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  1. PL: Newcastle United v TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR

    I'm on page 297 ,,,,David Jenkins a player I can't remember from the late 60s gets sent home from a Nortth American tour because he got his feet sunburnt. As for the flag still undecided what to do with it,ill probably get it framed.
  2. Oh dear Danny Boy...

    That fella Sayonara isn't worth £50 mill.......lol
  3. Yank new guy question

    No One9marine you can't score direct from a throw in. The ball has to touch another player,,,any player on either team.
  4. PL: Newcastle United v TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR

    Get a table and chairs then.
  5. psychic abilities

    I think Ross Barkley is a terrific player. His true ability is yet to be seen,under Poch he'll flourish and show everyone what a player he is. I'd love Spurs to sign him.
  6. Any Golfers out there ?

    Old Enough,,,,......he was a boy when they were making the Penny Farthing.
  7. 2017 Summer Transfers - Confirmed

    Phil,. Grants' brother
  8. Stadium update....

    They didn't even take a dinner break.

    Happy birthday,have a good one
  10. This time last year

    Our thoughts and prayers are with you and the family.
  11. sol seeks coaching position

    Very clever Tonto
  12. Just gotta get his boots on the right feet and he'll be ok.
  13. Bradley Lowery

    R.I.P little man. God Bless.

    Fucking typical,,,,,.i'd just ordered crispy duck and two bags of chips and you cleared the screen. Hope they deliver by 9pm I'm starving.
  15. Chinese hacking or spam ?

    That's not very friendly Tonto,,,,,,,. Just tell em to fuck off