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    My real favourite player is Van Der Vaart
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    I also write to newspapers complaining about pretty much anything.
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  1. Cengis under

    A perfectly cromulent response Tonto ! As for a 'don't like this' button, I don't think we should have one - I'd wear the fucking thing out in no time ;)
  2. Gameiro Deal Done ??

    I'm guessing that all transfers involving Atletico (in and out) will be put on hold at least until the new year and by that time, the guy in question will be drawing his pension!
  3. Possible Spurs CPL Nightmare...Ajax must win !

    Does the Manure win definitely put us into Pot 3? I seem to recall other results would also have to go against us
  4. Where Are You ? (Old and New)

    I do remember - there was a move away from here when the site went down last year, but it would be great to get some of the old its back here.
  5. 50 Years Ago.....

    We have a better side now than the 67 team, so there is no reason why not, apart from the bonkers money some of the other clubs are paying in transfer fees and salaries.
  6. Your Predictions Past and Future.....

    Hey - I was nearly right! OK - here we go for next season ..... 1st Spurs (genuinely believe this) 2nd Man City (or Chelsea) 3rd Chelsea (or Man City) 4th Liverpool 5th Man Utd 6th Arsenal But what do I know?
  7. Big Sam Resigns....

    Does anyone care? Never liked him - "Big" Sam used to get on my nerves. Does his nickname imply he is/was some sort of hard man? Stick him on a rugby pitch and see what happens !
  8. Gooner Wedding...

    oh FFS !
  9. Where Are You ? (Old and New)

    We have to accept that many people are 'readers' rather than 'writers' - it doesn't help keep the forum going, but I admit that I do not always comment in other forums such as JA606 (which seems to be full of complete numpties) If we get 1 in 25 of the new members to make a contribution on a regular basis then it is probably all we can expect.
  10. Leicester City v TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR

    Good on you Gary !!
  11. Leicester City v TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR

    How can Son be so shit yet still score 20+ goals. If he was actually any good, he'd be up there with Messi !!!
  12. Kyle To Leave ??

    I'd be surprised if we went for him, but a lot of us have been calling out for some hard-nosed experience of the top competitions. If Walker goes, then we could get Alves plus change and I would have thought he will help Trippier develop too.
  13. TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR v Manchester United

    I think Klinsmann had other commitments and actually visited the Lane a week earlier to say his goodbyes. As for naming the stand - I'll go for the Rafa Stand ! ;)
  14. the most important matches left this season

    It'll be nice to see the likes of Walcott and Sanchez getting the shit kicked out of them on some mud bath in the backwaters of Somewhereistan. Strangely, now that we have finally finished above the Arse, it turns out that it wasn't so much of a big deal after all. It will be far more satisfying if they fail to get CL
  15. Barkley With A Week Left...