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  1. Leicester City v TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR

    You got your wish. Kane was terrific
  2. Leicester City v TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR

    Spurs girl,it was a tactical decision I think. Playing Sissoko as a wing back as we were out of options at right back, Eriksen surely won't leave us now,,,,I hope not anyway.
  3. Leicester City v TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR

    Trippier unavailable due to his concussion incurred against Utd on Sunday. Walker unavailable due to an ankle injury.
  4. Leicester City v TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR

    Now that's really fanny........lol
  5. The Kind Face Of Football....

    Absolutely Fantastic,,,, The better side of football .Well done Ajax fans,,,,a credit to your club and country.
  6. White Hart Lane memories.........

    Loving these old clips,,,,keep em coming
  7. White Hart Lane memories.........

    As you point out,,sad and poignant,,,,,bet your dad was looking down telling everyone,,,,,,look my boy's down there on the shelf. Great memories you have of the games you went to with him.Pricelesss!!
  8. Which Would You Rather Have?

    I like Zaha,but for 35-40 million I'd say no thanks. He fits the Pochettino profile,,,young,fit,and athletic,but for me there's something missing and that's consistency. Mahrez is older by a couple of years but offers something more in his all round game. So for me,given the choice I'd take Mahrez
  9. West Ham United v TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR

    That's far too much information Tonto. I'm just trying to picture you standing there,,,,,, Pants ,,shirt,,,,shoes and socks,,,and a mask.. It ain't a pretty sight

    This is one day when all Spurs supporters will remember where they were the day we finally finished above the scum in the premiership in over 20 years. It'll be on a par with the question,,,,where were you when JFK was shot and killed. Just so I remember,I've written it on my arm,,,,,,lol
  11. Sissoko In Tax Fraud...

    Perhaps we'll get a tax rebate.
  12. Harry Maguire ??

    Maguire is a fine young centre back. He's got premier league experience and has had some very good reviews during this season. Today ( Saturday ) the match reporter on Radio Five was full of praise for him. He's by no means the finished article but will improve with the likes of Toby and Jan alongside him. If the price is right he's worth considering.
  13. Referee announced...

    Yes Tonto I hope so too. He must be firm but fair and take into consideration the enormity of the game. No silly yellow cards for the slightest mistakes.
  14. Manchester Derby Draw....

    Hahaha,,,,,Navy Blue on one hand and Lillywhite on the other. Having a bit of trouble getting Navy Blue eyeshadow.
  15. Manchester Derby Draw....

    I didn't watch the game as I hate Utd and Mourinho so much. I only ever watch them on MOM etc whenever they've lost or in cases like this when there's a bit of controversy.