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  1. Yeah I had to google him

    Same here!!! Just took delivery of a new Odyssey putter this morning (along with with a Cobra F6 3/4 fairway) - hopefully that will improve things for me, although I doubt it very much!!!
  2. Prediction time

    1. Man City 2. Chelsea 3. Spurs 4. Man Utd 5. Everton 6. Arsenal 7. Liverpool
  3. 2017 Summer Transfers - Confirmed

    So, finishing 2nd and 3rd in the past 2 seasons makes us shit - WTF?? Ok,so we have yet to sign anyone, but remember that on the whole we are a very young team, and we should/will improve. Yes, I would love to see one or two quality signings, and that may very well happen. But if it doesn't, I still see us competing at the top.
  4. Financial Fair Play

    According to http://www.transferleague.co.uk/premier-league-last-five-seasons/transfer-league-tables/premier-league-table-last-five-seasons, City have a net spend of £500,000 MILLION over the past 5 seasons. That's HALF A BILLION!!! How the fuck is that fair? We have a net -£67.5 million spend which just shows how our owners see us. Take away the Bale money and we're even further back from the pack - and that includes the likes of Huddersfield FFS!!! This shows 2 things, 1. how corrupt football is at the top. 2. How tight our owners are.
  5. Yes, it was at Aylesbury. I wasn't that fussed about getting a handicap and never intended to enter comps, but was persuaded by the club captain over a beer one night in the clubhouse. I guess that everyone has to start somewhere and if I continue to card bad scores, the HC secretary may allow me to adjust up by 2-3 strokes (rather than having to wait forever with 0.1 adjustments per comp / supplementary card). Enjoy Wentworth...I'm not jealous....well maybe just a tad LOL!
  6. Finally got round to getting an official handicap....22 which I think is a bit harsh for my level (should be between 25 and 27). Played in my clubs stableford yesterday (first time playing in a comp) and didn't do too well. Too many blobs (although managed a par on one hole) resulting in a staggering score of 15pts. Needless to say, I cam last with the next worst player scoring 20pts. Regardless, I still intend on entering as many comps (not medals though) and will continue to [try to] enjoy playing.
  7. What strikes me about Harry's fiancee, Kate, is that she does not look like a typical football WAG. She appears to have somewhat of a fully figure (not stick thin/well toned like your typical WAG). Harry and Kate were childhood sweethearts and he has stayed loyal to her, despite the fact that he could bag himself a real stunner. To me, this just shows what an honorable and loyal person Kane is. Well done Harry & congrats to you and Kate on your engagement.
  8. Bradley Lowery

    Such sad news, but it was not unexpected. At least the young lad has had fantastic support & experiences in the last 12-18 months, and is now free from pain. RIP little guy. Thanks for being an inspiration big guy!
  9. As I said in one of my earlier posts, Rory is and has been pants for a while now. Has had quite a lot going on in his life recently - marriage, problems with his ribs, equipment change from Nike to Taylor Made, and has not played many tournaments this year. Laughing at his comments regarding other players complaining about the rough....and he ended up in the rough so many times in the 1st round. Shocked how bad Rahm played yesterday, Rose is not out of it (yet). On the plus side, Fowler was one of my picks and if he continues to play like he did yesterday, he's going to be there or thereabouts on Sunday.
  10. From Aylesbury, Bucks. Loved the NFL from a young age and got the chance to play for a team in the UK in the 90's (Oxford Saints). Played at outside linebacker and wide receiver in my 3 years with the Saints, scoring 1 touchdown and a number of sacks WooHoo!
  11. The ankle always holds up during the round, it's afterwards that it starts kicking in. Too much abuse playing 5-a-side and American Football in my younger years.
  12. I prefer to use buggies as I have a dodgy ankle that even gives me grief if I do choose the lazy option!
  13. US Open is hosted at different courses each year and Erin Hills looks brutal. I never back Rory as he has been pants recently and you rarely get a good price on him. Re: my Mickelson comment, it's actually his daughter's graduation ceremony tomorrow, not her wedding. http://www.independent.co.uk/sport/golf/us-open-phil-mickelson-rain-delay-daughter-s-graduation-erin-hills-wisconsin-a7787746.html
  14. Will be looking for a new club to join sometime in the future as the damn HS2 train track is going to go right through the the middle of the course. Real shame as, although it's far from the best course in the area, it is literally a 5 minute walk around the corner from my house. For the golf followers, who are your picks for the US Open this week? I did well on the masters having a few quid on both Rose and Garcia, and cashed out my Rose bet before the play-off...RESULT! I tend to do 4 or 5 players each way with a number of bookies offering 1/5th on 8 places. Will probably have Rose and John Rahm in my selections. Saw an interesting 10/1 on Michelson actually making the open. For those that don't know, his daughter is getting married this week and unless there is a weather delay, Phil won't get there in time!
  15. Been playing 3-4 years, member of local course in Aylesbury, Bucks. Don't have an official handicap yet, but imagine I'd be a high 20's. Played the Oxfordshire earlier in the year - wow, just wow. Playing Pinner on Saturday. I'm assuming that in asking the question, you play yourself.