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  1. CL: Apoel Nicosia v TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR

    With the suspensions, injuries and now Ericksen's illness, it's going to be an interesting team selection for this one. Maybe Poch will go with a more traditional 442. Lloris Trips* Toby Sanchez Davies GKN Winks Sissoko Son Kane Llorente Subs: Vorm, Foyth, Dier, Aurier, Edwards, Oakley-Booth, Harrison OR.... Lloris Foyth Toby Sanchez Trips* Davies Dier Winks Sissoko Son Kane Subs: Vorm, Aurier, KWP, GKN, Edwards, Oakley-Booth, Llorente * Maybe switch Aurier in for Trips as Serge is suspended for the next league game and it will give Trips a rest / avoid injury. Bit of struggle to name 11 + 7, yet when everyone is fit and available Poch is going to need to manage the squad to keep everyone happy. Eriksen is the one unexpected player unavailable and is going to be a big miss. Maybe we go with the 442 and resort to mainly route 1 long ball for Kane & Llorente as we will be lacking in creativity in the middle.
  2. CL: TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR v Borussia Dortmund

    Massive result tonight. Given that Spurs & Dortmund are expected to fight it out for 2nd place in the group, tonight's result has started us off very nicely. On their disallowed goal, I'd argue that their 1st goal was offside, so it evens things out. We came under considerable pressure in the 1st half, but weathered the storm. Dortmund were without a handful of their regular starters, but as the saying goes, you can only play what is put in front of you. Was surprised that they left so much space behind the defense which enabled us to hit them on the counter (nice to see a team that doesn't sit back and park the bus). Fully expect to get a result against Apeol in the next game and that Real will beat Dortmund. Maybe, just maybe the Real / Dortmund game will be a draw.
  3. CL: TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR v Borussia Dortmund

    Not just the ref, all of the officials were terrible (thankfully a big let off with their disallowed goal).
  4. CL: TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR v Borussia Dortmund

    Thought he did most things very well. Certainly looks like an upgrade on Walker.
  5. 2017 Summer Transfers - Confirmed

    I agree that the only area that was overlooked was a creative talent. Maybe Barkley will be that missing piece, come January. Gomes could have filled that role, but I think that the Barca terms were unrealistic. Not sure if any of the players that moved in this window would have fitted the mold (without us having to pay a ridiculous fee & wages)
  6. 2017 Summer Transfers - Confirmed

    So, what's everyone's thoughts now that the window has closed? For me, this looks like one a the best windows in recent years for Spurs. Aurier, who despite the baggage, looks to be an upgrade on Walker. In fact, maybe exactly the player/personality that we need (at the risk of upsetting the apple cart) Sanchez, should fit straight into a back 3, thus creating more competition between Wanyama and Dier for CDM. Foyth, apparently a hot prospect for the future, but may be good enough to feature this season Llorente, despite being 32, could be the signing of the window. An experienced player that has won everything and gives us a different option to Kane Barkley, whilst he remains an Everton player for now, everything points to him joining us in January Gazzaniga, not sure on this one and where he will sit in the pecking order. Was expecting Vorm to leave us in view of this signing The reported Gomes deal from Barca did appear to be exciting, but reports say that it was only a loan and maybe not an option to buy. Also, the deal included a clause which would require that Gomes play X number of games. In other words, Barca do not consider him good enough to play for them at the moment and wanted guaranteed playing time at Spurs to help evaluate whether he is actually any good. If he proved to be good, then recall him back after the loan period, otherwise try and get the best price for him. I think that we have dodged a bullet there. All in all, it looks like we have strengthened our squad and should be able to compete on all fronts (EPL, ECL, FA Cup and League Cup)
  7. Origi Rumors

    It's very amusing that a number of Chelsea's reported targets (including Barkley and Llorente) either stayed at their current club or moved to other clubs. That is despite the opportunity to play for the current champions and surely on mega wages, especially when it comes to Spurs' strict wage structure. Maybe, just maybe we are starting to see footballers with other interests at heart, other than just the £££££'s. For example, it has been reported that Barkley wants to work with Poch, whereas he had the opportunity to work with Conte - a manager that has won the PL.
  8. Origi Rumors

    Fee agreed, personal terms agreed and medical completed at Chelsea. Then he tells them to fuck off, good lad Ross, looking forward to welcoming you to a proper club in January.
  9. Champions League

    I just hope that we put in a better show than last year. I think that we have every chance of finishing 2nd in the group, but on the other hand, I wouldn't underestimate Apoel Nicosia - especially that away fixture. Last year we struggled at Wembley, at least this year we will [hopefully] be more accustomed to playing there. Having said that, the 1st games are in 3 weeks, so not much time to bed in at the national stadium. Also worth noting is that last year we were switching between playing at WHL (smaller pitch) for non-CL games and Wembley (bigger pitch) for CL games. This year we will [probably] playing with 3 dedicated CB's rather than 2 + 1 versatile player (Dier) at the back. The way that I see it is... We are playing in the best club comp in the World It is highly unlikely that we will win the CL We arguably have the most difficult group, but have a reasonable chance of progressing to the nest stage The goons are not in the CL The other top EPL clubs are in the CL and it will take it's toll on them (Chelski not being in last year helped them win the PL. Had they of been in it last year, I reckon that the title race would have been much tighter)
  10. WTF is that all about???? Certainly not the first player to "retire" from international football. In the old days when players weren't so full of themselves, it came to a point where they were past their sell by date at international level and simply weren't selected any more - you had none of this silly bollocks about retiring from international football. I'll give the spursweb a scoop on this story....GPK has announced his retirement from international football.
  11. Walking?

    I'm not sure if yellow cards can be rescinded, I think that only straight reds can be although I may be wrong. I do agree that the second yellow wasn't deserved, but find the whole Walker situation very amusing....£££££

    As I said all through last season, Antony Taylor is one of the worst refs in the league.
  13. Yeah I had to google him

    Same here!!! Just took delivery of a new Odyssey putter this morning (along with with a Cobra F6 3/4 fairway) - hopefully that will improve things for me, although I doubt it very much!!!
  14. Prediction time

    1. Man City 2. Chelsea 3. Spurs 4. Man Utd 5. Everton 6. Arsenal 7. Liverpool
  15. 2017 Summer Transfers - Confirmed

    So, finishing 2nd and 3rd in the past 2 seasons makes us shit - WTF?? Ok,so we have yet to sign anyone, but remember that on the whole we are a very young team, and we should/will improve. Yes, I would love to see one or two quality signings, and that may very well happen. But if it doesn't, I still see us competing at the top.