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    A person earning £50,000pa (double the national wage) would have to work around twenty years to earn what Rose has been paid since he was injured FFS. As far as I am concerned, Rose was never better than good, so he can fuck off. We have some players who would be irreplaceable - he isn't one of them.
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    Mr Conte - the puffed up preening coach of Chelsea, despite having bought 4 players already, is saying they need more to improve. I think he has condemned himself by his own mouth. He may have a successful track record but this confirms he can only do so by buying the cream of the crop. I think that a week on Saturday when when he brings his bunch of over priced and over paid fairies to Wembley, he should bow in front of MP with arms extended saying, "I am not worthy'" as he stands before a truly great coach who can get together a team of non already top class players and mound them into being as good, if not better than the rest of the EPL teams as he did over the last 17 games of last season. Possibly the rich teams buying the world's best may just edge their team ahead of ours. We'll have to wait and see. But for me the most successful will be MP as he will have achieved success without buying it. COYS
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    First is from the heart:- 1. THFC. 2. Brighton. 3. Bournemouth. 4. Swansea. 5. Burnley. 6. Huddersfield. my realistic fear:- 1. Man Utd. 2. Man City. 3. THFC. 4. Chelsea. 5. Arsenal. 6. Liverpool. But what would I know, I'm a hockey player. lol COYS
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    So, finishing 2nd and 3rd in the past 2 seasons makes us shit - WTF?? Ok,so we have yet to sign anyone, but remember that on the whole we are a very young team, and we should/will improve. Yes, I would love to see one or two quality signings, and that may very well happen. But if it doesn't, I still see us competing at the top.
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    You are right...99% of World Footballers would welcome the opp to play for one of the top teams in Europe. The problem is that those 99% can't beat out the guys currently playing for the top teams in Europe or they would already be on one of those squads.
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    As I watch other clubs sign name players, some even for sums that appear to be right in Spurs wheelhouse (Chicharito to West Ham for £16 million anyone?), I am left to wonder if the quality of our first XI and Poch's loyalty might not be our issue. Consider the strikers that have moved this summer: Lacazette to Arsenal Morata to Chelsea Lukaku to Man U Chicharito to West Ham How many of those would you take over Kane? More importantly, how many of them think Poch would select them over Kane? How many of them would be willing to work as hard on defense as they do on offense (something Kane does well)? Now look at the rest of our Start XI. Who sits for anyone that has changed sides this year? Sure, Trippier would have sat the bench if the Alvez rumors had been true but with Alvez age, Trip would have seen plenty of starts. I have yet to see a CB change clubs who could have beaten out our two other an Bonucci, who was never coming to the PL anyway. No LB better than Rose. So far no CM who could beat out Wanyama or Dembele (and probably not Dier for that matter). Dele and Eriksen are both better than anyone I've seen move at their positions. Really, only the right side AM position is up for grabs right now and likely only because Lamela has been injured for so long. And that is if we are going to play a 4-2-3-1. If it ends up being a 3-4-3 then I think it gets even harder. The players changing clubs right now want regular FIRST TEAM footie. They aren't looking to be a sub in a CL or PL match. Precious few of the players we have been linked to, even in rumor, have a chance of coming to Spurs and breaking into the starting XI except in case of injury. Isco likely could, Kovacic maybe. Honestly, I think any player whose wages we can afford is scared to come to Spurs for fear of not being able to break into the first team.
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    love the way everyone associated with that shit club think they are a big club,just a small club who won the lottery
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    I think maybe we are all being a bit pessimistic. Consider... - Last year we really only added Wanyama as the other 3 signings didn't do enough to be considered. - Freak, non-contact injuries caused significant lost time for Harry, Toby and Jan. - Players seem to bloom in year 2 under Poch. This bods well for Janssen and GKN, the later of which has had two good outings in preseason so far. Janssen's first match was forgettable but he played well against Roma with a goal and second shot that required a fine save. - Other clubs have spent, yes. But have they truly strengthened? That remains to be seen. Man U and City have spent a lot every year for the past how many years? Only to fall short over and over. - It remains to be seen if Morata is the equal of Costa, Lukaku the equal of Ibra, or if Walker is a fit for what pep wants in a FB. - Wenger is still in charge at Arsenal which means they will lack heart and grit when it gets hard. There has been plenty of talent there for years now but no fire. And this year the play Europa League... No my friends, I see lots of reason for doubt all across the other top 5 teams. Spurs have fewer question marks in my mind than any...
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    A four-ball of guys were waiting at the men’s tee while four women were hitting from the women’s tee. It was a fine spring day and the ladies were not rushing. When the final woman had her ball teed up she hacked it about ten feet. Calmly, she walked over to it and addressed it again. This time she whiffed it completely. Taking a third try at it she hacked it another ten feet and finally on her fourth swing she whacked it an additional five feet. At this point she looked up at the men who were patiently waiting and said apologetically, “I guess all those fucking lessons I took over the winter didn’t help at all.” To which one of the men immediately responded, "Well, there you have it. You should have taken golf lessons instead”
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    A team of "Chelsea's caliber" lost, at home, to a team that odds makers have finishing this season Relegated. Stop and consider that for a moment. Then ask yourself if the "new Kyle" could get into the Burnley side. I think that answer is yes. The lad acquited himself well in pre-season matches with PSG, Roma, Man City and Juve. Those are all serious clubs, even if they were friendlies, with real talent. Then he turned in a MOTM performance against a sky high Newcastle club in front of the 50k plus screaming fans away from home. Why sell the lad so short until he gives you a reason to?
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    That fella Sayonara isn't worth £50 mill.......lol
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    Personally, I don't believe all that about the applause. I know its a controversial thing to say but, I honestly think that the tosspot journos make things up... Does anybody think that is a bit far fetched ? I know it seems rather unlikely and surely The Sun wouldn't ever do that would they ? they have a reputation to protect after all..... C***s
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    The issue is squad depth. We didn't have it last year and we have sold Walker as well as making the Fazio and N'Jie loans permanent. Add the loaning of Onomah who was in the 1st team as a depth player and we are THINNER than last year. We now have Son, Rose and Winks recovering from injury and Trippier injured as well. Surely we need to add some depth at the absolute least???? I just don't see the academy giving us enough to even maintain the level of last year's group. We are an injury away from a potentially disastrous crash out of the top 4, perhaps worse. Everton have strengthened, Chelsea, United, Arsenal, West Ham too and City have spent an absolute fortune. Mid Table teams are stronger too. And if our starting group has to carry the PL and CL campaigns again I see more than a few injuries arising. By January it will be too late. I cannot see how we can even consider letting the likes of Janssen, Sissoko and Wimmer go. I am all for sensible management but to be less than a week away from the Pl opener and yet to have a single new signing is worrying to say the least.
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    I don't get this idea that we only finished 2nd because all the other teams were weak. What is that assessment based on? It seems to me that a lot people think, because Spurs finished 2nd, the teams behind them must have been weak. I thought we finished second because we scored more goals and conceded fewer.
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    I see all the positive posters are starting early....
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    For me, it concerns me greatly that we are expected to rely on the youngsters again without making signings. Surely we need to push on? When we were first in the champions league, Redknapp said we needed a "marquee signing" I think most fans agreed, instead, we got Saha and Nelson. We then unsurprisingly fell out the top 4. I think it is this that makes me more cross than anything tbh. We don't need a huge amount, we have a very good squad but why not make a couple of decent signings to strengthen the bench etc. Celtic's Dembele is being muted at 20mil possibly to Marseille, he would be ideal. Again we, do not need much but we have to realise that our team are not going to remain injury free. We were relatively lucky with injuries last season and couple that with going out of Europe (twice) early doors, you'd like to think we're looking to progress further in these competitions and therefore have more games. Like I say, what is frustrating is that we don't need much to push on but lets learn from our mistakes of the past. Let's not be naive enough to think that one good striker is sufficient for hopefully runs in 4 competitions. We don't need to go mad but for God sake Levy, don't be stupid.
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    Gents, my point wasn't that we are trying to rely on the academy, although it is obvious that to some degree it's true. My point is that where we are trying to buy players we are finding it hard because anyone who fits our wage structure isn't of sufficient quality to crack out Starting XI and anyone with the quality to really improve our side wants more in wages than Spurs will pay. In short, we have the best Starting XI in the world FOR THE MONEY we are paying.
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    The wage bill for West Ham and Everton must be a lot higher after those signings. They can't afford to spend this much without getting a result. If West Ham have a poor start, Bilic will be fired immediately. It's a surprise that Bilic kept his job after last season.
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    My biggest issue with loosing Dier, other than weakening the squad, is that his friendship with Dele is huge and might be the difference between keeping or loosing Dele.
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    I think our stats read that we have won 13 out of our last 14 games? Just how much of a run do we have to have before the more negative minded need to have to start showing faith, for goodness sake? My view is that we are now a side that not only now believes in itself, but we are actually that good. I've gone for the win. COYS
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    I don't know if anyone noticed that we wound up 2nd in the premier league with Derek injured over half the season. I love this guy and thought his blood ran blue and lily white but ffs a third of the season Walker couldn't get his act together either.Yes he deserves better wages but he better come back and make a difference right away or based on last season he may get the opposite of an increase
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    Two things come to mind. First, the Walker sale was always going to have repercussions wage wise. You cannot tell me that the core group would not look at the wages City gave Walker and say "right if he got that I'm worth at least this". This rings even truer with Rose given the same agent. Secondly, Rose had two gripes. Wages and the lack of signings. Now how does he believe alerting the entire World to the relative inadequacy of Spurs' wage structure will make it any easier for us to sign players of any quality? It essentially limits us to buying players that come from "lesser teams" with lower pay structures. So now we are looking to sign players willing to settle for less money AND come assuming they will be second choice in their position given the strength of our top eleven. Unless our top eleven start parading out the door of course....I seem to remember reading that Toby was frustrated with a lack of progress on a new deal. Maybe this goes deeper than we know...
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    Or...the tosspot media: press/pundits/ex-players of other clubs
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    Phil Neville with a stupid haircut (trying to look trendy. and failing) and Craig Bellamy (far more articulate than I remembered) both talked a lot of sense and were arguing amongst themselves about our chances for the PL title next season playing at wemberley. Neville thinks we will struggle, as all clubs have in a new stadium at first, quoting the spammers as the most recent example, which was dismissed by CB, who countered with " I can't think of any team better suited to the wide open spaces of Wemberley, especially playing there on a regular basis", quoting the fact that we are the fittest team/squad in the PL. He went on to praise our development system and it made me think about how The Poch suddenly introduced Dele into the squad and team, and he got in and stayed in, and is now a major player for us. Maybe there are some more ready for that leap of faith as well. The Poch was well praised by both, as being probably the best"coach" in PL, and I agree, and reckon maybe at the end of the season he will be able to help the English national team to cope with Wemberley, especially the old excuse that is always put out about how foreign teams "always raise their game" when they play there. England , like THFC, have to produce a special atmosphere for all home games. make the place a cauldron of noise and hostile atmosphere. Like they do in Turkey for example.....
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    I'm not sure about 'arguably better'. Possibly if we had to play in the Italian league, they may have the edge over us. However, if they had to play in the EPL, I don't think they could do as well as is. Both good sides but more 'horses for courses' for me - their team is built to play there and ours built to play here. Just my opinion. Do I think the win at Wembley did anything to allay fears? I would say yes. I never really believed in the 'jinx' theory. When we were not performing too well at Wembley, it was in the early part of the season when, generally, we were not at our best. For the last 2 months of the season we were tremendous and, had we been playing at Wembley then, I think we would still have been winning. COYS
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    There has been much speculation on how serious a problem we face if Trippier's injury will make him miss games. The 2nd game against Chelski is not one we want to go into with a weakened team. Some are suggesting that Dier is the one. On the face of it that appears to be a reasonable solution. But that, at the same time, may just transfer the problem. Last season he covered 3 positions. If MP has him pencilled in to one of these spots, who replaces him. Of course, there is KWP, after all he has had excellent experience in winning his medal. But that may not be enough experience when playing against a side as good as Chelsea. It appears to me that it is looking as though buying a proven RB may be necessary. What are the views of you guys as to who should replace an injured Trippier and just how important is it to buy in another RB? COYS
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    If I could buy one Striker... Conte would choose Kane. Calls him the "complete player". Of course, later in that same interview he said Spurs were not a "big club" because there was no expectation to win titles there and so no pressure to buy new players. I think he could have stopped at complimenting Kane but hey, he just provided what we call "locker room bulletin board material" here in the States. If I were Poch a copy of his comments would get handed to each player in the first team meeting tomorrow and large type print of it would go up in the dressing room at both the training ground and Wembley.
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    With all the rumors floating around over the weekend of a possible Bale exit from Madrid for a return to the PL, I got to thinking...what would I do if I were Bale? If he is serious about coming back to the PL and it is all about the money then his only real options are Man U, Man City, Arsenal and Chelsea. I'm going to give the Welshman the benefit of the doubt and say he wouldn't go to Arsenal because he is a former Tottenham lad and knows just what that means. Furthermore, I'm going to extend that same reasoning to cover Chelsea as well. That leaves the Manc clubs as really the only ones who can afford him and even then he will likely be taking a cut in wages which are currently reported to be roughly 150 million over 6 years counting salary and bonues (just shy of 500k a week, all in). Now allow yourself to consider, just for a second, what if it isn't all about the money? What if there are other factors? If I were in Bale's position, I would have been investing my money and at this point it wouldn't be all about that for me. Like what if he has a soft spot for his old club? What if he is interesting in playing all his home matches in the National Stadium (granted, he isn't English)? What if he loves the look of Spurs new stadium project? What if playing in a lineup that includes Kane, Alli and Eriksen is a stronger pull than what is offered at either City or United? What if the style of football offered at Spurs is more attractive than either Pep or Jose offer? What if he prefers London to Manchester? What if....? Then the big questions... How much would Spurs pay Madrid to get him back? How high would Levy go in wages for Bale? How much of a "home" discount in wages would Bale take to play for Spurs? Is there a creative way to structure wages/bonuses that might get the job done? I know this is likely a pipe dream and probably won't ever happen. I doubt Bale will take as much of a pay cut as would be required to make this work and I doubt Levy would be willing to pay the fee required to get Bale back from Madrid. The problem is that in my mind I keep seeing Bale lined up with Kane, Alli, Eriksen, Dembele, Wanyama, Rose, Jan, Toby, Trippier and Lloris. I keep thinking about the pace down the left side that a lineup like this would offer and the sleepless nights it would give Pep, Jose, Conte, Arsene and Klopp. I keep thinking of the space in the middle that would open up for Kane and Dele with the fear of Bale on the left and the space that would open all around Eriksen for fear of Bale, Dele and Kane. I just keep thinking...
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    TBH chaps we all know our starting team is very good they have proved it,,,,I do want Spurs to be using our young talent,,but in the right matches ,,league cup ,,fa cup ,,and wisely in the league from the bench, But we do need some fresh blood to put a bit of pressure on our 1 st team players to push on and go to the next level,,,whatever that is lol!! we all want our Spurs to be the best that's all
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    I place little or no faith in the opinions of previous managers, and/or ex-players (even one of our best) who are just pundits now. I said that he is the best Chairman in the PL at the moment, I didn't say that he never makes mistakes, he took a punt with AVB and yes, he got it wrong (they both did), but I prefer my THFC to continue with the promotion of young players from in house than going out and buying so called stars to try and buy the league title. You seem to believe everything that is written about the alleged interest that THFC have in all of these names, and you do appear to know about many of them, cvertainly more than I do. However, that does not necessarily make you right. Don't worry, I already know that I am often wrong as well.... The combination and mix of youngsters and established purchases that we have in the squad now is about right. Don't forget that walker was bought from Sheff utd, and developed - probably to his peak last season. I do agree that there is a need for back up, and I still have total faith and confidence with The Poch and DL, that they will sort it out. They are professionals. We are just fans with opinions.
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    Have you been playing golf with Levy in the last couple of weeks? BFF? I am aware of what Levy did and does economically for the neighborhood, district and its people around WHL and that makes him to a great chairman. But he is one of the worst by far when it comes to transfers. You have said it yourself, Chelsea would not have sold to us, but they did to Everton. His negotiating skills were always praised, but his success was and is overshadowed by frustration and fury of chairmen of other clubs. Rudy Voeller is a good example. He was raving when Leverkusen had lost out on Son, because of legit and legal terms. Same for Lisbon when Dier left the club for almost nothing, just because Levy tricked the portoguese club the worst. So you better don't count on players from Portugal in the next years, especially from Sporting! And why the bloody hell has he left Willian "home alone" in London? Btw what is the bum Boas doing? Get this, he is in the toughest League in the world... CHINA, or better known in the recent past as the CHING CHING league! were he can act tough again, after he failed with the unbeatable men from St. Petersburg, what actually isn't possible, if... but only IF you are a manager and not a clown! Instead of firing Baldini, Boas should have been fired, no, he shouldn't even been signed, after the faker was sacked at Chelshit. Btw in the same year di Mateo (another super manager, Im sarcastic) has won the CL-title and . Next he paid over 20 mill for Nkoudou and Njie, but wets his pants, exactly now, when it seems the blind hens in our scouting team have finally found the right french kiddo these summer after two failures the years before! On top of this, I hate his bloody delaying tactics, as if he wants us to believe everything is under control. But that has more of a very bad performed scene from Samuel Beketts play "Waiting for Godot"! We missed out on so many players because of his tactics. An absolute pain in the ass and became so predictable. 32 million on dead line day for Sissoko says all. What, was he worth last season, 70 million? Seems the newcastle chairman cut a finer figure than Levy IMO! In some way our lads are naive comparing them to others and the ridiculous sums they are getting from the bigger clubs. Its Poch "philosophy", our success, the many changes at the elite clubs, our discipline and the spirit that is holding our lads together and not Levy. Once is clear Pochettino enjoys Levy's trust, but which has suffered from mispurchase in the last seasosn. Poch is probably more careful, but is also aware of Levys unorthodox ways leading negotiations! Its a patt situation. Levy doesnt want to waste money again. Poch doesn't want to sign another flop! it only needs one domino to bring the others to fall and this transfer period could be an acid test But as Hoddle quoted, "we need new signings. we weren't ready and we aren't ready yet, if we don't sign new players!" Players of course, who can play at a higher level and replace our key players!
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    out of the first 12 games we have Chelsea, Everton, Liverpool, Man United, Arsenal and West Ham We've gotta kick ass right out of the gate the Chelsea game(2nd game of the season) is pivotal if we win the momentum would do a lot do get through it
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    I am not knowledgeable about what makes a "top European footballer". Freely admit that. What I do know is that Spurs won 11 of 12 to close the season with Davies starting all 11 of those (he started 18 matches on the year, btw) and Trippier starting 5 of those, including the matches against Arsenal and Man U. You can argue they are not top Euro footballers and I won't argue, but you can't argue that they don't slot into this team really well and hold their own in Poch's system. On top of that, both appear to only get better with more minutes. Trippier's cross today to Kane was inch perfect...something we all know Walker would have been hard pressed to do.
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    Unable to improve the squad? Really? Spurs won 11 of 12 on the run in with Davies playing ever match for Rose and Trippier playing all the important ones in place of Walker when in January everyone was proclaiming the Rose/Walker FB tandem the best in England and one of the best in Europe. Just a season ago we couldn't win a thing without Dembele playing as part of the midfield pivot and again, we wont 11 of 12 with him being subbed out of every match he started on 60 minutes and not always starting. We went 8 matches without Kane (the best striker in the PL) and 8 matches without Toby (the best CB in the PL) and finished second in the league. This seems to me to speak of some decent depth to me. Maybe not as much as I would like but it doesn't support you belief that Poch hasn't improved the squad.
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    Lallana is injured and per Klopp out till at least October.
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    It was sarcasm! I'm fed up with everyone saying we only finished 2nd because the other teams were crap and that because we haven't signed anyone we are not going to do anything. It's bollocks. The only reason Manure bought Lukaku was because they have lost Ibra ,,,, does that make them better. It's the same with Chelsea losing Costa.
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    You mention consistent, well we did have a blip with several draws, but The Poch and DL have also been consistent. Believe the words they use, or not, but it's the team spirit that has made us 'overachieve', and that comes from the training and coaching methods of The Poch. he tells all players what is expected of them, and has stated that nobody is guaranteed a place in the team. Some 'expensive/established star players would n probably not accept that... and not sign. It is pretty clear that Sissoko was not a choice of our manager, but he could still be a bargaining tool, as I have said on other threads here.
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    No offense Asc3 but I read all the same things last summer about the 15\16 season and all Spurs did was go one better in 16\17. I'm not saying we will win the PL this year but honestly I don't see why not. Even with a couple of signings we will have the most settled first 14 in the whole of the league and 3 full seasons under the same manager. The Top 6 were not weak last year. Most of the time they didn't play as a team. We did.
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    Who cares about friendlies? I remember a few seasons ago (I think when Soldado joined us) we won all our friendlies and then had an awful start to the season. Yes, I want new signings, but only as back up for the 1st team. Last season we were magnificent. We played the best football, scored loads of goals and didn't concede much. Too many draws and Kane's injuries cost us and that was all. We have the best manager around and will soon have the best stadium. Our younger players are maturing and improving. We aren't trying to buy the title like some of the other clubs. It's a great time to be a Spurs fan and I am very happy. Not only do I think we can win the title next season, I think we will - but even if we don't I won't be too unhappy. Top 4 and good runs in the CL and cups and I will be very happy as we move into the most amazing stadium in Europe.
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    Old Enough,,,,......he was a boy when they were making the Penny Farthing.
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    people like Conte don't deserve the time of day from people like King Kane The Dirty Guido deserves the company of the Diego Costas of the world Its real easy to win the league with a roster like he has but isn't it more of a feat to come in second with academy players, and no one player that was over 30,000,000,000.00 I think he got the best of Mo Po last season by bringing on Hazard late and with fresh legs but I bet Pochetino won't let that happen to us again. That was a weird lineup as well playing Son out of position and what not. bloody greaser
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    I am the first to admit that my memory is not as sharp as it used to be but.... Didn't the better half of our first team all have individual periods of non performance last season. I recall major criticism of Son,Eriksen,Danny,Erik,Hugo,Sissoko,and even Harry. Yes we were 2nd but to do so will require 100 per cent performances,no injuries,no suspensions and major step ups from a lot of youngsters. Not a popular view but unless something is happening behind the scene I see tears by November.
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    Its naive to think our players will stay injure free. We all hope they will, but its reckless from the chairmans point of view and unfair to the manager, players and fan community. The training facility and academy blah blah is worth nothing, when key players like Alli, Hurricane, Eriksen Toby, Verts get injured. Do you think Onomah will score? And with Carter-Vickers in the defense we'll probably concede 6 goals in a game. With Davies and Trips we have hard working players but they are not first team material, with Walkers departure, Dannys, Sons and Lamelas injury we'll start weaker in this season. What if Ben gets injured for example? I neither want to see Verts on the left nor (god forbid) Wimmer!!!!
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    Well tbh mr levy stating that Spurs investment in the training facility and the academy in business terms is working,,and having a manager that is willing to play up and coming players works,,,so I think it's the managers choice ,,he really believes in these lads which is magic
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    Some very good points. It is fantastic we have used our academy to good effect in recent years. To integrate these youngsters with the more experienced professional first team players has been the wish and desire of all teams. Most Top European teams have a period of bringing through a few diamonds after years and years of producing players for the teams in the lower divisions. Spurs current view appears to be we don't like the way the current transfer market works but we are happy to sell into it or/and reduce our wage bill. Teams that have spent this season will be stronger and harder to play against and we may not acquire so many points or progress in other competitions. Top teams and Top Managers around Europe do not seem to share Spurs views and their Chairmen/owners aspire to do the best they can to continue to progress. With careful,studied sensible pursuit of low/middle cost players Spurs could maintain their Top 4 status and possibly improve in Cup Competitions. i have tried to be supporting of Mr Levys position but IT and Pochs agreement and support by various first team players is Total Crap...........
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    Daniel levy is saving for his retirement