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  1. 2017 Summer Transfers - Confirmed

    that are 4.5 Million? That doesn't move mountains. BTW we could have had Toljan for 5 Million, but no... we are chasing Barkley for 50 Million and a shit arse like Sessesgnon for 25 Million! Pound of course. Instead we could have had Toljan and Klassen for 30 Million in total. EUROS of course!!!
  2. 2017 Summer Transfers - Confirmed

    To answer your question, yes you can find quality players for little money. The Toljan deal proves it. 5 million EUR and he moves to BVB, although its said Dembele will leave Dortmund for Barca in a 150 million deal. No... Levy isn't a good negotiator, he is a prick, if we were really linked with Toljan. With Toljan we would have had a both footed fullback who are able to play at both flanks. I give a shit on Sessegnon who are rated 25 million, when I can get a similar (if not better) player who is 5 times cheaper. Shaw is the same example. Look at him now! 25 Million? His Arse! Ridiculous!!! Overrated britkids.
  3. 2017 Summer Transfers - Confirmed

    I'm sure some would be fine with 130 k a week and be benched. And if they win the championship with... let me say only 200 min. in total of playing time the whole season, its okay, it doesn't bother them, cause they will still be champions, even they haven't played
  4. Oh dear Danny Boy...

    Wish we had a more competitive left back than Davies. Otherwise I would take the 50 Mill for Rose and Sayonara!
  5. Yeah I had to google him

    A risky move! But he is cheap and when if not now before the price explodes. Although I heard their is a buy out clause about 25 million. Pochettino shall train him to his potential. I guess they make him out as possible replacement for Dembs. A Keita kinda player who is chased by Liverpool (70 million) as you know and a cheaper option for Seri. Its said the deal is done. Lyon stopped bidding and maintained an english team made the run. But IMO even if we have signed him, he should stay with Celta to get playing time and a private english teacher. Sanchez is beside Jerry Mina the new generation of the columbian defense. Sanchez would make sense, although I would prefer Mina. But it seems he already has an contract with Barca. Sanchez is fast and strong and for what I saw a very focused player. But he also makes silly mistakes, but under Poch he could become a strong defender. An interesting fact is, that Sanchez wasn't in the Ajax match on Saturday. I feel very bad for Ajax who has lost to Heracles. But losing Tete they are now using Veltman permanently on the right, who is CRAP when not playing in the centre, but it also shows, how important Sanchez is when playing. Something tells me he could also come as back up for Wany
  6. Oh dear Danny Boy...

    understandable. How long did Harry and Toby need to wait for their increase of wages? On the other side he didn't really showed much last season, could also be just a kinda strategy to tempt the boss
  7. 2017 Summer Transfers - Confirmed

    Rose sums it up, what I feared. Comparing to other clubs and players and the wages they earn, our lads seem to be naive playing for far less than these players from the elite clubs. For the types of players we were looking for the last 2 seasons I know Levy wanted to sell Kane and that for sure. Why? Simple, he didn't want to raise his wages! Rose is in the club nearly as long as Kyle and now Walker is leaving its only understandable, why Rose starts to think over a possible move. I also like why he emphasized the fact that he knows what he is WORTH and wants to make SURE TO GET WHAT HE IS WORTH. I'm absolutely sure he is talking about Levy and the way he outsmarts his own players at the expense loosing them! Thx for that example. But on the other hand he must be under the influence of others, cause NAMES win no games! They will help you sell more shirts (lol) but doesn't guarantee anything. And Rose must know himself that wether Modric, Bale, Harry, Alli or Walker and even himself weren't any names before they have made them a NAME!!!!
  8. 2017 Summer Transfers - Confirmed

    In the meanwhile I dare to maintain I know Levys habits. :D Two reasons why we haven't got Sandro. Number one. Sandros contract and number teo permanent playing time. I guess Everton knew in winter they will sell Lukaku and were looking for a replacement. We on the other side needed a back up last summer and I guess the price for Sandro was too high for Levy (and Poch) at that time, who werent convinced enough of his performance. Thats why they decided to sign Janssen who was top scorer in Holland. But it seems they never questioned the level of the dutch lesgue comparing to La Liga. Olé
  9. 2017 Summer Transfers - Confirmed

    We must keep nobody, but would be in our interest if they are going to sell Vince and Sissoko. As I said, Sissoko is over his peak and if Poch has signed him as a winger he is first absolutely wrong, cause he should play in the centre and second Sissoko shouldn't been signed at all. Klaassen, would have made sense, or Wijnaldum for the offensive mid who can score from second row and who can compete with Eriksen while we have more options. Antonio would also have made sense as a winger, so as Promes, Antonio with his working rate and Promes with his skills. Also a young Helder Costa from the Wolves but who is currently injured unfortunately. Every single player that I named would have been cheaper, younger and would have made more sense than Sissoko. Now we fear to lose him, cause the idiots from our club are so shit frightened and insecure of signing a flop again and that is the reason why we haven't seen a new player so far. If we can get Balde instead of Sissoko, okay. But keep in mind that Balde has been playing on the left for the last couples of years and will need time to get used to the other side. Risky, cause as you all remember Son also seemed to flop, but when he started to play in his natural position he flourished. And once he had his confidence he started to swap positions, just as Pochettinos system intended! But what does this mean for Cockadou when Balde is on his way? If he is on the way, like the 2345 other players who are linked with us! To sell Vince to Marseille would be riskier, cause Balde isn't a striker as many of this cheese-headed journos maintain. As I said he is a winger and if the rumors are right, Poch is an idiot thinking Son could backup Kane, or any other else!? Lets try Dier as striker, hmmm... or why not Vorm, maybe he turns out to be good at this position. It also wouldn't be a brainer selling him NOW. I have an own theory about dutch strikers, but Vince could be an exemption, cause he showed in the past he is a late-comer. So give him a chance till winter and if he doesn't make the bill there are many cheap options out there. But if you haven't got a clue you will send your scouts watching the wrong players and we'll end up with Soldados, Zahas, Bents, Rasiaks and Postigas. 2 options and I swear to god they can't be any worse than Janssen. The Lambert kinda striker Poch was always looking for, Alexander Prijovic (as a Croat I won't suggest serbs if I'm not convinced) and Irani Saman Ghoddos. Both give different options and are tagged under 2 Million and would probably be more successful than Janssen. Of course as backups!!!
  10. Sissoko Loan to Super Lig

    The super Lig of pensioners. I thought clubs like Besiktas and Trabzon have learned from the past and will stop chasing discarded players, but they haven't. Turkey is just signing names. Bad for the academy and their talents, in Trabzons case Ömür, Tosun. But I guess the clubs do what ever they want and gave a shit what the supporters are thinking. Although I think Trabzon isn't that stupid as Gala, Fener and (yes again) Besiktas are. Yasici for example is a great Talent in the making and Yilmaz is back to Turkey after a little liaison with the chinese nouveaux riches. Tbh Sissoko would give them a boost and the special something they need to play for the title. And if its true we get Balde instead, it would be okay loosing on him
  11. Prediction time

    thx, if Coutinho will move to Barcelona, Liverpool is out of the title race and the top 4 of course
  12. 2017 Summer Transfers - Confirmed

    Have you been playing golf with Levy in the last couple of weeks? BFF? I am aware of what Levy did and does economically for the neighborhood, district and its people around WHL and that makes him to a great chairman. But he is one of the worst by far when it comes to transfers. You have said it yourself, Chelsea would not have sold to us, but they did to Everton. His negotiating skills were always praised, but his success was and is overshadowed by frustration and fury of chairmen of other clubs. Rudy Voeller is a good example. He was raving when Leverkusen had lost out on Son, because of legit and legal terms. Same for Lisbon when Dier left the club for almost nothing, just because Levy tricked the portoguese club the worst. So you better don't count on players from Portugal in the next years, especially from Sporting! And why the bloody hell has he left Willian "home alone" in London? Btw what is the bum Boas doing? Get this, he is in the toughest League in the world... CHINA, or better known in the recent past as the CHING CHING league! were he can act tough again, after he failed with the unbeatable men from St. Petersburg, what actually isn't possible, if... but only IF you are a manager and not a clown! Instead of firing Baldini, Boas should have been fired, no, he shouldn't even been signed, after the faker was sacked at Chelshit. Btw in the same year di Mateo (another super manager, Im sarcastic) has won the CL-title and . Next he paid over 20 mill for Nkoudou and Njie, but wets his pants, exactly now, when it seems the blind hens in our scouting team have finally found the right french kiddo these summer after two failures the years before! On top of this, I hate his bloody delaying tactics, as if he wants us to believe everything is under control. But that has more of a very bad performed scene from Samuel Beketts play "Waiting for Godot"! We missed out on so many players because of his tactics. An absolute pain in the ass and became so predictable. 32 million on dead line day for Sissoko says all. What, was he worth last season, 70 million? Seems the newcastle chairman cut a finer figure than Levy IMO! In some way our lads are naive comparing them to others and the ridiculous sums they are getting from the bigger clubs. Its Poch "philosophy", our success, the many changes at the elite clubs, our discipline and the spirit that is holding our lads together and not Levy. Once is clear Pochettino enjoys Levy's trust, but which has suffered from mispurchase in the last seasosn. Poch is probably more careful, but is also aware of Levys unorthodox ways leading negotiations! Its a patt situation. Levy doesnt want to waste money again. Poch doesn't want to sign another flop! it only needs one domino to bring the others to fall and this transfer period could be an acid test But as Hoddle quoted, "we need new signings. we weren't ready and we aren't ready yet, if we don't sign new players!" Players of course, who can play at a higher level and replace our key players!
  13. Spurs on US tour

    Have I missed something? When have we started talking about Kakadou and the Chris Pratt double? ;)
  14. 2017 Summer Transfers - Confirmed

    I remember well, that it was Dier in his debute who scored a gosl in his first match played as right back. But theres a reason, why he is not playing in that position and Trips get the preference. For Lisbon he played the left CB, of course he can play in def mid, but I think I don't need to tell you, Wany is better. At the moment he plays the best in a 3 men defensiv line, along Toby and Verts IMO. The interest in Kondogbia could also mean we'll lose out on him. Bayern is ready to splash 50 million for his services. Funny, R. Sanchez turned out to be a flop (no surprise) and Tolisso must improve his defensive skills. But honestly their interest in Dier is a real surprise to me and won't make the bill. Bad for the english national team, cause Dier will be a 50 million bench warmer at Bayern. I personally don't panic, but Im a realist and its just logic, that if you can't keep the quality and replace key players in your team you will lose
  15. Tottenham Hotspur vs Juventus ticketing

    agree, a very under-motivated Juventus. Buffon was awful. After the shameful match against Shitty, something tells me we will win, cause it was a friendly and says nothing. Tbh the only people that have won today are betting shops and Spurs believers. Hope Trips isn't injured too bad. Davies was outplayed so many times by Curdado, he really lacks pace