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  1. Possible Spurs CPL Nightmare...Ajax must win !

    I really do hope Ajax win this
  2. New Forum Titles

    come on fellas join in and get this board buzzing again,i worked extremely hard to change things for the better
  3. The Kind Face Of Football....

    really want them to win it
  4. The White Hart Lane Stats :

    MOST GOALS SCORED AT THE LANE Sir Jimmy Greaves what a legend
  5. Close Season Friendlies

    yeah agreed,problem with wembley is teams will raise there game at the prospect of playing there example white hart lane Tottenham 4-0 Brighton Wembley Tottenham 1-0 Brighton Hope im wrong but ive got a bad feeling about next season
  6. Sell Sissoko

    Get rid ASAP and try to recoup as much as possible,no more panic buys on deadline day
  7. Shake Hands With Kyle Walker ??

    would hate to see him leave but it seems like he will (possibly),poch needs to try and keep him but imo trippier is a super replacement
  8. Let's Start With Some Class !!

    my old man would love this,pure pure class
  9. Memory lane

    Have a chat in here about your favourite memories regarding our famous football club
  10. What will you miss mostly......

    from the lane always be the old Shelf for me,that was one great stand with great people.Had so many brilliant times in the old Shelf times that i will always treasure
  11. The Kind Face Of Football....

    hoping they win the euro cup but i think the mancs will nick it
  12. Levy Message To The Fans...

    i must admit hes changed my feelings towards him
  13. The Kind Face Of Football....

  14. Zlatan Is Super Fit....

    i thought he was tired