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    Dear Supporter This is the day. This is the match. This is our last time at the Lane and the day on which we shall bid our grand old home a fond farewell. I have been coming to the Lane for over 50 years and many of you for much longer. It holds memories for us all. So we should take a moment to look around and recognise the momentous and poignant occasion of which we are now part. The Lane been home to some of the most amazing moments in the history of not just our Club but in the history of football. It is a humbling occasion too - this Club and this stadium have been here longer than any of us and the Club and new stadium will be here long after us all - we are merely the custodians of this great institution. It's our turn to look after it, grow it and support it. Ahead of the last home match of last season we were hoping to secure a Champion’s League place and finishing second was a target. Ahead of our last home match this season we have already secured Champion's League qualification and we are in second place, which would be a record Premier League position finish. For the second season running we have created a title race. We have seen the team already equal our highest points tally ever, as well as achieve our highest goal tally and what is likely to be fewest goals conceded in a Premier League season. Four of our players featured in the PFA team of the year again and we had the PFA Young Player of the Year winner for the fifth time in six years. A win today would see us go unbeaten at the Lane all season. It could not be more appropriate that, in what is our last season here, we have seen entertaining, free-flowing football and a return to what has once again been called glory days, such has been the impact of Mauricio and his team of coaches and players. He has my utmost respect for what he has achieved. And after today's match we shall recognise and celebrate our past and our present - and look to the future. Players who graced this pitch in former years will join us, alongside our current First Team, those who have embodied everything White Hart Lane stands for. Forming the guard of honour for them both will be our academy players, our players of the future. In what has been an emotional week we laid one of our Spurs family to rest - Ugo - he was so much part of what we are building for the future with his tireless work both on and off the academy pitches. His legacy will be the players he helped grow. And we are growing - we have outgrown our current home and we are building a wonderful new home right here. We are not moving. The new pitch will overlap the old one. Our new home will slowly embrace and engulf the old one. We are determined that it will be a worthy successor to White Hart Lane and a fitting stage for our current and future great teams. We have strong supportive partners to thank - the NFL and AIA - it is strategic partnerships such as these which make the hugely complex task ahead possible, visionary and place changing. The Lane has rocked this season - your support has been immense and I know it has made a difference. Next season we shall play at Wembley and I know you will all help make that a home from home and the fortress that the Lane has been. The necessary move away for a season means that we can return as a Club with a stadium and Training Centre facilities among the best in the world. Success cannot be sustained on assets and financing alone - it will take the teamwork of us all - fans, players, coaches, directors, staff - this is THE team - and I want to thank each and every one of you for your support as we enter the biggest period of change in the Club's history when we start the demolition of the stadium tomorrow. Farewell White Hart Lane - you were the home we all loved coming to. Thanks for the memories. Now is the time to look forward. I am so proud to be the Chairman of our great Club. Borodin : Nice one Daniel
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    This year we have welcomed around 20 new members to our forum. In the 2 years since becoming a member and taking part by putting threads and posts on here, for me it has transformed my life and increased my enjoyment of following the team I love enormously. Prior to that I had used the forum simply as a guest without being involved in that which I had bee reading. It was interesting but impersonal, like reading it in the paper. Now it is something akin to being with friends and having chats with them. There are some two dozen regular posters on here who I regard as friends albeit never having met them face to face. On days when I was not feeling my best, I would get on here and get involved with personally with my friends. In the early days there was a lot of banter and leg pulling adding fun to the forum. on occasions, when a regular poster hadn't put up anything for a we days there would be others on here asking about them. we had our tiffs at times - but with gentle reminders from the Moderators, we made up and continued as friends do. This year, for reasons I cannot fathom out why, much of this camaraderie has fallen away. Indeed some of the popular posters have actually left. I am finding this sad and missing the 'chumminess' of how it was last year. As to simply read and not become involved can be achieved simply by signing in as a guest, I am somewhat puzzled by those who join, yet are reluctant to participate in the discussions. As odd and unbelievable as it may seem, I have actually improved my contentment with life since joining the forum. I don't want to mention them all by name for fear of leaving some out - not wishing to offend anyone. However, I now don't just look in every day but several times during the day. I get real pleasure when I see someone has responded to one of my posts - doubly so if I have received a 'like'. I am grateful to many of those replies with different views to mine and it has helped me see things more clearway. I had a lot of fun being chided for sitting on the fence with the clever jokes about it from the more gifted comics on here. My plea to you 'newbies' is to take up the challenge to post more - reply to others views either agreeing or offering other ways to look at it. Don't feel worried about the reaction - you are amongst friends. Yes, sometimes a reply could have been couched less persuasively, but imo, it is rarely meant to be hurtful, only that one or the other has interpret ted either the post or the reply a bit to personally. We love humour on here - don't be afraid to take the mick or right something with tongue in cheek. It turns the dull routine replies into funny situations. Here is my plea. Is it possible you can add one or two threads on subjects that interest you each month? You will probably find out there, there are others on here with similar likes. The same goes for replying to posts,and 'quoting' to posts. When someone adds their thoughts on here, they aren't just having their say, they're also looking for a response. Like their posts if they correspond to your views and reply with agreement or offering alternative ways to look at it. My apologies to any who feel I have overstepped the mark with this thread, it is just an opinion of mine. COYS
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    A fitting send off for an iconic stadium. We support a great club and those memories can never be removed from my life. Bit disappointed that only the crowd showed their appreciation of the greatest English footballer from the modern era. The club should of announced gazzas name and paid him a tribute. A lot of non legends were also invited onto the pitch which surprised me but hey ho. What a good season we had. 2nd is a great achievement and poch has excelled in the premier league. No Tottenham supporter can be disappointed with the progress being made but next season is do or die. We need to deliver a trophy and to do that poch must buy pace. Even zaha would add something different, none of this Bruma crap that will be gkn mark 2 or njie. Get lacazette and add them to our squad and we might land silverware. We will not win anything with this current squad so it better be a summer of top notch business. Poch can't rely on this current squad to go any further. They are all at their peak they won't get any better or offer anything different so we need to buy big. Ship out the crap, janssen, sissoko, gkn, Njie, fazio, wimmer, lamela, we need strength to our first 11 not to our squad. Buy quality not quantity. I'm proud to be a yid but I'm now hungrier than ever for our club to join the big boys year in year out.
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    Man United scrape into the Europa League Final and face Ajax....Mourinho will surely field yet another 'weakened' side at White Hart Lane on Sunday. Personally I couldn't care less if he signed Messi, Suarez and Neymar tomorrow and put them out against us . This match marks a milestone for Tottenham, it's history, it's players and the wonderful memories they have given us. It signifies the end of one era and the beginning of another. I consider myself fortunate to have lived through over sixty years of the former and pray I get to see many more of the future one. Yes I hope for a resounding victory but no matter what the result I shall give a minutes silence inside my soul following the final whistle as a mark of respect for the demise of a hallowed place....History shapes the future and if that is true then this wonderful football club has some truly great moments still to carve into it's destiny. COYS !!
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    I think actually Wenger looked clueless all match as he didn't have his grey anorak on, and hence no zipper to do up, and down, and up , and down. And get stuck......
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    What is it with poch? He royaly fucked up against Chelsea, costing us the match, but yesterday he was a genius, he changed formation throughout causing arsenal so many problems, at half time I said to a pal, if this goes tits up no one can blame poch, Alli and eriksen missed absolute sitters which I'm glad didn't cost us, we dominated from start to finish against the worst arsenal team in 20 years. They are as poor as we are good, I can't believe I'm saying this but we are going to finish second, yes second in a league full of money, full of the "best managers in the world", this is the best finish for decades since the 60,s. Very very impressive and a very proud day to be a Tottenham supporter, the atmosphere was the best I've seen at the lane for as long as I can remember. Jan was superb, Kane to, it's looking like poch may have finally had enough of walkers lack of ability and decided his pace is not enough to warrant a place in his starting 11 anymore. Interesting summer ahead but well done poch and the boys for the season so far and I bow down to them because I saw us finishing 5th. Are Spurs on the up? I bloody hope so because it feels great seeing us near the very top of English football. COYS
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    I'm elated with the score, and just could not see that coming after Thursday night! Fitting finish to a wonderful season, wish we could have had a couple of those goals against United (greed bastard). Feel a little bit sorry for Hull, that was a terrible way to finish a relegation season, they been good to us taking some of our old boys. Sad to see Daws ripped apart, he was a great wholehearted player for us who never gave less than 100%.
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    i want The Kane to hattrick them, and overtake Lukaku......
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    Fucking gutted, words can't change anything. I never thought we would win the league but I hoped and preyed we would win all our remaining games to set up us for next season full of confidence. We never bottled it because we were never going to win the league. We were ever on top we were the best out of the chasing pack much the same as last season. We are not a premier league winning team because we don't have a special player that all great teams have. We have good players some very good at times but no world class player that can win us tight games when teams are out thinking or out batting us. Bilic absolutely done a number on us. They were smarter all round. Very disappointed in poch again tonight. After 20 mins wanyama who was atrocious should of been taken off for dembele and we should of gone to a back 3. Don't know why at half time he kept the same team/formation after a poor first half where we created 1 decent chance. Poor subs in the second half and that is why no matter how well we have done to get to second I still have my doubts about poch. No player can walk off that pitch saying we were unlucky they were all simply crap last night. Every single one of them. We must now win our last 3 games to say this has been a good season. I can't bear to watch us collapse again. For anyone that believes this team can win trophies I hope this is a reminder. It wasn't a bad day at the office it once again showed our need for a born leader and a match winner. I would of loved to run on that pitch last night grabbed Hugo by the throat and said your fucking captain man. Get vocal with them, fucking get em going hugo. Your doing fuck all to inspire them gee them up. Tell Toby and dier stop fucking around in your own area, tell dele to get involved, tell wanyama to get some fucking pace in his play. Then I thought your the biggest culprit for fucking around and slowing play down. Truly gutted that we couldn't finish Winning all our games. And gutted with poch tonight. He got it wrong again. Why didn't poch say at half time, right let's match them 3 at the back and sit back and let them come at us then try to exploit the space they leave in the counter attack. Instead we were slow ponderous and got caught out time after time to tactics that weren't even hard to deal with. Poor performance from all involved.
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    We came up against a very resolute team performance, for once did not have enough to beat them. We battled, with scant reward. I saw plenty of commitment from the whole team. Still 9 points to play for. COYS
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    I'm normally negative, we could beat Real Madrid 1 week and I'd still bet West Ham would beat us but not on pochs watch. We will beat the pikey wan...s 1-3. We will dominate them all over the park. I will then get a lift home with my brother and give him grief until we reach sunny Norfolk. Please don't let us down poch and the boys. Tell ya something I will definitely leave my colours at home for this 1.
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    That is slightly weird, the games we have been shit in there have been many posts debating why but after what was the easiest derby win in years very little response. See I criticise when needed to and applaud when needed to. I just see poch and walker have apparently had a falling out and their relationship is now strained, well that's possibly because poch has dropped him in favour of trippier, shows me that poch can be ruthless when needed to, walker hasn't deserved to keep his place especially after his poor showing against palace. If poch can sell him for 50 million to city and believes trippier can fill his boots then I back poch. Anyway fantastic result yesterday and now onto the pikeys Friday. Looking forward to the trip up there with my brother and nephew who are pikey season ticket holders.
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    this is not the only "fraud" Sissoko has been a part of, he's fraudulently promoting himself as a talented young footballer as well, and Spurs are the victims of that offense
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    How very true. There are those who eulogies over the top teams who win trophies who compare performances like our last match and criticise. They conveniently forget even the best of the top clubs have played in games where they have had to grind out a result at times. Although it was a tough game against a useful side yesterday, we managed some good football and scoreded the goal we deserved. For the sake of my nervous system I would wish for more comfortable games. However, if games like this are needed to pinch the title, for me I would always take it over playing beautiful football yet failing to win. After all, we have had our fair share of these beautiful games this year which have led to us being considered the best footballing side in the EPL over the last 2 seasons by the fair minded pundits. Any sort of win over Arsenal, even if it is scrappy and ugly to watch is OK in my book. COYS
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    We did what we had to, right now I'd take that result in all our remaining games. Too many times I've read and heard how we don't turn up and lose our focus in games like this, yet when we do the business people still look for faults.
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    Great result....momentum is back....pressure still on. Just need Everton and West Brom to give us a hand now...
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    Tottenham winger Moussa Sissoko is being investigated as part of recent tax fraud raids on Newcastle as well as four other players.It was revealed earlier this week that both the Magpies and West Ham had undergone raids over tax fraud offences.Sissoko is said to be one of those being investigated according to reports, while three other former players will also be investigated.These include former Chelsea striker Demba Ba, Papiss Cissé and Sylvain Marveaux.Both clubs had their offices searched and equipment taken away for further investigation over possible fraud.It is said that HMRC are investigating the payments made to agents and whether £5m income tax and national insurance was fraudulently evaded. Borodin : Should this be true then it's the only bloody thing I've seen this guy manage to dodge...because he certainly cannot evade anyone on the pitch.
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    I feel we gotta go hard one more time here, I think we owe Leicester one
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    Goosebumps reading that. Fuck I love Tottenham.
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    Rumours of Spurs wanting to re-sign Michael Carrick just annoy me so much. A quality player who leaves Spurs and gives the best years of his career to a rival club is now being considered for a possible come back ?? The guy is 35 years old and a Mourinho cast off....he made his decision and has spent 11 years at Old Trafford, being granted a testimonial this year. To be honest I was also somewhat 'miffed' when we took Sheringham back after he spent 4 years at Utd (even though it was on a free and he did well for us). It's like we are a retirement home for ex pats. Will Real Madrid offer us a burnt out 36 year old Gareth Bale ?? and would we sign him just to try to somehow relive long past days ? I bloody hope not. Far too many times clubs have come knocking on the door with a wad of cash and relieved Spurs of star players then suddenly they get 'mid thirties homesick' and want to return.....no thanks !
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    I've gone for a win as we are a much better team and i want to win at The Lane for the last time. I will be watching at home on Sunday remembering all the great times I've seen there since the early 70's. I waved goodbye to my season ticket seat in the East Stand last week at the U23 match. I had it for over 15 years and it was a wooden seat then! I've hugged people I didn't know over the years when celebrating the goals! I always remember the stewards near our seats that would look out for myself and my friend, two 16 year olds. I have just watched Hoddles fav goal at The Lane, the last for Spurs and I was there and I admit it brought a tear to my eyes at the time as I couldn't believe he wouldn't be there as a Spurs player again. He was special. It is over to today's boys on Sunday, do us and the shirt proud. ❤️. COYS XX
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    Over the years since starting to follow and watch THFC home and away, there are certain games that stick out in the memory, most of them landmark events, winning trophies at WHL and Wemberley..... semi finals, and replays etc etc My first ever visit to White Hart Lane was 6th February 1965. A schoolmate, who still goes to every home and away fixture, all over the world, as he has since the early 60s, took me up to the match. We left Guildford quite early, and arrived at Bruce Grove station, via Liverpool Street. Getting off the train, he pointed out the Butcher's shop that had the name 'Cliff Jones' above the window, yes, the same one..... Then I saw, for the first time a street sign bearing the words...'White Hart Lane', there were so many people milling around, and we had to get to the ground early, as there would always be a queue, and it was very much just 'push and shove' and shoulder your way towards the narrow doorway and the turnstile..... Once inside the wonderful pale blue and white painted stadium, on the terraces opposite the old West Stand, we stood at the front near the half way line. Don't remember much about the game, but we were right in line with the shot from Ron Henry that brought us the 2 points that day against.....Manchester United..... So, my first and last visit to White Hart Lane features the same opponents, and hopefully the same result. COYS will ring round the stadium this time, and the team team will still hopefully run out to the tune of Macnamara's Band.....
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    Friday night was dreadful, devastating and depressing, but can we be too hard on the team? We won 9 straight games, will finish above the Goons and (hopefully) will improve on last season's league position. We also reached a cup semi-final. The Spammers were the better side on Friday - it was their biggest game of the season and to be fair they took their opportunity and denied us ours. At least we didn't roll over and give up. We kept at it and fell short. After 9 straight wins it was on the cards. We are also unbeaten at home and are guaranteed 3rd place at least, with 3 games remaining. How many of us can remember being in a better position than this? We have one tricky season at Wembley and then back to the new Lane. What a fantastic thing to look forward to! My one wish now (apart from a Boro win tonight) is that we don't fuck it up against Manure. Of course I want us to beat them, but even a draw will mean our last season at the Lane was unbeaten - one point will also guarantee us second place. My biggest disappointments this season have been the team selection for the Chelsea semi-final, the way we rolled over to go out of the League Cup and our performances (and team selections) in the CL and EL.
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    tbf we were piss poor last night and made them look good
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    Funniest statistic of the game was that Giroud completed just 5 successful passes....and three of them were from a kick off !
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    Thought initially walker was injured some weeks ago ( can't remember when??) but when he came on v Palace he looked dreadful - rusty, reckless tackles, all over the shop. I used to rate him but if these rumours are true for the sake of a United squad I think we would be better replacing him - think about Andros, bentaleb, Chadli, all the players who fell foul of Poch and ended up elsewhere. Yes he has pace but so often runs at people, can't get an accurate pass in then ends up running back again. I've been impressed with Trippier last few games, his crossing is great and he seems to fit in with how we play ATM. Interestingly the TV coverage yesterday kept showing Walker sat on the bench chewing gum with a very miserable expression on his face!! im sure if he doesn't want to play for Poch there are plenty of players who would... It's be nice if rather than moan like Sissoko, kyle and sissoko took a leaf out of Janssens book and listened, worked hard and remained humble. No one is bigger then the club.
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    Perhaps we'll get a tax rebate.
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    except with his elbow - which is what he should get.........
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    It was shown on SSN last night that Fellaini would miss the Spurs game. I'm hoping this is correct ( I think it is ).My reasons for hoping this is the case is not just the aerial threat he poses but his ability to wind people up. Dele Alli has shown this season he's more mature but Fellaini can be an annoying git and perhaps Dele might have seccumbed to the little niggles by Fellaini..
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    This has made my day. Well done Josh,,,,,,there's a pint over the bar for you.
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    sorry guys and girls I haven't commented [my phone is screwed] on this match yet, to be truthful even if my phone was ok I think only last nights 3 points calmed me down enough to go on here and write,Gary was spot on when he says conte putting hazard on the pitch after we had burned out was a masterclass, pure and simple. yes we scored 2 wonderful goals and in doing so should have gave us a damn good shout at playing in the final,but you cannot at this level of football make completely dim-witted stupid mistakes, I would of had Son in a taxi straight to heathrow for a flight[oneway] to south korea. some might blame poch but for a established professional footballer to slide in like a brainless twit is inexcusable, we have all waited to lift the fa cup this year[ winner of this game] and for these idiot mistakes to be made is so hard to take...... not marking the most dangerous player ,hazard for their 3rd goal,what would someone tell me was that all about.... ok ok, in tennis if you make to many double faults you don't win, in golf keep putting the ball in the lake you don't win, cricket keep dropping the ball you don't win, anyway you get my drift. we were playing in the toughest game all season for the biggest prize and basically we completely and comprehensively fucked it up. next season you know we all need more quality keep clearing out the OK players. we nearly got there but unfortunately when we talk about our beloved club the word nearly is used so so often!!!!COYS.
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    Saturday was just one game. OK we lost but we have had a tremendous run over the previous 8 games and I see no reason to start panicking. We are better than Palace and, despite playing away, are good enough to win. I'm sticking my neck out for a win. COYS
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    From another forum... Apparantly according to another forum, Garth Crooks, before he handed the trophy to Alli, said... 'before I start, I want to say a few words to the amazing young Tottenham team. It's just three letters, TTT. Things take time. Don't worry, stick together and keep working. The trophies will come ' Followed by..... Yep, people started applauding as he said that as well
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    A hugely disappointing weekend! I approached this game with a lot of confidence until l saw the team sheets. Picking Son was a mistake and seemed like just a throw of the dice. Why not stick with the same team that had easily won the previous two games without conceding? The other problem was the relative strength of the benches. I don't buy the idea that Chelsea started with a weakened team. Willian would be our record signing if he played for us, but you could see what was going to happen. We needed to be ahead by the 60th minute or we we were always going to struggle. Having said that, this was only the second time a team has scored more than 2 goals against us all season. I thought Hugo had a pretty awful day and so did Poch. Their dips in performance were what cost us.
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    This team have changed my life in the last few weeks, after years of hoping we are going to win I now feel we are going to win every game, even when our opponents get a rare goal I see it as a slight blip and we will just carry on playing with confidence, no more everyone kicking the ball anywhere or giving away silly freekicks, just a professional performance and control.
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    Sorry I'm late posting to this.. Watched the match in the pub with both my girls , I was surprised how ridiculously emotional I got thinking I'll never get my daughter to do the same pre match ritual I used to do when I had my season ticket - pint in the Bill Nic pre match and walking down the High Road ... I was so impressed the club did a well-slick marketing Job on it tho -#theLaneTheFinale trending on Twitter, plus my email inbox had a great email from @spursOfficial with downloadable banners, placemats etc for your own final party.... LOVED the Kenneth Branagh voiced film too "we e got Kenneth Branagh, I don't think you understand" ( sorry!!) which captured the spirit and flair of a historic, flair football team. I can recall watching the 81 cup final from home, and the 86 European cup win with we savesTHAT penalty... Both were featured in that film, briefly. Loved the flags handed out ( presumably on seats) and the fact even on TV it was so bloody loud, tho I did have to explain to my daughter why the crowd were singing some of the older players names eg, teddy Sheringham, she hasn't heard of!! The sight of Ginola doing a selfie as he walked on pitch cracked memo "because he's worth it" said the commentator, as the "Lesley King, he's only got one knee" comment. on the match itself, was a bit disappointed Man U were a bit feeble. Jose, as some have suggested here, seems to have put all his eggs in one basket trying to win the Europa. Was genuinely shocked how bad Rooney was - slow, late, overweight, rambling around red-faced like a bad Sunday league player. I'm wondering if Poch brought Walker on very deliberately after Trippier did his shoulder so he could hav e6 or 7 last minutes at WHL before he buggers off to Citeh. It was suggested pre match that Jose would have to play blind, smalling, jomes and Mata to get them match fit, and boy, did it show. We were faster to every ball, tackled, as the 70 odd per cent possession stat to us on the first half showed . It was sad seeing Man U being so negative and defensive and not going out all guns blazing to make a game of it. As others have said, for next season we need depth in our squad, and, as Chris Sutton suggested in 6o6 the other night, we need to keep the squad together. No point having a 60,000 seater stadium to fill if we flog our best players over the summer..... If walker wants to go then ok if Get a decent price, maybe Danny roses injury is a blessing in disguise as maybe he can be persuaded to stay now ( at one point there was a"walker and rose to city" rumour... Really hope we can keep Harry, Eriksen and Dele, Toby and Jan. Would like Son to stay as I don't think we have seen the best of him consistency-wise. Hope Poch can try and solve the Dier/wanyama conundrum as I'd hate to see Dier go... On the other side, as Gary said, get rid of Wimmer, sissoko, Fazio ( please anywhere!!) , not convinced about onomah, Janssen, ( if we add up the ££££ do we have enough to buy anyone decent???
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    i must admit hes changed my feelings towards him
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    Harry Kane...2 - 0 ....now it's a party ! Only thing worrying me (yet again)..is Lloris.....his kicking from a pass back really is quite dreadful and dangerous. 2 -1 Win...I'll settle for that....second spot secured ! Closing ceremony was very moving...I know Perryman couldn't be there because of his team (Exeter) having a very important play off match but does anyone know why Klinsmann or Lineker didn't appear ??
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    With Arsenal having just beating them it has, in effect, put all their eggs in one basket - they have to win the EC. That suggests Mourhino will again not field his strongest team. However, let us not get too euphoric as that weakened team may still contain 11 internationals. That said, there is no excuse for not beating them. On balance I am going for a win. COYS
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    Yes and who bought all the above? None of those 4 are good enough for a top 4 club.
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    we have to be so proud of this young team,they have done us all proud and things will only get better THE FUTURES BRIGHT THE FUTURES LILLYWHITE
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    If he wants to go - let him go. One thing we have learned the hard way over the years is that if a player no longer has his heart set to play for Spurs, it affects his performances and Poch is the first one to notice.
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    Remember my post that I had to learn patience, not to look at what happens in one match and to look at the big picture? Your point makes the point well. Players are human and can have off days as well as good. That is why in different games, different players get the man of the match accolade albeit usually among a group of the better players. Neither Davis nor Trippier would normally get the accolade but they usually can be relied on to not let the team down. We have to allow for the odd blip - after all, even the likes of Harry and Toby have, on occasions, not played to their best. Often it is not necessarily their fault but more how the game has panned out. Just a thought. COYS
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    Last season and at the start of this season, Rose and Walker were the main men in MP's system. However, due to Rose's injury, the twin attacking wing back approach has been less apparent. MP has found quite a fluid approach from the 'only plan A' tactics he was accused of overusing at the start of the season. Hence, as well as Walker is capable of playing, he isn't necessarily now a key player. I think MP knows what he is doing and will unload Walker and replace him with a more versatile FB. just a thought.
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    Good shout James. maybe some of us (me included) were too busy celebrating last evening..? Maybe some posters on here only like to criticise and there was nothing for them to say... For me ? Brilliant tactics, effort, skill, performance, management, support and oh the reilief ! COYS Remember, it's not over yet ! COYS
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    Quite simply he has to go...but who will buy him (don't really care) and for how much (don't really care)...just hope someone is mad enough and decides to take a gamble on the waste of space.
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    Totally agree but our record against fellow title challengers is far from impressive unless we are at home. Let's see how we shape up at The Lane against Arsenal and Man Utd to maybe get a better picture of where we truly stand as contenders for a trophy next season. I'm looking for six points and an unbeaten home record. The one thing I am dreading is a repeat of last time where the team faded terribly and threw away second spot...no more player tantrums please, just a confident and mature approach from everyone to every single match left.
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    I am gutted like everyone else on this forum with the loss to Chelsea the players need to forget Saturday and clear their minds and finish the season with as many wins as they can.The worst case scenario now would be a repeat of last seasons collapse in last seasons final games I am a realist Chelsea will win the premier league title they are strong mentally and physically and have had years of investment from Abramovich in top players we are still finding our way with a good team not a great team and smaller finacial resources we will get there one day if we can keep most of the players in our current team.