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  • Season Ticket Holder? I wish

    What the fuck has happened to our Spurs. We are shit. This season is over 6th and dropping fast
  2. PL: Leicester City v TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR

    City has pretty much sealed the Title if they win today. 2nd is all we can hope for even if we can do the double on them and win every game from here on. We dreadfully miss Wanyama anchoring our back line and with Eriksen and Dele gone missing we just do not create enough up top. the difference Lamela made when he replaced Eriksen was staggering. Bring on Nkoudou and Son wide, play Lamela in behind Kane and we should create more offensive chances. How important Toby is at the back is obvious now but a fit Dembele and/or Wanyama would lessen his void. its been a difficult season and I don’t blame Sissoko one bit, he hasn’t been great but he has been better than expected whilst others have been far worse. Dier Eiksen and Dele in particular. there is only up to go given our recent performances. UP
  3. CL: TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR v Real Madrid

    Absolutely fantastic Vertonghen has been a tower this season and today was no different. To a man we were immense today Just thrilled
  4. PL: Huddersfield Town v TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR

    Huddersfield should not and will not be taken lightly. They are stingy in conceding goals so we will have to bring some pace in our ball movement. An early goal and we win handsomely. If not it could be a narrow win late or even a draw. Our away form is good so I am going for the early goal and handsome win.
  5. too early to tell?

    Agree 100% with Hastings. He is trying a bit too hard to impress too early. He will calm down and end up being fantastic for us. He is so athletic and clearly wants to win us over. He is very similar to Walker in many regards, quick athletic and sometimes caught out of position defensively...but he also tackles better than Walker. By January I feel we will all be very much in agreement.

    great first half and much needed result. Not sure if we were just too good or if Everton forgot to show up. Best display from Sissoko since he joined and mostly down to playing centrally, encouraging. Thought Sanchez looked controlled and comfortable, reminded me of Ledley. Kane back in the goals and Eriksen looked good again today. Would have liked to see Aurier make an appearance but I think that became anon option when Sissoko went off injured. COYS
  7. Origi Rumors

    I agree about Janssen. How will he ever progress if he doesn't get on the pitch?

    once again we are hurt by a failure to take our chances. Both Kane and Eriksen had glorious opportunities to finish of Burnley. Trippier was awful defending and mediocre in attack. Clearly we need another RB. More points thrown away. Sitting on 4 instead of 7 which come May will be huge. Thought Sissoko was actually pretty good today. Why we take Dembele of defending a narrow 1-0 margin I will never understand. A bit of a shambles if i'm honest

    We need to make a statement in this match. Would love to see a debut for Sanchez in a back three. Comfortable win and a clean sheet. Dele, Kane and Eriksen to score

    absolutely HUGE match. With Matic gone, Cahill and Cissy Fabregas suspended, and that little Spurs hater Hazard injured/unfit there are no excuses in this one. Kane will score his first August goal and I hope Wanyama is fit for a good 70-80...If Sanchez is coming surely that will give the lads a lift too. Can't wait for Sunday COYS
  11. 2017 Summer Transfers - Confirmed

    I have a novel idea..have a performance clause in every contract. Bonuses for individual performance but also for winning. FA Cup give $X. CL Group Stage advance $X, League win $XXX, CL win $XXXX. Insert what you want for the X. So Kyle makes $130K a week at Shiteh. Rose is on $65K but has incentives and potential bonuses that if achieved gets him $130K. If that won't make them happy and motivate them at the same time then nothing will.
  12. Oh dear Danny Boy...

    Two things come to mind. First, the Walker sale was always going to have repercussions wage wise. You cannot tell me that the core group would not look at the wages City gave Walker and say "right if he got that I'm worth at least this". This rings even truer with Rose given the same agent. Secondly, Rose had two gripes. Wages and the lack of signings. Now how does he believe alerting the entire World to the relative inadequacy of Spurs' wage structure will make it any easier for us to sign players of any quality? It essentially limits us to buying players that come from "lesser teams" with lower pay structures. So now we are looking to sign players willing to settle for less money AND come assuming they will be second choice in their position given the strength of our top eleven. Unless our top eleven start parading out the door of course....I seem to remember reading that Toby was frustrated with a lack of progress on a new deal. Maybe this goes deeper than we know...
  13. 2017 Summer Transfers - Confirmed

    All the other players would want signings too...they just didn't air it publicly. As ASC mentions its bleeding obvious we need some quality signings for depth and they HAVE to challenge our starting 11. PS. There is no way we can balance the books building a new stadium and remain competitive. Our academy is not THAT good
  14. Gareth Bale

    Too expensive and in my opinion he has never reached the personal heights he did with us. Sure he had success from a team perspective but its a bit like Neymar. He wasn't't the crucial bit of the puzzle. Now the injuries and the cost would be "unLevylike".
  15. 2017 Summer Transfers - Confirmed

    The issue is squad depth. We didn't have it last year and we have sold Walker as well as making the Fazio and N'Jie loans permanent. Add the loaning of Onomah who was in the 1st team as a depth player and we are THINNER than last year. We now have Son, Rose and Winks recovering from injury and Trippier injured as well. Surely we need to add some depth at the absolute least???? I just don't see the academy giving us enough to even maintain the level of last year's group. We are an injury away from a potentially disastrous crash out of the top 4, perhaps worse. Everton have strengthened, Chelsea, United, Arsenal, West Ham too and City have spent an absolute fortune. Mid Table teams are stronger too. And if our starting group has to carry the PL and CL campaigns again I see more than a few injuries arising. By January it will be too late. I cannot see how we can even consider letting the likes of Janssen, Sissoko and Wimmer go. I am all for sensible management but to be less than a week away from the Pl opener and yet to have a single new signing is worrying to say the least.