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    Honestly James, it is less about what I see in him than the fact he is available. My logic for my side selection today went something like this - I want Dier or Wanyama to anchor midfield, Wanyama is hurt so the leaves me with Dier. As Toby is also hurt and I'm not sure I trust Foyth enough for this big of a match yet that leaves me in a 4-2-3-1. Dembele plays every other game at most these days so Winks becomes automatic next to Dier. I want the pace of Rose and Aurier so there is my back 7, assuming Lloris is an a automatic selection. Kane and Dele both looked to need more time to recover from injury to me, Lamela is not quite back yet, and although not on the injury list there is obvious something up with GKN as I don't remember the last time he made the 18. That leaves me with Sissoko, Son, Eriksen and Llorente unless I want to get into the youngsters. So you see, once I took the guys out who are unavailable the side kind of picked itself and Sissoko was part of that. I also don't think I'm as harsh on him as others here. If the team were completely healthy would he be in my XI? No. Would he be in my 18? Yes, probably. He is powerful and has pace. His first touch is inconsistent but it's his last touch that really bothers me more. Like Son at times he seems to want to take one more touch than he has. However, he does look to drive forward more often than not and is pretty good at moving the ball from our defensive third to their defensive third. And most of all, this season, he is showing pretty consistent effort. With the seemly imminent return of Lamela, the less imminent but coming return of Wanyama, and the currently still possible pickup of Barkley in January, I think Sissoko will find minutes hard to come by around here from February on.
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    Long time gents. So frustrating to watch this game. Forget the terrible call by Dean and the missed offside, the team was quite listless and I can't understand the marriage with Sissoko. His qualities just don't mesh with this team...he can't make quick decisions and isn't very strong technically. It's clear Kane is not healthy and don't understand why we took so long to swap in Winks and Son. I hate losing to those trashbag Googlers.
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    Poche has told the media in his presser that Lamela is available for selection against the Foxes tomorrow at King Power. My guess is that he is named to the bench and, depending on the flow of the game, gets 20 minutes max at the end of the match. This is great news as we have been light on attaching options and Lamela always bring a high intensity level on the pitch. I found myself wishing he were available this last Saturday in the first half for just that reason.
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    If all this talk about a swap move involving Rose and Shaw is going to materialise,then I hope we get Shaw in January with the promise of Rose going in the summer to Utd. If we let Rose go in January,it will be a major disaster. Poch wants his players to be super fit ( it took Trippier 6 months ) to reach the acquired level,and Shaw is nowhere near match fit,let alone super fit. To let Rose go without adequate cover would be madness.
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    I can see the logic in your post Neophyte. I'm hoping and praying that come January a deal may be done with Everton for Ross Barkley. I'd imagine Poch will keep Sissoko until the summer,when I hope someone/ anyone will take him off our hands.
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    Son was different class what a underrated player he is,good to see the team playing like they want it again
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    I get your point Royce. Truly. Where you lost me was the end when you talk about ENIC tightening the purse strings. They have not do that at all. They may not be opening the purse further on wages but they aren't tightening either. And there is that small matter of the stadium to deal with. When ground was broken the estimates for it were in the 400 million range. Then it was 750 million. Now it's right at 1 billion. Obviously, these cost over runs, regardless of why they exist, have to be factored in to every decision with the club. Not to say I don't agree with you to some extent. The difference between what Toby wants and what the club wants to pay him are small potatoes compared to the stadium expense but I know we get in trouble financially in my house when start treating any money like it doesn't matter so maybe they are on to something. What I know is that a decade ago there was a Top 5 in English football and Spurs were mid table. Now there is a Top 6 and Spurs are one of the 6. Every club in English football not in the old Top 5 wanted to be #6 but only Levy and Spurs have done it. Got to be something to that.
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    something is wrong there. I dislike begin the pessimist when it comes to my beloved Tottenham Hotspur but this line in your post James jumped out at me more than any other and that's because I very much feel something is not right in the camp! This has lead me to wildly speculate, but speculate I have/will again. Dele and Eriksen (along with others) have always been linked with moves away but I think after The Demark hat-trick Eriksen was contacted again and encouraged to leave us for a kings ransom in Europe, Dele too with him changing agents at the end of the year? season? this new agent (name escapes me) being dubbed a 'super' agent the same guy who got sterling his move to City I think? The (bad) seeds were always in the hand but now (hope I'm wrong) they have been planted and starting to grow the 'Something is wrong' tree! See what I did there!!:) Seriously its obvious these 2 have not been at their best and that's why we have taken only 2 points from a possible 12 these past 4 games! Personally I'd take them both out of the frame for the next couple of league encounters and replace them with Winks/Lamela whilst they get their heads straight/focused. That's if I'm right with my wild-ish speculation. Coys!
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    Perhaps it is time for Poch to stop saying, "We deserved more"' and for others on here to stop blaming the referee. There are 5 of the top 6 teams above us. To keep implying they are not there by merit and we are constantly unlucky, imo, is not the way forward. We must find the reasons why we are shipping goals and why we have stopped scoring goals and put it right. OK, our squad is not as strong as some of our rivals, but it is still a strong squad and, using the words of my teacher, "Could do better". If the top clubs are defending well and scoring against lesser teams, so should we. In my opinion, there have been wrong team selections, wrong substitutions and at the wrong time, the wrong players bought and the wrong tactics used at times. Also the attitude of the players has changed and something is wrong there. My view is that some or all of that has more bearing on this totally unexpected slump than luck and referee decisions although that will have had some effect at times but should not be an excuse for incompetent defending and wasting good scoring chances. Just my opinion. COYS
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    City,United,Chelsea,Liverpool and Arsenal have all been criticised in the last 2 seasons when Spurs were setting the world on fire and making the breakthrough to being a Top European team. I always knew they would recover but doubted we could continue to make progress. I have often said we were 3 to 5 results from reality. A good run may make us competitive for 4th place but I fear our lack of ambition in the transfer market will prove our undoing. Moans and groans about bad referee decisions and bad luck don't mean a thing....Lack of a 2nd striker and a Team Captain do!!!! we have not fallen back into the pack yet...but we are going that way.
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    It's up to the ref to take actions on time wasting. He can simply add more added time so he doesn't issue yellow card. I think WBA crossed the line when their players kick the ball out of the hands of the ball boy. That's an automatic yellow card.
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    Tottenham Hotspur were accused of failing in another big game following Saturday’s defeat to Arsenal. Saturday’s 2-0 defeat to Arsenal was a bad result for Tottenham Hotspur for several reasons. Not only did Spurs surrender the North London impetus that has been their’s for much of the last three years, and fall further behind Manchester City in the title race, they lost another game against a top-six rival. Their only three Premier League defeats this season have come against Chelsea, Manchester United and Arsenal, and pundits such as Gary Lineker feel that this record is holding Spurs back from really competiting. While recent results in big games have not gone Tottenham’s way, their record against the top six since the beginning of the 2015-16 season reflects quite well on them compared to some of their title-chasing counterparts. During this time, Spurs have collected 30 points against top-six opposition, which is more than Arsenal and Manchester City, and as many as Manchester United. Only Liverpool (37) and Chelsea (34) have won more. Tottenham are also the only club to have beaten all other members of the top six in the Premier League since the start of last season, and added European champions Real Madrid to this list of scalps earlier this month. Mauricio Pochettino’s side’s away record against their fellow elite does leave room for improvement - one win from 17 matches - but only Liverpool collected more than four points from trips to top-six opposition last season. Spurs managed two points from five games, which is more than Arsenal and the same as United. Tottenham’s struggles in big games are comparative to all of their rivals. When they suffer worse is when Harry Kane is not playing or fully fit - as was the case in the defeats to United and Arsenal this season. That, is not a myth.
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    At 78 I have worked in enough different work genres and lived in enough different countries to think I understand quite a lot about the human race. The one thing I feel about is the correlation between humans and money is that those that find themselves moving from the poorer backgrounds to immense wealth, despite claiming never to lose sight of their roots, becoming captivated in the race to become ever richer. The likes of Stevie Gerrard are rarer than a foreskin in the Jewish Army. He was a scouser through and through. A Liverpudlian who supported Liverpool before he joined them. He is a decent modest guy who put the club and fans before self. I am sure that Gareth has very strong feelings for Spurs but he is Welsh and doesn't have that Gerrard connection. The desire to return will be tempered by having to decide to give up a King's ransom sum. He has his family to think about. To throw away tens of millions of pounds to come back for 2 or 3 years is a massive ask for any human. I too hold on to the dream, but his decision is different from Harry Kane's. He is not local and he hasn't been in from the start on the journey towards the dream, He hasn't worked for Poch. I am not having a go at him, just explaining the situation as I see it. I would love to see him back but I'm not holding my breath. I would never think the worst of him if he chose the extra money. In his situation I would probably do the same. COYS
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    With talk today of Utd making Shaw as part of the £40M raid for Rose (left out of yesterday's game so he could train to become fiittter! Yeah we believe you?), I think adding the swop of Sissoko for Barkley would be adding icing to the cake. I would be happy for both deals to happen. Both are capable of scoring and after yesterday's games adding firepower seems sensible. COYS
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    We are a selling club in so far as every club sells players. Every. Club. In the last transfer window Barca sold Neymar (yes, it was forced but they still sold), Real Madrid sold Morata and James Rodriguez, Bayern sold Costa, PSG sold Aurier, Chelsea sold Matic, and on, and on.... The reality is every club in the world buys and sells players. Having said that I no longer believe we are improving players just to sell them to the Spanish giants. We have become as much a destination as any club in the PL and as such can hang onto who we want.
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    The one thing that has really struck me is the diversity of opinion on here. We all see the same thing, but some rave and some at the same time others hurl abuse. My view that it is a human trait that very often opinions on here are expressed more from a subjective angle rather than objectively. I have seen posts on here extolling Rose and others slagging him off. There were Son lovers and others who hardly had a good word for him. Cromwell recently actually posted he had now changed his negative opinion to positive regarding Son. Sissoko is another that gets a lot of stick while others see improvement in him with a possible role for him within the side. The important thing to me is that on here we are allowed to express them without fear of being attacked for holding them. Just my point of view. COYS
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    From a news article on this site: “However Pochettino won’t give his men any time off “The most important game is Brighton,” he said.” i like this attitude and approach. Pick a strong team tonight and win the match, rest over the next few days with less intense training. We can always take Kane/Alli/Eriksen or another key player off after 60 mins if we are ahead in the match. COYS
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    Lamela wont be going anywhere, except back in the team. Zaha could be good with help from The Poch, but we do need a back up for Victor. Mane looks unhappy at the bindippers, lets go for him.
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    Probably has as much to do with the lad being English and qualifying as homegrown as anything. If he is judged to be playing well he could take Foyth's spot on the CL roster which opens up a foreign spot for Lamela. Just a thought. No doubt there is a lot of strategy at work here.
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    Porto or Basel is easier. Sevilla and Shaktar are banana skins. We have some fear for Bayern. I think our players would be happy to play Juve. It's an exciting challenge.
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    I’ve gone for a 2-1 and hope that they prove me wrong with a bigger win. Like everyone else I don’t know why we have stalled. Although we were scrapping some wins with Toby , I think he was the extra class that kept it together, even though I don’t think he was totally at his best. Will be interesting to see who Poch trusts now that Sanchez is out for 3 games. Foyth looked ok but needs to be encouraged and supported during the game. Would we have coped better with a vocal Captain in the middle? Bring back Graham Roberts. X
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    Vorm is in goal and is captain. What a load of Bolllooooxxxxxxxxxxx
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    SHIT! Me too! I'd like to see Marcus Edwards along side Harry tomorrow to see if they have any chemistry.
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    James, you seem to get wiser as you progress in years... And Roycey have developed some pragmatic skills in recent months. i however still retain a pessimists view who actually hoped the last two years progress was the beginning of a 20/30 year dynasty. Even in the last 2 seasons I have been a little concerned with Pochs relationship with players. Too often our best players under perform. Management of this situation seems to make no difference. One small example Rose appears to have wanted to play in recent games but hasn't. Toby's contract has not been sorted and you wonder how this has unsettled him and other expectant players. Until yesterday's game I had never realised that the likes of Harry,Christian,Dele and ?? Would want to move for Money,Trophies and not being clattered by over the top tackles throughout premiership games. They would all develop in the sunshine in less competitive leagues until they faced the European games. A transfer abroad has many favourable points. Until recently I had started to expect to win games, All games, now I am reverting back to the last 50 years where I hope we win against any opponent and am not content until we are 3-0 Up.
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    I’ve left it a couple of days in case someone else decided to vent their views about this and i find it hard to believe that no one has i know it won’t change the result or anything but it has wider implications the point in question is Time wasting sitting at wembly admittedly watching a poor spurs performance I couldn’t help but notice the lack of balls shown by the ref and the so called assistant refs in reference to the amount of time wasting from much pretty straight after they scored it took if my memory serves me right the 82nd minute before the keeper ( the main culprit ) got booked why was something not done about it sooner by the ref,assistants or why can’t something be said to the officials at half time to say come on this is a deliberate tatic which is unsportsmanlike at best i appreciate they lacked the strength and skills to take the game to us and were sitting back and bus parking and using this as a means to get a result which they did but shame on them and moreshame on the officials for not preventing this a ref rating on that game was a 2/3 at best this is not sour grapes i can hcndle losing given a fair scrap i hope they get relagated as the other teams will at leadt show more gight and dpirit snd plsy the fame as its intended to be is it just me ?
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    Yet another good post Neophyte, you will however concede we are having a 'blip' and I think this is down to our (Poch and all) own expectations in terms of performances (after Madrid) and results especially against sides that we should be turning over with relative ease and this I feel? has just intensified our game and this is resulting in poor touches and loose passes from having that 'intensity'! I don't think its a coincidence that the second half's (dressing room calm-down) against Woolwich, WBA and Leicester were far more composed/controlled and therefore creative and saw us as the better side. Just something my eyes have see and I,v felt watching the above games. Coys!
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    Having played a lot of hockey, it was always with a captain making his presence felt. Of course, in the Army we responded to orders so that may have been part of it, but having someone on the pitch shouting at you I found effective. It was usually an older guy with experience who was a competent player. Often it was not the highest military rankedI guy, but this didn't matter - he was in charge on the pitch and every accepted it. I felt it worked better than inviduals calling to each other. My worry is that it can lead to squabbling between themselves. COYS
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    City has pretty much sealed the Title if they win today. 2nd is all we can hope for even if we can do the double on them and win every game from here on. We dreadfully miss Wanyama anchoring our back line and with Eriksen and Dele gone missing we just do not create enough up top. the difference Lamela made when he replaced Eriksen was staggering. Bring on Nkoudou and Son wide, play Lamela in behind Kane and we should create more offensive chances. How important Toby is at the back is obvious now but a fit Dembele and/or Wanyama would lessen his void. its been a difficult season and I don’t blame Sissoko one bit, he hasn’t been great but he has been better than expected whilst others have been far worse. Dier Eiksen and Dele in particular. there is only up to go given our recent performances. UP
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    It's unbelievable how flat we start every game. Once again I reiterate why in the sweet Jesus is Sissoko starting? He is terrible. Maddening watching this.
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    Only got to watch the second half so my opinion is obviously based on that. The effort from the starting 11 I don't think can be questioned. If we are looking for faults, unfortunately for me Eriksen was a little off today, perhaps Dele too! However! as I have said the effort was unquestionable! Am I frustrated? Of course! Am I feeling down to the point I want to criticise? No! When I see the players putting in this type of effort without reward I console myself with if we continue to make this kind of effort we will be rewarded more often than not. The 10% extra given today by the manager-less West Brom back 9 was enough unlike my recent post that pre empted it would not be! Points to be dropped by The Binmen/Chelsea later will ease (ever so slightly) the result today for me. Can you be frustrated and proud at the same time? I hope so because that's what I am today! COYS!
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    I had the last laugh yesterday. I went to the whist and an irritating Gooner supporter shouted over, "I'm surprised you've turned up after Saturdays's result". Ignoring him knowing the idiot would never admit to having had help from the referee, we just played the games. As it happened, I was equal highest gent with him and we had to cut for who wins - Ace high lowest wins. I heard him shout over as has he was cutting, "Two nil to the Arsenal. He cut a 7 and I then I cut a 3 and shouted back , "No 3 nil to the Spurs. You lose because you never had a referee to hand you the result.". That knocked the stupid grin off his face. There is a God after all. COYS
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    A school teacher asked her students to make a sentence containing the expression, “I presume.....”. One little girl held up her hand and said: “Yesterday, my mother hand washed the dinner dishes and I presumed that the dishwasher was broken.” “Very good,” said the teacher. Another one said: “This morning, my father drove the Volkswagen out of the garage. I presume that the BMW wouldn't start.” “That’s excellent,” says the teacher. Little Johnny, at the back of the classroom, gets up and says: “Yesterday, I saw grandpa leave the house with a newspaper under his arm and headed for the bush. I presume that....... The teacher interrupted him and said, “I stopped you because you have no idea what your grandfather was going to do, so you can’t presume anything. Johnny says, “Please, Teacher, let me finish my sentence.” The teacher says, “Very well. Continue.” “As I was saying, I saw my grandpa heading for the bush with a newspaper under his arm. I presume he was going for a shit because he can’t read.” The Teacher is still undergoing counselling.
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    Getting really bored and fed up with the continual resurrection of kane and ali going to madrid bollocks do the journalists really have nothing else to write about so they keep going back to churning up the same old crap hoping one day it will come true not exactly stretching their so called journalistic talents is it come on guys put some effort in and give the footballing public something to think and talk about instead of being lazy
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    I like the idea of resting Harry but I am unsure that Sonny is at his best in the striker role. Could this be an opportunity to try Llorente with Tripper and Rose putting some crosses in for him? If it is not a scoring opportunity he could perhaps nod it down for any of Son, Alli or Erikson. I read he scored 16 goals last season but, never having watched him, I don't know how he best scores. He would have to play high up the field as he hasn't shown the speed to keep up with the fast breaks. But then,what would I know, I was a hockey player. The last time I headed a ball was playing hockey when their full back hacked the ball to clear it and it. Hit me in the middle of my forehead and put me in hospital overnight!! COYS
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    I'm not going to lie...the first half had me worried about a repeat of the Arsehole game. But I tip my hat to the lads, in the second half they played like the Spurs I know. We controlled play and were in control the whole time. Whatever Poch said to them at the interval it worked brilliantly. We need the lads to take the positive momentum created into the weekend against WBA. We need to throttle them and not leave any doubt in people's minds that the season is relatively young and that Spurs shouldn't be counted out. COYS
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    Aren't you just a ray of effing sunshine, Mihai? Geez...
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    Bloody hell Poch...should've started this line up v Arsenal lol. Here's hoping a) dele stays on for the 90 mins with no silliness, and b) winks and Kane get thru unscathed #COYS
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    Sissoko playing LWB a While ago still gives me nightmares......
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    Well having had butterflies about the Arsenal game beforehand I actually (literally) slept through most of it, checked my phone about 1.45 saw the score and was glad I did lol
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    Of course we could not afford Bale, match his current Madrid contract! I'm suggesting IF! he has enough already in his bank account and money is NOT his motivator and he wants to come home?Then MAYBE? He would look at what he wants to now go on to, achieve after achieving everything with madrid in Spain? So if we could structure a similar deal to the one I suggested and the poor lad thought he could get by on only £140-50 a week after tax he might just like the thought of being the catalyst in bringing the epl, and dare I say the cl to The Lane and I really think a fit Bale at Spurs would do both alongside our current group! I can see the press conference now............ (Press): "Garath! We are lead to believe you were offered a Guzzilian£ a week to join City yet you decided to return to Spurs. Why?" (Garath): "When I spoke to Poch and looked around at the new training ground and the plans for the new stadium. Read through the squad sheet. Kane/The Dane/Lloris/Dele/Toby/Verts/Young Winksey/Dembele/Dier/Wanyama plus the recent arrival of Ross Barkley and more importantly the high regard Poch generates all over the world! It was a no-brainer boy-ho!" In the words of the great John Lennon............You may say I'm a dreamer!
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    I just think your being a typical Spurs supporter James! By that I mean (been there too) because of so many previous false-dawns you just won't allow yourself to believe that the impossible (in your mind) is possible! So the very first signs of a capitulation is easer to understand than a 'blip' on our way to true glory! Bold words, statements are always easy to type, but I truly believe we will win the epl within the next 2-3 seasons. This year if City blow-up! There is not a better collective back 6 (Lloris/Trippier/Toby/Sanchez/Verts/Davies in the epl. Not just my opinion! Fact! If I am wrong, please, anyone name them? The choice of protection of that back 6....... Dier/Wanyama/Dembele. Again difficult to match! Our creative energy. Dele/Eriksen/Winks! Our goal threat(s). Son/Kane. I'll concede our options here are dwarfed in terms of numbers. Utd: Lukaku/Martial/Rashford. City; Augero/Sane/Jesus. Even The Humphries have Lacazete/Giroud and Sanchez! This is where for me Poch has to work his magic and find, not an understudy to Kane, but a partner of similar ability. If we fall away again this season this for me will be the area which will let us down. Another out an out goal scorer who can work along side Harry and alone when necessary. Lets hope Poch realises this and addresses it in January. Maybe if Siva at Watford go's of to Everton then the boy Richarlison everyone seems raving about might be the answer with a treble your money bib of 30+ mill?
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    Firstly, Good Topic James! I don not think with the likes of Kane, Eriksen,Dele, Toby,Verts,Lloris,Dembele, Wanyama, Sanchez, Dier Trippier,Davies, Winks, Son, Lamela, and of course the management team, that any 'collapse' would be about not having enough ability or team ethic and work rate. City aside I think half a dozen of those names would be on any team sheet in The EPL. It would come from this type of thinking! Doubt! I understand the doubt because the stats don't lie, but I think after 3 seasons this group is mentally stronger. We lost early in the season at Wembley (not our natural home) to Chelsea but for a couple of poor errors we would have won the game because we were the better side. We lost 0-1 away at Old Trafford and again looked the better side by some distance. We dispatched Liverpool with ease and yes of course there was yesterday! I'm not sure anyone can explain that one!! All I can guess/suggest it was the earliest game straight after an International break and those players that were not involved because of injury did not look 100% and if your not 100% fit against a top side like Woolwich at home then its always gonna be difficult! I think we will strengthen (as will others) in January and dispatch those who want away and those who have not stepped up. Point! We're ok James! An the next collection of EPL results will prove that. Of that I'm sure! COYS!!
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    I've said it before. He couldn't score if he took a penalty with no goalkeeper there, his assists tally is abysmal, defensively he never is the one making saving tackles. So one wonders just what is his role in the team. He gets stuck in and tries but there is no end product that I can spot. COYS
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    See if we can make Sissoko part of a Barkley deal in January.
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    I agree we have been a sellling club, Spurfect. However, the decision to to build the super world class stadium throws a diffferent light on the subject imo. For the dream of becoming a top European club to fail would be catastrophic financially for the club. Therefore, in my view it is that Enic and Dl are well aware of the importance of keeping our stars and what is needed to make them stay. Poch has already sold the players the dream and I strongly feel they want to stay with him. I think that wages will increase and when we win our first trophy under this regime, the club will be able to truthfully claim to have become a top European club and will have lost its 'sellling club' tag. I also keeping my fingers crosssed! lol COYS