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  1. I thought Sissoko was at his best....totally shite!
  2. Opponents in next round of ECL

    Good point about the travel. My thinking on the Juve front is more to do with fan safety rather than the team.
  3. According to football London, there are six teams that we could be facing in the next round, and assuming the information is correct, it will be one of the following... Basel Bayern Munich Juventus Sevilla Shaktar Donesk Porto Given that we have come through what was arguably the toughest group with flying colours, we shouldn't fear any of the above teams. Obviously we would want to avoid Bayern and Juve. Basel would on paper be the easier of the lot.

    Will be interesting to see if Mike Dean and his assistants get suspended for a week or 2 after their complete inept performances...I doubt it very much though.

    There were several occasions where Trips made overlapping runs - it's not his fault that Sissoko's passes to him were shit.

    But Sissoko has absolutely no end product whatsoever. He has the strength to retain the ball, go past men, but the 99% of the time either gives the ball away or provides a shocking end result.

    Sissoko showed his strength, did well, but absolutely no end product. If only he could finish off a move, he would be a fantastic asset to the team. What is the point in being strong, advancing that ball, and then giving it away almost every time? The only player worthy of praise today (IMHO) is Sanchez. Thought he was immense and only let down by that dodgy decision. Kane was clearly off the pace, Dele still struggling to find his form of previous seasons on a consistent basis and Eriksen not following up his performance for Denmark in the week. As much as I hate to say it, the opposition got it spot on today with their tactics and desire. Would I have played it any different? Absolutely! Sissoko on the bench with Winks starting (the kid is a lifelong yid and would have relished the challenge from the start)...didn't do too bad when he came on. I would have gone with Kane, but have Son partner him despite HMS having played 2 far away internationals during the break. Also, Davies ahead of Rose...something must be going on there for Danny to not even make the bench. I thought Dier did a decent job and saved us at times, despite the flack that he tends to get when playing for England. As I've said in the past, when you hear who the ref is, you do tend to get an idea as to how the game is going to pan out. The only decent ref in the prem at the moment (and for the past couple of years) is Micheal Oliver. Mike Dean had shown time and time again that he should not be officiating Prem games, let alone massive Prem games such as local derbies. Bottom line is that they were more up for it than we were. Their tactics were better than ours. The officials were appalling.
  8. The Poch. Just one negative........

    I would argue that whilst Trips and Davies don't have the speed of Walker or Rose, the quality of balls into the box is far superior. What is the point of having speed when you then cannot produce real opportunities for your teammates?
  9. CL: TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR v Real Madrid

    So it wasn't just me that saw Trips open on the right when the ball was in out half, and yet didn't receive the pass as often as he should have. It appeared that we didn't make the best use of the width until we were in their half.
  10. CL: TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR v Real Madrid

    On tonight's performance, I'd struggle to see any of Real's players making the Spurs starting 11. Even Sissoko would get the nod ahead of Ronaldo. OK, maybe I am being a bit silly there!!! Seriously though, I think that tonight was a shining example of team vs individuals. Whilst Madrid can boast a number of world class players, if they do not play as a team, then they will come undone.
  11. CL: TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR v Real Madrid

    4 points from the playing the defending champions... When the group of death was drawn, I bet most of us were hoping that we can pip Dortmund to 2nd place. OK, we haven't won the group yet, but after tonight, I believe that we can get at least 4 points (if not 6) from the remaining 2 group games. RM may have been under par in our 2 games, but it will undoubtedly give the lads a massive boost and allay any fears of playing anyone in the knockout stages. They have proven over those 2 games that we are more than capable of competing with the European elite.
  12. CL: TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR v Real Madrid

    What a night - so proud of Poch and the lads.
  13. CL: TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR v Real Madrid

    Simple solution - win the CL and then it doesn't matter where we finish in the league!
  14. CC: TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR v West Ham United

    Wasn't he our 2nd or 3rd highest scorer last season? I agree that at times he can be somewhat of a headless chicken, but I think it very much depends on who is around him. I think that he is most effective when Kane is playing and least effective when leading the line on his own or playing with Llorente. I certainly would not single him out as one of the poorer players tonight. As I said previously, I believe that our downfall was mostly due to making the 2 changes at CB - we should have used Verts or Sanchez alongside Toby + Foyth. One player that I am getting increasingly frustrated with is Dier - he is too slow to distribute the ball and often gives it away. With his current lackluster performances, if Manure came in with a £40-50M bid in January, I'd give it serious consideration. Maybe his drop in form is related to the fact that Wanyama is injured and therefore not much competition for the DM place. Having said that, he was benched on Sunday against the bindippers for whatever reason. Really struggling to see any positives from this evening's shambles.... Maybe Sissoko took his goal well? Maybe Foyth wasn't a total disaster and looks like a hot prospect for the future under the right guidance/support. Maybe that Llorente showed some nice touches that would of worked if he had been on the same wavelength as those around him. Rose showed nothing that would give him a shoe-in to replace Davies at LB. However, it wouldn't surprise me if Poch prefers Rose in the Manure and/or Madrid games (Wimmer deputizing very admirably for Verts a couple of seasons back only to be replaced by a not 100% fit Verts, anyone?). I was never a fan of Davies, but thought he did very well and made that position his own over the past months.
  15. CC: TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR v West Ham United

    Problem was that we didn't have a forward/striker on the bench. Why not have Kane as back up just in case things go pear shaped (as they did), or even Marcus Edwards. I think our downfall was resting both Verts and Sanchez - one of them should have played alongside Toby & Foyth. Davies should only be used as a CB if we are really desperate with injuries/suspensions.