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  • Biography First game v Birmingham home 1958 with dad. He was a fan since late 20's now go with my son and grandchildren
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  1. PL: Newcastle United v TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR

    Great to see football back and I think we'll win a tight game, but and early goal for either side might see a high scoring game.
  2. Good weekend

    Loved my tv marathon this weekend, started well with Lions gridding out a win in Christchurch, Crusaders are a top team and to stop them scoring a try was great defensive work. In the cricket England looked they were in for a tough time when the Aussies were piling on the runs, but they quickly grabs some wickets to keep the score down, again they looked in trouble when they lost 3 quick wickets, but Morgan and Stokes smashed them to victory. It was made all the sweeter to see the Aussies captain standing around sulking like an 8 year old. After the Lord Major's Show came the Scotland v England match, what a terrible advert for football, two teams not knowing what to do when they had the ball, plus two sunday morning goal keepers, at least Harry save my blushes. I has forgot about the Argentina v England rugby and only saw the second half, what a fantastic game and a brilliant performance for the England team with so many players missing to win a game 38 -34 in the last minute was pure theatre. Then the icing on the cake England beating Venezuela 1-0 in the U20 World Cup Final today. Great to see Onomah and Walker-Peters play so well in the team. I though it was Onomah best game in the tournament and he help England control the match. The keeper Woodman must feel great to save a penalty in a World Cup Final. If you've not seen the Rugby or U20's they are both on BBC2 on catch up. Big thank you to the missus who had to put up with me dominating the handset and a lot of swearing.
  3. guilty as charged

    I lose track of transfer in lower divisions!!!!
  4. guilty as charged

    Is he still at Sunderland?
  5. Unanswered question

    I could be wrong but I think he needs to play regularly and he wont at Liverpool, he's nowhere near as dynamic as Dele and I think he looks a lazy player.
  6. Hi Been busy last few days, so not been posting. Someone asked me what number my grandson was for a season ticket it's 28,576. Great result for U20's KWP has impressed me, particularly as he's playing out of position. Shame about the weather as it's mucked up the Champions Trophy games, but we are in the semi's. Disappointed by rugby results but not surprised as preparation doesn't seem right and I don't rate Gatland, he's past his sell by date. Looking forward to Saturday, sporting marathon on tv international rugby/cricket/football. Oldest competitive internationals matches in cricket and football, I love beating both Aussies and the Scots, particularly the Jocks as I have family up there. Nice to see Liverpool caught with their pants down, I wont hold my breath to see if there is any action against them, I'm one of the few who dont rate Van Dijk.
  7. not football related...but

    I can see no solution to this problem, the terrorism we've seen in the past in this country has usually been driven by a political goal and the perpetrators could be negotiated with, these people have a hatred for our way of life and would force there beliefs on us all, they don't want civil rights, equal opportunities, self government of their nation or even freedom. What can we offer them to stop?
  8. Kipper season

    I'm now at that age when after a nice "tea" and sitting comfortably on my sofa I have difficulty staying awake in the evening, my missus knits to keep her awake as she only watches "her soaps" when I have drifted off!!!
  9. Cengis under

    I hate to see this sort of thing happening, we all have our own point of view and shouldn't be too sensitive when people take a different view. Being "an old fart" I get confused with which thread is the right one to post in at times. There are always difficulties when trying to make your point in a language which is not your mother tongue along with national characteristics as we have seen when trying to interact with our Welsh cousins. Let's all celebrate the 50th anniversary of Sgt Pepper with Peace and Love.
  10. Cengis under

    Burn him at the stake!!!!!!!
  11. Kipper season

    I hate this time of the year, I'm getting so desperate to watch football I'm looking forward to England U20's games on Eurosport. I'll have to get by with Champions Trophy and Lions Tour. Like us all I'm keen to read anything about the club to see if there is any news on signings, but the continual "click bait" and fairytales does get me annoyed particularly when the stories are about someone I've never heard of or is so expensive you know it's not going to happen. My youngest grandson checks the post everyday to see if he has been offered a season ticket in the new allocation for Wembley.

    I'm elated with the score, and just could not see that coming after Thursday night! Fitting finish to a wonderful season, wish we could have had a couple of those goals against United (greed bastard). Feel a little bit sorry for Hull, that was a terrible way to finish a relegation season, they been good to us taking some of our old boys. Sad to see Daws ripped apart, he was a great wholehearted player for us who never gave less than 100%.

    I expect us to win but not by the goalfest we had against Leicester, I suppose the team will be who ever is fit enough to play. These are always strange games against teams who know they are down, never know how they will react. I don't want to be xenophobic but will the non british players in their team give it their best or just stroll around? We saw last year Newcastle finally got some guts, but a lot of that was down to our attitude to the game more than theirs, this year we seem very focused.
  14. Leicester City v TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR

    This team have changed my life in the last few weeks, after years of hoping we are going to win I now feel we are going to win every game, even when our opponents get a rare goal I see it as a slight blip and we will just carry on playing with confidence, no more everyone kicking the ball anywhere or giving away silly freekicks, just a professional performance and control.
  15. What will you miss mostly......

    We are all the blokes around us are in the same block