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    My real favourite player is Van Der Vaart
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    I also write to newspapers complaining about pretty much anything.
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  1. Leicester City v TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR

    Good on you Gary !!
  2. Leicester City v TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR

    How can Son be so shit yet still score 20+ goals. If he was actually any good, he'd be up there with Messi !!!
  3. Kyle To Leave ??

    I'd be surprised if we went for him, but a lot of us have been calling out for some hard-nosed experience of the top competitions. If Walker goes, then we could get Alves plus change and I would have thought he will help Trippier develop too.
  4. TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR v Manchester United

    I think Klinsmann had other commitments and actually visited the Lane a week earlier to say his goodbyes. As for naming the stand - I'll go for the Rafa Stand ! ;)
  5. the most important matches left this season

    It'll be nice to see the likes of Walcott and Sanchez getting the shit kicked out of them on some mud bath in the backwaters of Somewhereistan. Strangely, now that we have finally finished above the Arse, it turns out that it wasn't so much of a big deal after all. It will be far more satisfying if they fail to get CL
  6. Barkley With A Week Left...

  7. TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR v Manchester United

    I went for a win against Wet Spam and we all know how that ended .... badly! I really want us to win by 2 or 3 clear goals, but I am going for a draw, as it is all we need to remain unbeaten at home for the season and also would guarantee us 2nd place.
  8. West Ham United v TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR

    Friday night was dreadful, devastating and depressing, but can we be too hard on the team? We won 9 straight games, will finish above the Goons and (hopefully) will improve on last season's league position. We also reached a cup semi-final. The Spammers were the better side on Friday - it was their biggest game of the season and to be fair they took their opportunity and denied us ours. At least we didn't roll over and give up. We kept at it and fell short. After 9 straight wins it was on the cards. We are also unbeaten at home and are guaranteed 3rd place at least, with 3 games remaining. How many of us can remember being in a better position than this? We have one tricky season at Wembley and then back to the new Lane. What a fantastic thing to look forward to! My one wish now (apart from a Boro win tonight) is that we don't fuck it up against Manure. Of course I want us to beat them, but even a draw will mean our last season at the Lane was unbeaten - one point will also guarantee us second place. My biggest disappointments this season have been the team selection for the Chelsea semi-final, the way we rolled over to go out of the League Cup and our performances (and team selections) in the CL and EL.
  9. Bournemouth Striker Please Poch....

    A few clubs will be in for King and he will spend a lot of time on the bench if he chooses Spurs - I'm not sure he would go for that.
  10. 9 Rumours About New Stadium......

    A few years back I went to the Bridge to see us play Chelsea (we drew 1-1) and I got talking to a Chelsea fan who lived up north and was there with his young son. They used to come to London a few times each season and stay in the hotel there. I can't wait until I can buy a package like that at Spurs, which includes a couple of tickets, a stay in the on-site hotel and a stadium tour. It will cost, but has to be worth every penny!

    I was away for the bank holiday with no internet connection. Fortunately, I have a skybox in the motorhome so was able to watch the game whilst having a few (too many) beers. I'm sure the housework was a small price to pay for being able to watch the game in the pub Spursgirl - I hope there were loads of Goons there !!
  12. Kyle To Leave ??

    If he wants to go - let him go. One thing we have learned the hard way over the years is that if a player no longer has his heart set to play for Spurs, it affects his performances and Poch is the first one to notice.
  13. PL: Crystal Palace v TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR

    We are all a bit nervous because we have seen it all before. It's part of being a Spurs fan unfortunately. I wonder if Big Sam will rotate his team and concentrate on their next game against Burnley, which is more of a "six pointer"?
  14. Bruma For Spurs....??

    Wingers seem to be a bit of a problem for us !
  15. City Lose....

    It's the Goons 20th final !