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  1. Say Hello

    James, I know what you mean but man...there is little to talk about save rumor and I'm rumored out. Levy and Poch are playing everything close to the vest this summer, even by their standards. The speculation about Harry going to Man U is plainly ridiculous. I think there is some truth to the Walker talk but the longer it goes on without happening the more I wonder. I don't think Dier is going anywhere. Hell, I'm even beginning to wonder if we will get rid of Sissoko or not. As for who the club will bring in...well...right now I don't think anyone outside of Spurs transfer board knows for sure. I read through the "news" everyday looking for a thread of anything that has the sound of truth to it but right now there is precious little.
  2. White Hart Lane or.......

    I'll miss the name. Personally, the whole "naming rights" thing has always left a bad taste in my mouth. I like names with more meaning than the money attached to them. However, having said that, Spurs are trying to punch in the upper financial weight classes of world football, not just English football.They are years away from developing the world wide fan base of Man U or Chelsea, much less Real or Barca, so to compete with those clubs they will need to wring every penny out of every source they can to compete. I don't see Man U selling the naming rights to Old Trafford anytime soon (just as I don't believe Levy would have ever done that with WHL) and I doubt Real and Barca will either, so if we can pick up several million a year in place those teams won't it will help to balance the difference in income from other sources, like kit sponsorship, where those clubs far outstrip us.
  3. Spurs thwarted in Wembley pitch size

    So we are allowed to match the new pitch size? Or no?
  4. Spurs thwarted in Wembley pitch size

    Honestly glad they will be playing on the big pitch. This will ready the team for the pitch size in the new stadium which will also be larger than the old WHL pitch (second smallest in the PL). The lads and manger need to get used it sometime, might as well be now.
  5. Fazio

    He is still on our books. He was loaned out to Roma last season and the last word I heard was that it was likely to be made permanent during this window, however that has been a while.
  6. Harry Maguire/Chris smalling

    I honestly don't think the media have a clue who is trying to sign who. They are reporting anything that sounds plausible believing, rightly, that we the fans will read anything.
  7. Any Golfers out there ?

    Golf is a great way to screw up a good walk.
  8. How ironic

    Honestly, I have to wonder who at the FA has it in for Spurs. While I know logically that probably isn't the case, putting Chelsea first up at Wembley is at best giving Spurs one match on neutral ground them. It makes the match much easier for the Blues than it would be in October or November. And going to St James to kick off the season...damn. Of course, the positive view point here is that if Spurs were to win away at Newcastle, site of their worst defeat in the last 2 years, and then beat Chelsea at Wembley, the confidence boost would be staggering.
  9. A new report on player value is out and it has Dele Alli and Harry Kane valued 2nd and 3rd, respectively, behind only Neymar. Amazing. http://www.eurosport.co.uk/football/premier-league/2016-2017/_sto6212604/story.shtml Dier and Eriksen make the Top 25. Interestingly, Bale does not.
  10. Kane Named Captain of England Squad v Scotland

    Southgate has announced that Kane will retain the armband for the match with France.
  11. Say Hello

    Hiddy ho!
  12. Josh Onamah

    Some days I want to see more of him and some days I want him sold. Consistency is a word he needs to learn. Sometimes he reminds of Sissoko in his apparent lack of interest in the game.
  13. Nabil Bentaleb

    The agreement from Feb still stands. He remains on the official list until the open of the transfer window. Once it opens, his transfer will be executed.
  14. http://www.mirror.co.uk/sport/football/news/england-boss-gareth-southgate-confirms-10595245 He's one of our own!
  15. Eriksen

    You are absolutely right...to a point. I absolutely believe our first XI can play with nearly any team in the world on their day. But the starting XI can't play every match in a 4 competition season. Somewhere, quality squad players have to step up to not just play but win matches where members of the starting XI get a rest. And the squad has to be deep enough to allow for this to happen when there are injuries too. Consider how this last season might have been different for Spurs if Chelsea has also been playing in 4 competitions and perhaps suffered long injuries to 3 important members of Conte's preferred XI like Spurs did with Kane, Toby and Lamela. Take Costa, Hazard and Luiz out of Chelsea's lineup for the same time we lost our 3 in their positions (Costa for 8 PL matches, Luiz for 8 or so, and Hazard for nearly 30) and see if Chelsea win the PL and make the FA Cup final. Spurs need players who can start in place of members of our first XI on Sat/Sun against a PL team that had the week off but where Spurs had a mid-week CL match where Poch put out his best side. With the exception of 3 or 4 places in the side, you really can't say that right now and management controls that situation.