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  1. PL: Manchester City v TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR

    I don't think we can play 4 at the back. Too much space between defenders. I would use KWP as extra defender. Just need a couple quick counter attacks to break MC. Lloris Aurier KWP Dier Jan Davies Eriksen Winks Dele Son Kane
  2. PL: TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR v Brighten & Hove Albion

    A lucky goal by Aurier. It's more legit than Liverpool's disallowed goal. It's about time that MC lose a game.
  3. PL: TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR v Brighten & Hove Albion

    Gotta focus on Brighton. If we don't pick up 3 points today, the MC game doesn't matter.
  4. Opponents in next round of ECL

    Porto or Basel is easier. Sevilla and Shaktar are banana skins. We have some fear for Bayern. I think our players would be happy to play Juve. It's an exciting challenge.
  5. PL: TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR v Brighten & Hove Albion

    Stoke City players gave up in the 2nd half so it is too early to say that we are back on track. It's an opportunity to rest Eriksen and Dembele with MC coming up next. Lamela is ready for a start anyway. Lloris Aurier Dier Jan Davies Sissoko Winks Lamela Dele Son Kane
  6. 2018 Winter Transfer Window

    We could target Liverpool striker Origi. He's on loan at Wolfsburg. Wolfsburg want to sign him to a permanent deal. Good young player with decent scoring record. He did well when he play for Liverpool. He and Klopp don't get along so Liverpool will sell him.
  7. So what’s he going to do about it

    All this talk about the MU move is not doing Rose any good. If he can't focus on playing for us, let him go.

    Trippier is in poor form. I will give Aurier a run of games. I want Eriksen in more advanced position and take more shots on goal. Lloris Aurier Dier Jan Davies Sissoko Winks Dembele Eriksen Dele Kane Subs: Gazza, KWP, Foyth, Son, Llorente, Lamela, Rose
  9. CL: TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR v Apoel Nicosia

    Choosing an outfield player as captain is not for the team. The main reason is to go after the ref and yell at his face. Lloris can't run out of the PK box and talk to the ref and then get back in position.
  10. CL: TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR v Apoel Nicosia

    GKN is not a bad player but he is too laid back. He need to show more energy and intensity. I would loan him out to the lower league.
  11. 2018 Winter Transfer Window

    I like Jonjo Shelvey. His playing style is like a quarterback, similar to Tom Huddlestone. I think he improved his fitness so he is not defence liability. His passing range could be really helpful. I think we need players with the vision for a killer pass.
  12. So what’s he going to do about it

    Not sure if Foyth is ready for PL football. KWP should be in the rotation. Transfer Business: It seems like Barkley's recovery takes time. Let Everton pay for his recovery and we sign him as a free transfer in Jan. GKN can't break into the first team. Loan him out and get Jordon Ibe. Loan deal to swap Llorente for Klaassen? Everton need a striker. We would use a central midfielder. Big Sam will want money to get his own players. A loan deal with option for permanent move may work well for us.
  13. CL: TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR v Apoel Nicosia

    Kane is a goal scoring machine but he is a human, not a real machine. After getting kicked 6-7 times previous game why risk him when we are guaranteed to finish top of the group. Since Lamela can't play this game I would put Trippier in the lineup. Trippier would use more practice on his crosses.
  14. CL: TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR v Apoel Nicosia

    Including Sanchez in the line up since he is not available for next 3 league games. Gazza KWP Foyth Sanchez Rose Lamela Sissoko Winks Georgiou Llorente GKN Subs: Vorm, Edwards, Oakley-Boothe, Davies, Trippier, Aurier, Dembele

    We are without our top 2 defensive players: Toby and Wanyama. Now Sanchez is out for 3 games. Dec is packed with league games. If we don't catch up with the 4th place team, we will have to focus on CL and FA cup. Not much chance to win CL but we need to play a couple more games to get the prize money and TV revenue because we may not have CL next season.