Players want trophies and if they don't get them then they have to move on. This will be the 4th season most of this team have been together so it's now or never in my opinion. Poch has got to improve the first 11, look at city yesterday, in the morning they are looking at Bernard silva, in the afternoon they sign him for 43 million, no public haggling just a professional piece of business. That's a statement of intent we need to show. It's interesting how we all know that pep Jose and klopp have already given their CEO the list of transfer targets. Nothing about poch yet which I hope is because business is already being done on the QT. Massive summer ahead.
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    Difference between 105m and 100.1m is nearly 16 and a half feet. So not a lot at all.
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    The article is a bit misleading. We don't want to match Wembley with our old WHL pitch size. We want to match it to our new stadium dimensions, which are the UEFA standard, and that wont be an issue.
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    Honestly glad they will be playing on the big pitch. This will ready the team for the pitch size in the new stadium which will also be larger than the old WHL pitch (second smallest in the PL). The lads and manger need to get used it sometime, might as well be now.
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    everyone who posts on here will be made to look good/intelligent because I The daft yank will make them seem so
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    James, i think,i see what you mean. If they are reading the posts they are not responding. Strange as we enter what could be our next golden period for 50 years and the few regular posters on here go into quiet mode. A couple of losses will get them spitting feathers!!!!
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    James, Me, Me,Me!!! Is that all you think about? Ha!Ha! Keep banging your head against the wall. We will get some sense out of you yet.... Had my 3 months off the site. Hope to be back if I can breakthrough the confusion that is this new site. Read one of your posts saying Tonto911 still here. Is he as annoying? Lol
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    Another player has come up in the speculation game played by football reporters. Apparently Tottenham have been favourite to sign this Monaco star. However, it appears that Arsenal are prepared to offer him a big wage to come as a replacement to Sanchez if he goes. Lamar managed 14 goals and 14 assists in helping Monaco win Ligue 1 last season. In Spurs favour, they can offer Champions league football which Arsenal can't. Spurs can also offer 22 games to be played at Wembley which, apparently, this guy loved when he played there last season. He also knows that in the following season there will be a 61,599 seater stadium considered to be one of the best in the world to look forward to. Additionally Spurs have Hugo Lloris his his National captain who many of the young french players look up to. With an injured Son unlikely to be ready for the start of the season, Lamar may well be able to stake a claim for a place on the left of the front 3 behind Harry. It would appear to me it is a choice between an immediate huge hike in wages to weighed up against the long term prospect of staying with an up and coming genuine top European club. Given both choices, if this report in the paper is to be believed, I think we have a good chance of winning the tussle for him. COYS
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    Don't panic everybody...this is not Borodin making yet another comeback but rather wishing to have his very last posting remembered as a bit more meaningful than the trite exchange of words everyone no doubt recalls. A couple of weeks ago I posted a story on here about a young boy who lived near my village. I know Spurfect read it and then sent me an extremely nice reply. For some reason I didn't feel it wholly appropriate on here and just afterwards I deleted it. In hindsight that was the wrong thing to do as there is undoubtedly a lesson to be learnt from it's content. So I shall re-post it together with a small update. Let it stand as a reminder of just how precious life is..... together with how wasteful of it we are in using our time to simply swap insults. Rest assured (and relieved) I shall not be posting again..... A Boy Called Cameron. I am not a devoutly religious person but I do like to think that someone up there is watching over us. We have to believe that terrorist attacks in some way make us more resolute and determined to eradicate this evil from the face of the earth. To that end they can possibly be explained but that offers no comfort to the friends and relatives of the deceased. Then something happens that makes you question His existence.... Every Saturday afternoon I normally arrive at my local pub about 2.00pm. Usually the early kick off is just finishing on Sky and I settle by the bar with my mates. Invariably there is a guy called Simon there with his son Cameron aged 10. They are both West Ham supporters and the young lad proudly wears the full Hammers kit with the word Carroll emblazoned on the back. Usually they are playing pool and as soon as I walk in there is a cry of "Spurs are rubbish !" from Cameron. I shake my fist at him and he smiles cheekily. I always take my android tablet with me so I can watch a stream showing the Spurs match and usually have a few gather around. On the pub TV will be Sky Football Latest. The channel I watch is always a couple of minutes behind real time and my little friend soon realised this. Whenever it flashed on screen that West Ham had scored he would drop his pool cue and run to where I was standing asking to see the goal. I always obliged no matter what was happening in the Spurs game. I remember once allowing him to see virtually the whole of the first half of a hammer's match, much to the annoyance of my fellow Spurs fans. He had a vitality and spirit about him that was infectious. Everyone in the bar knew him and liked him....he was what you would call a loveable rogue, never too cheeky or overstepped the mark but just had a way of making you smile. Last weekend I walked into the bar and it was 'end of the season' quiet, with hardly anyone in. I ordered a pint and noticed a glass tankard on a bar shelf bearing the words "Cameron". I presumed it was a sponsorship collection of some sort and then I saw "In Honour Of" underneath his name. The landlord explained that the boy had contracted viral meningitis a couple of days earlier and had died within 6 hours of diagnosis. I cannot explain to you my emotional reaction at the news, shock, anger and a whole myriad of others. Later on his father came in and I shook his hand. All I could say was "I'm so sorry, I have no words". He nodded in understanding and walked away. Since that day one question burns in my mind....Why ?. Here was a young football supporter who lived for his team and brought so much sunshine into other people's lives. Next season the pub will seem like a desert without his laughter and smile. What possibly justification was there in this life being so cruelly taken ? So next time you feel life is unfair and you are in some way being unjustly treated, come back to this posting and read it again. I apologise for such a sad story but it was one that I needed to tell, if only to consciously remind myself how fortunate I am compared to many others. Update. Just to put closure on my thread. Cameron's funeral was last Friday (9th) and the attendance would have done Spurs proud. (He'd have given me some stick for mentioning Tottenham and his name in the same sentence). Our local has a flagpole in the car park and from the day after he passed away until this Wednesday morning (14th) the West Ham flag has waived proudly from it's top. A strange sight for many I'm sure, as I live in North Wales, but a poignant and fitting tribute to a ten year old boy who followed them so devotedly. RIP little man. I sincerely wish all (yes that means everyone) of you many happy hours of banter on this website. Bye.This really is "That's all folks".
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    Honestly, I have to wonder who at the FA has it in for Spurs. While I know logically that probably isn't the case, putting Chelsea first up at Wembley is at best giving Spurs one match on neutral ground them. It makes the match much easier for the Blues than it would be in October or November. And going to St James to kick off the season...damn. Of course, the positive view point here is that if Spurs were to win away at Newcastle, site of their worst defeat in the last 2 years, and then beat Chelsea at Wembley, the confidence boost would be staggering.
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    Tottenham have beaten Liverpool in the race to sign Fulham player Ryan Sessegnon, according to a reliable journalist. Liverpool Echo Sports reporter Neil Jones sent out a message claiming that the 17-year-old is set to join the North London club in the summer transfer window. In his column for the Liverpool Echo, Jones reports that the teenager and his representatives did indeed speak to Liverpool but claims that the club were not convinced that Sessegnon wanted to join.He also claims that Jurgen Klopp had been looking for a young natural left-back to work alongside former England international James Milner and eventually become the number one choice in the position.Despite playing as an attacking left-winger in the closing matches of the season, Sessegnon has produced some impressive performances playing in the left full-back role for the majority of the season.The teenager scored four of his seven goals this season playing in the full-back role, getting on the scoresheet in the Championship draws against Cardiff and Burton, and scoring in the FA Cup victories over Cardiff City and Hull City. Borodin : Let's get this one over the line and then ship a few out (no names needed)....but there's work to be done and we need big names. A realistic title challenge and CPL next season, together with a squad and manager second to none must surely be a huge magnet....just that one massive stumbling block every time....salary.
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    I would expect the Poch will impress upon the players that they owe the fans for that last poor performance. the Fat Waiter is no mug though.... Should be a great match.
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    Loved my tv marathon this weekend, started well with Lions gridding out a win in Christchurch, Crusaders are a top team and to stop them scoring a try was great defensive work. In the cricket England looked they were in for a tough time when the Aussies were piling on the runs, but they quickly grabs some wickets to keep the score down, again they looked in trouble when they lost 3 quick wickets, but Morgan and Stokes smashed them to victory. It was made all the sweeter to see the Aussies captain standing around sulking like an 8 year old. After the Lord Major's Show came the Scotland v England match, what a terrible advert for football, two teams not knowing what to do when they had the ball, plus two sunday morning goal keepers, at least Harry save my blushes. I has forgot about the Argentina v England rugby and only saw the second half, what a fantastic game and a brilliant performance for the England team with so many players missing to win a game 38 -34 in the last minute was pure theatre. Then the icing on the cake England beating Venezuela 1-0 in the U20 World Cup Final today. Great to see Onomah and Walker-Peters play so well in the team. I though it was Onomah best game in the tournament and he help England control the match. The keeper Woodman must feel great to save a penalty in a World Cup Final. If you've not seen the Rugby or U20's they are both on BBC2 on catch up. Big thank you to the missus who had to put up with me dominating the handset and a lot of swearing.
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    And he pulled you guys out the shit, he's a top player!
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    He was very good ,,,plays well with both feet,,skill full,good pace ,,he was playing left wing back,,look comfortable in defence aswell as going forward,,could do with a few more steaks to beef himself up,,,lol,,,but he is only a young lad
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    I bet it will! and he'll give potch 10 of it to buy a promising youngster lol
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    I can see no solution to this problem, the terrorism we've seen in the past in this country has usually been driven by a political goal and the perpetrators could be negotiated with, these people have a hatred for our way of life and would force there beliefs on us all, they don't want civil rights, equal opportunities, self government of their nation or even freedom. What can we offer them to stop?
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    I think England has already chosen the trump way james. Its like ya nurturing a viper on your bosom. Its a big shame and an unbelievable sad thing whats happing at the moment and why England has become the target of three terroristic assaults in this short period of time! In every case the victims are innocent people who have deserved our condolence and concern
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    Ya won't stop it mate,,the problem is these cowards are born and bred here!!!muslim chavs!!!thats giving chavs a bad name!!!!its the parents faults simple,,,they are the same as bad dog owners!!!
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    If I were the manager the first thing I would do upon my return from Hong Kong is go straight to my office and get rid of the unwanted clutter. I'm not talking about waste paper baskets, unfiled papers, pending tray or pencil shavings. I am referring to Sissoko, Nkoudou and I'm sorry but Janssen too. Mauricio surely cannot spare more time and effort into trying to get Vincent to 'slot in' ?. Therefore I would try everything (including E Bay and Gumtree) to offload this magnificent trio at the earliest opportunity. Then it's breath a huge sigh of relief, count the money and go shopping....but NOT bargain hunting or looking for players with 'potential'. Let's stop popping into Bargain Booze and Poundland and have a whirl at Harvey Nichols or Harrods....yes you pay more but you get guaranteed quality and that's what we will need with CPL next season and the rigours of another title challenge.
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    my point was that he made it look easy, instead of some of the other chances that he has had in the lilywhite shirt. got into space, controlled it and noncchalantly tucked it away. Looks confident.
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    Tottenham close to £26m Kevin Gameiro deal: Talks at advanced stage - Daily Star report Gameiro only joined Atletico last summer, completing a £28m move from La Liga rivals Sevilla.But things have not quite gone to plan for the Frenchman since.Gameiro has scored 16 goals in 42 appearances for Atleti but has failed to fully convince boss Diego Simeone of his qualities.Spanish outlet Don Balon claim Simeone is now ready to let Gameiro go after just one season.They claim Atletico and Tottenham are in ‘very advanced’ negotiations over a summer move for the 30-year-old forward.It is said Spurs will pay £26m for him and that the deal is all but done. Don Balon say the transfer should be confirmed in the coming days barring any last minute complications.Tottenham boss Mauricio Pochettino is known to want a new forward during the upcoming transfer window.Pochettino signed Vincent Janssen from AZ Alkmaar last summer but the Dutchman has struggled to adapt to life in England, scoring just twice in the Premier League last term.Tottenham have instead had to rely on the brilliance of Harry Kane and his 29 top-flight goals.Pochettino is well aware that he needs reinforcements up front should anything happen to Kane.And it would seem Gameiro is now heading to White Hart Lane to provide some much-needed depth in the Spurs attack. Borodin: Hopefully with it being the Daily Star this is utter tosh....this guy is NOT what I think the team needs.
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    lets be honest these players must be very tired after playing for 90 minutes a week so they will need the rest,so they can be awake and fresh the following day to spent all there hard earned thousands
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    I hate to see this sort of thing happening, we all have our own point of view and shouldn't be too sensitive when people take a different view. Being "an old fart" I get confused with which thread is the right one to post in at times. There are always difficulties when trying to make your point in a language which is not your mother tongue along with national characteristics as we have seen when trying to interact with our Welsh cousins. Let's all celebrate the 50th anniversary of Sgt Pepper with Peace and Love.
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    A perfectly cromulent response Tonto ! As for a 'don't like this' button, I don't think we should have one - I'd wear the fucking thing out in no time ;)
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    Tonto I'm not infallible, but the hype around Veltman is in Shakespeare's words "Much Ado About Nothing". If anything I see him in the centre, cause this is his natural position. But if Ajax is so convinced about him at the right back, we should make a bid for Tete. Antonio can play as a striker, winger, midfielder and a right back btw! ;)
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    THIS IS FUTBOL REPORTS : Tottenham are favourites to sign Bayern Munich winger Douglas Costa, according to the latest betting odds. Leading bookmaker Sky Bet have priced the 26-year-old at 3/1 to make a sensational transfer to Spurs before September 3.Mauricio Pochettino’s side are leading the race for Costa’s signature ahead of Italian giants Juventus (5/1), Manchester United (5/1) and PSG (16/1).The possibility of Tottenham pulling off a deal for the highly-rated attacker from a European giant would show how far the north London have come and the pulling power they now possess.They have secured Champions League football for a second consecutive season after narrowly missing out on the Premier League title to champions Chelsea. As proven by the betting list, there are a number of big teams in the running for Costa, including Champions League finalists Juventus and Europa League winners United.Over the course of the season, Costa has played 34 games in all competitions for Carlo Ancelotti’s side, scoring seven goals and supplying nine assists.However, he started only 14 Bundesliga matches this season which perhaps indicates why the bookmakers think he could be on the move this summer.The Brazil international moved to the Allianz Arena from Ukranian side Shakhtar Donetsk in 2015 for a fee of £21million.He has since played 77 matches in all competitions for the German giants, scoring on 14 occasions and supplying 27 assists with his current deal due to expire in 2020. Borodin : I have my doubts but it would definitely be a sign of pulling power if Spurs landed this lad
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    Two seasons of success and a new stadium have turned our fortunes around. We no longer are a selling club and now look attractive for better quality players to want to join us. I can't wait for next season for us to knock the smile off the faces of fabulously rich clubs. Boy! Are they in for a shock. COYS
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    He should be given more time. He and Soldado are two different players. Soldado was supposed to be a top striker at his prime. Janssen is a young striker. If we sell players after one poor season, we would already sold players like Bale, Walker, Rose, Son,We sold Yedlin, Adam Smith, Alex Pritchard but now they are doing pretty well.
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    Spurs weakness is not having a big enough European scouting network,,the Man City's and the other big clubs will have officials working in every country to tie up targets with no fuss,,,we seem to get players offered to us,,rather than us going all out for the targets we want ,,
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    if and I mean if we get the proper money for him ,get him in a plane or taxi and wave bye bye. I say this on the basis of he is an ok player or maybe a little better than ok ,slightly, but we need players on that pitch who do not make mistakes, he makes far too many, if we are to compete at the highest level ,we cannot gift the other teams presents, ok in the semi final v rentboys it wasn't him to blame but mistakes cannot be made. yes gary he has pace, but other than that I cannot make enough of a case to keep him, he has very little positive end product for a flying wingback. anyway my answer is get rid.... for a fraction I like the kid we let go a couple years ago ryan fredericks who is at Fulham, only a thought. ok, ill name one or two personnel who I believe are not good enough for this football tsunami called thfc, 1 walker. 2 onomah. 3 lamella. 4. lloris. 5.wimmer. replacements for these guys is another story and I would definitely keep janssan for one more season to see if just for once we can get lucky with a so called flop and he turns out to be a world beater. some on here may argue about hugo but I believe his excellence is diminishing slowly but surely, he has been brilliant for us but he is starting to make mistakes, not good. what a wonderful league campaign, brilliant. European and domestic cups complete stupidity. watched some of that final last night, omg, what utter bullshit football, how we could not get to that level is the point I'm making, we need better players to compete. on to next season and let us not be fearful of Wembley, let us embrace it and by the tim the league and fa cup finals come around we will be well used to winning there, 2 trophies already in the bank...lol. COYS.
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    I'm elated with the score, and just could not see that coming after Thursday night! Fitting finish to a wonderful season, wish we could have had a couple of those goals against United (greed bastard). Feel a little bit sorry for Hull, that was a terrible way to finish a relegation season, they been good to us taking some of our old boys. Sad to see Daws ripped apart, he was a great wholehearted player for us who never gave less than 100%.
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    Been reading that Spurs have put a bid in for £15 million!!! also been reading the tweets of the Dortmund supporters,,they are well pleased to see him go anywhere,,,,one fella said the only thing he is good at defending is his virginity!!! sounds like a bad buy lol
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    I have read about him as well. I am surprised that citeh prefer Walker. As usual, there are often players 'linked' which turn out to be made up by the press...
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    We have the World Cup winning model ready to fill in .... Kyle Walker-Peters....... Get as much £££££££££££££ as we can.
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    Hi Been busy last few days, so not been posting. Someone asked me what number my grandson was for a season ticket it's 28,576. Great result for U20's KWP has impressed me, particularly as he's playing out of position. Shame about the weather as it's mucked up the Champions Trophy games, but we are in the semi's. Disappointed by rugby results but not surprised as preparation doesn't seem right and I don't rate Gatland, he's past his sell by date. Looking forward to Saturday, sporting marathon on tv international rugby/cricket/football. Oldest competitive internationals matches in cricket and football, I love beating both Aussies and the Scots, particularly the Jocks as I have family up there. Nice to see Liverpool caught with their pants down, I wont hold my breath to see if there is any action against them, I'm one of the few who dont rate Van Dijk.
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    3 in the top 14! That speaks volumes re our ability to waste money in the transfer market! Let's hope we can learn from our mistakes. This is sent from Gibraltar - last call before getting back. COYS
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    I'd be very careful with those Welsh jokes mate.....(don't bite the hand that feeds comes to mind.....lol).....No hesitation in keeping Harry over Bale.....we need his goals and we now have the players who together produce the creativity that Bale did....so a polite No Thanks.