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  1. 2017 Summer Transfers - Confirmed

    Everton signed Siggy for 45m and Spurs is getting 10% of the fee. I still see us getting Barkley. Sanchez in, Wimmer out I would happy with the current squad + Barkley + Sanchez. We probably need a 3rd GK. Maybe get a deal to sign Sessesgnon and loan him back to Fulham this season.
  2. Deli and dier

    I see Sanchez replacing Wimmer. If Van Dijk is sold for 70m, Dier's price tag should be the same. Keep Danny Rose for another season. Then he can make his big money move. This gives us a year to shop for replacement. Maybe NKoudou can adapt to play wingback.
  3. Deli and dier

    Dier is a young player so he haven't reach his full potential yet. Dier grown up as a MU fan so he wanted to join MU. It's a relief that MU got Matic. For 40m Matic is much older and can't play CB. Martial is a very good player but it is questionable how effective he is as a lone striker. He plays on left wing a lot. Mourinho chose Ibra and Lukaku as the main striker. Now Rashford is ahead of him in the pecking order. We don't need him on the left wing because Son's already playing that position. We need to tie Toby down to new contract.
  4. Oh dear Danny Boy...

    Forget about Shaw. He never seem return to full fitness. Football clubs are getting free money from everywhere. Do footballers question where the money is coming from? Let's not pretend that all of the money come from legit businesses.
  5. Oh dear Danny Boy...

    Football clubs are getting a lot of free money. Players doesn't care where the money is coming from. We are not going to sell Walker and Rose in the same transfer window. I can see us selling Rose next summer if he wants to move on.
  6. PL: Newcastle United v TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR

    Son is back in training so he should be available soon. Chelsea lost and got two players sent off today. We would start the season with 2 wins.
  7. Yeah I had to google him

    Who is Pape Diop?
  8. Yeah I had to google him

    Well, he's Colombian. The fee is steep but it's much less than Walker or Van Dijk. Clubs are constantly trying to sign Toby and Dier. We don't want to look for a replacement in the last min. Or we can sell Wimmer to get some money back.
  9. PL: Newcastle United v TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR

    Not sure Son is ready. I trust KWP will do a great job. Hopefully we will get some early goals. I think Sissoko should play a bigger role this season. Against weaker teams we can put Sissoko in as winger/wingback on the right or left flank. Lloris Dier Toby Jan KWP Wanyama Dembele Davies Eriksen Alli Kane Sub: Vorm, Sissoko, Janssen, Wimmer, Winks, Georgiou, Oakley-Boothe
  10. Trippier's Injury who replaces him?

    IMO Trippier is not the first choice RB. I go with KWP until we sign a RB. Another option is Sissoko.
  11. Gareth Bale

    Bale was world class when he leave for RM. Now he is 28 and got injury issues.
  12. Conte on Kane

    It's interesting to hear that Conte said Spurs has no ambition. Chelsea got ambition. Their ambition came from the huge amount of money they spend. They can't afford to lose.
  13. Deli and dier

    Coutinho is Barca's top target. I think Dele and Dier are a bit too young to move aboard. I would more worry about Eriksen or Toby. I think we have win something this season.
  14. Prediction time

    I think we can finish in top 4. Just to give the lads more confidence and belief, I will pick them for the title. MU has enough players for 2 first team squads. Arsenal has no CL to worry about. MC should improve in Pep's 2nd season. Hopefully a bigger pitch will be an advantage for our attackers to find more open space and score more goals. 1. Spurs 2. MU 3. Arsenal 4. MC 5. Chelsea 6. Liverpool
  15. 2017 Summer Transfers - Confirmed

    At the moment I would prefer to keep Sissoko than loan him out. Poch's tactic always require physical players in the lineup. If we want to keep our core players healthy this season, we must give Sissoko, Janssen, NKoudou more game time.