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    Europa League winner
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  • Biography First game v Birmingham home 1958 with dad. He was a fan since late 20's now go with my son and grandchildren
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  • Season Ticket Holder? Yes

    I'm elated with the score, and just could not see that coming after Thursday night! Fitting finish to a wonderful season, wish we could have had a couple of those goals against United (greed bastard). Feel a little bit sorry for Hull, that was a terrible way to finish a relegation season, they been good to us taking some of our old boys. Sad to see Daws ripped apart, he was a great wholehearted player for us who never gave less than 100%.

    I expect us to win but not by the goalfest we had against Leicester, I suppose the team will be who ever is fit enough to play. These are always strange games against teams who know they are down, never know how they will react. I don't want to be xenophobic but will the non british players in their team give it their best or just stroll around? We saw last year Newcastle finally got some guts, but a lot of that was down to our attitude to the game more than theirs, this year we seem very focused.
  3. Leicester City v TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR

    This team have changed my life in the last few weeks, after years of hoping we are going to win I now feel we are going to win every game, even when our opponents get a rare goal I see it as a slight blip and we will just carry on playing with confidence, no more everyone kicking the ball anywhere or giving away silly freekicks, just a professional performance and control.
  4. What will you miss mostly......

    We are all the blokes around us are in the same block
  5. TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR v Manchester United

    Very emotional day and the team didn't freeze. Was all very easy even when they scored I never thought the result was in doubt. Great to see some of the old boys and not just the "stars", I think the club managed the event well, allowing the fans on the pitch was a good move and allowed a lot of pent up feelings flow in a nice way. The video was a mix of up lifting and tacky moments but just about right. Only down side was seeing the United manager give his usual monosyllabic interview, the man lacks any class. I not a believer in naming stands after living players so would not nominate one. In our history we have won the league twice, the first time with Arthur Rowe as our manager and he transformed us from a suburban 2nd division team to a major club and one of his protoges Bill Nicholson repeated the feat and took us on to the world stage, these two men deserve to be remembered.
  6. What will you miss mostly......

    Yeah agree always stood on the Shelf until I got a season ticket, the one good thing about being relegated. Not looking forward to next season at Wembley, we've been offered seats next to the away fans.

    She'll be fine thanks, just a bit of pain and must not put weight on foot. I wouldn't tell her but I've enjoyed doing the cooking, not so keen on the cleaning and ironing.

    I think you have overstepped the mark there James!!! I've not been able to post as much as missus has had an op and can't wait on me hand and foot. I didn't realise how much she does till I've had to do it myself, my only fear is now we know I can do things I might be expected to carry on helping around the home.
  9. Kyle To Leave ??

    I've always believed that anyone who wants to move should go, my only concern is that we get the most money we can for them and Mr Levy seems quite good at that.
  10. 9 Rumours About New Stadium......

    All very nice, but I'd settle for a trophy and play on Hackney Marshes
  11. Feeling very VULNERABLE about now

    I know we've all been disappointed in the past when we have fallen away within touching distance of success, but this season I feel the team has grown and despite the injuries to key players we have shown great strength of character. Although Chelsea beat us in the semi but I thought we were the better team and didn't get the run of the ball in that game. The reaction by the players in the 2 following games showed how we have progressed, it would have been easy to have felt sorry for themselves and drifted to defeat to difficult opponents.

    I want to watch the game again on TV as I miss a lot at the game. Was so buzzing after the match. It was the easiest win over Woolwich I've seen, didn't feel any anxiety in the crowd and they were superb, behind the team the whole game and most didn't want to leave the ground at the end. Couldn't understand how Jan won man of the match Wanyama was massive, I never thought he had the running and passing he's shown this season. If Kane had been on form we would have scored a lot more. My son (who loves stats) told me Cech made 9 saves which was 3 more than he had previously made in games this season and that Ramsey, Sanchez and Ozil lost or gave away possession over 20 times each.
  13. PL: Crystal Palace v TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR

    We did what we had to, right now I'd take that result in all our remaining games. Too many times I've read and heard how we don't turn up and lose our focus in games like this, yet when we do the business people still look for faults.
  14. RIP Ugo....

    Terrible news, our thoughts are with his family in this sad time.
  15. Dembele To Spurs ??

    I second your motion