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  1. Any Golfers out there ?

    You must have been chuffed to get the chance to play at such a decent level. I usually watch the super bowl and we've got a friend in Vegas,originally from Poland who's a San Diego Chargers nut. If ever you get to go to Vegas,she works at Starbucks at the West Wing in the MGM.Her whole family are Chargers mad. Perhaps you could get to the Lane and watch a couple of NFL games when it gets up and running. I'd like to get to see it.I don't know what the set up is regarding what teams will play there.I'd love it if the Chargers got to play there.
  2. Any Golfers out there ?

    American Football. I've always thought you were English. I must know where your from but I can't remember.
  3. Any Golfers out there ?

    That can't be easy for you GPK, I'm no golfer but I know that your stance is very important. It must put you at a disadvantage. Having thought about it,,,,fancy a game for £1000......lol
  4. Any Golfers out there ?

    Walk!!, I thought it was driving about in them buggy things,
  5. Any Golfers out there ?

    Hope we don't get into trouble for deviating from football.
  6. Any Golfers out there ?

    I was chuffed to bits when Garcia won it.Everyone speaks so well of him.
  7. Any Golfers out there ?

    Hastings is,,,and if it they allowed him to join,,,,,well need I say more.!!,
  8. Any Golfers out there ?

    I love watching the Masters,its probably most people's choice who like golf. Is it worth having a bet on Rory,,,,I must say the Sky Sports coverage is brilliant. I know it's from Wisconsin this year,do they vary the courses for the open.
  9. Any Golfers out there ?

    And people from the South Coast,,
  10. Any Golfers out there ?

    Was it one of the Marx Bros that said something like.,,,any club that would have me as a member I wouldn't want to join. It was always a game that I wanted to play but for some reason never got around to doing. My eldest so used to play,nothing serious but he used to enjoy it.
  11. Any Golfers out there ?

    They'll take anyone as a member at that Puttenham Club.
  12. Ryan Sesssegon

    That's a pity
  13. Josh Onamah

    He was possibly MOM and hit a screamer from about 40 yards that hit the underside of the crossbar. What a goal that would have been,and would have done his confidence a power of good,
  14. Kyle Walker-Peters in World Cup Final !

    Hiya Tonto, I forgot this was on and only caught the last 15mins. Onomah was sent off in the last game against Mexico I think it was on Monday. He received 2 yellow cards so should be available for the final against Venezuela.
  15. Jimmy Greaves story

    Tonto,this is absolutely fantastic Brian Moore always seemed to put whoever he Interviewed at complete ease. I'll watch the remainder of it tomorrow evening.