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  1. 2017 Summer Transfers - Confirmed

    I have seen reported by guys close to the team that NO contact with Fulham over Sessesgnon has been initiated by Spurs since the player signed a new day with at Craven Cottage. All that noise is just that...noise.
  2. Deli and dier

    My biggest issue with loosing Dier, other than weakening the squad, is that his friendship with Dele is huge and might be the difference between keeping or loosing Dele.

    Officials announced for the match. Anthony Taylor will referee the match, Gary Breswick and Andy Nunn will serve as linesman, and Mike Dean is the fourth official. Taylor was the official for the FA Cup Final who sent of Victor Moses for simulation. This is likely to be Moses first match back from the resulting suspension.

    A team of "Chelsea's caliber" lost, at home, to a team that odds makers have finishing this season Relegated. Stop and consider that for a moment. Then ask yourself if the "new Kyle" could get into the Burnley side. I think that answer is yes. The lad acquited himself well in pre-season matches with PSG, Roma, Man City and Juve. Those are all serious clubs, even if they were friendlies, with real talent. Then he turned in a MOTM performance against a sky high Newcastle club in front of the 50k plus screaming fans away from home. Why sell the lad so short until he gives you a reason to?

    I think it will take maintaining a quick start to the season and beating Chelsea this weekend at Wembley to get folks to show some faith. Too many have questions about playing our home matches in the big house this year, especially matches against the Top 6.
  6. PL: Newcastle United v TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR

    Seriously impressed with KWP today. The lad did well other than that one potential mistake that was nullified by the off sides call he was brilliant. MOTM well deserved for his debut work, although I will say had this been any match but his first I would have given MOTM to Eriksen. The Dane is just tireless in offense and defense, creating 3 chances of which two were converted. He is the thing that makes this team go. Great three points and the lads never really turned it on, which they will have to figure out how to do between now and next week because Chelsea will be a bit desperate. No team with Champion aspirations will drop the first two of the new season without a fight.

    Talk here about the match before, during and after. COYS!!!
  8. Chelsea Implodes

    And while Man City won, they apparently were unconvincing doing it and the scoreline flatters them greatly.
  9. Chelsea Implodes

    The Blues opened their title defense today at home and didn't just loose but set themselves up for a tough task next week in the process. Now they have to face Spurs without Costa, Hazard, Cesc and Cahill. Add in Bakayoko and Pedro on the injured list and it will be a much different Chelsea side to face Spurs, a team largely settled with nothing but familiar faces who all started together last season. Kane, Dele and Eriksen have got to like the unsettled look of the rent boys defense. Granted, it is Chelsea and they always give us a good match no matter where it's played but on the face of things...
  10. Wembley

    We have played better at Wembley than the results indicate. We will be fine.
  11. 2017 Summer Transfers - Confirmed

    It is my understanding that all PL clubs use something like this as is and that Levy uses it very heavily to bridge the difference in Spurs wage structure and that of other clubs. However, that is just what I have heard and not from Levy himself either so take it for what it is worth.
  12. Oh dear Danny Boy...

    I think there are a couple of places he could have been more diplomatic in that interview but by and large he is hard to argue with. Even though I know why Spurs are doing what they are doing in the transfer market and with the wage structure, he is hard to argue with.
  13. Here we are, three days to kickoff of the new season for Spurs at St James Park, and I have a question for membership. What do you consider the single minimum achievement necessary for Spurs to have a good season? Vote in the poll, add comments below.
  14. 2017 Summer Transfers - Confirmed

    So you are saying don't balance the books? Go into debt to get players, as Hoddle has suggested?
  15. Onomah Out On Loan

    AV supporters seem impressed with Onomah who got his first start for the Villians today in Colchester in their first round draw of the EFL Cup. Josh played 90 minutes in central midfield and went the full 90 for them in a 1-2 victory to advance.