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  1. selling club

    typical newspaper bollox
  2. White Hart Lane or.......

    as above

    To all us dads
  4. Say Hello

    hopefully when the seasson starts things will liven up,tbh most forums are quiet pre season
  5. men at work

    have you been dropped on your head
  6. Chinese Posts

    yeah we are on it fellas im not sure how they keep slipping through but its being looked into
  7. Keita Balde

    obviously wants too much dollar
  8. Any Golfers out there ?

    i used to play golf a few years back but aint for a while now
  9. How ironic

    i cant remember when we were at home first game of the season
  10. Ryan Sesssegon

    we are linked with so many players ive got a head ache
  11. Nascar

  12. Kyle Walker

    we all knew this would happen
  13. Harry Kane & Dele Alli

    yeah see that,its unbelievable how far these have come
  14. Josh Onamah

    he looked different class
  15. Nascar

    do you watch this much