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  1. 2018 Winter Transfer Window

    I know what you mean Royce, but even Usain would have football skills and qualities, he won't work I'm afraid, cause Pochs narrow and predictable system, so as single players like Dembs don't allow a fast counter attack. In some cases he is a better version of Henderson. Its more the system, the formation, the understanding of players and their decisions that are fasten up or slowing down the game. Strange... know I understand why Poch is looking to replace Dembele with a player like Kondogbia. Hmm... Interesting Poch must think he could be a kind of player Pogba is! Anyway, players like Vardy and Mahrez are good examples that super fast and pacy wingers are not necessary. Cause if the system is set to the advantages of the striker and the winger they will find a way. And if you have wingers with a great shooting and passing accuracy, dribbling skills and who can profit from the momentum like Mahrez do, you don't necessarily need speed. Players like Hazard for example, David and Bernardo Silva are proving the same, there are not pacey but efficient on the ball. All they have is acceleration, what is more important IMO and who have the understanding of switching fast from a defensiv formation to an offensive formation and use the momentum. Forget the formation they show you on the tele, fact is that they broadcasted a 4-3-3 formation, but the reality was that Utd played in a defensiv 4-4-1-1 against Citeh in the derby last weekend. Next is the system, thats why the man marking became so difficult. The offensive midfielders or wingers are switching their position from side to side to confuse the defense (like we do from time to time), that means if you are not focused enough or very bad in the shell game you will lose your head easily when the attackers are spinning around you. Now you have Sane and Sterling who are super fast, but Mourinho was aware of that and had almost 10 players at the back, including Lukaku who was to blame for both of the goals Citeh scored. But they scored them as result of standards not because of their way of playing. One corner kick and one free kick. Standards have decided and the lack of concentration or nervousness from a player (Lukaku) that led to individual mistakes and goals. What I want to say is Sane, Jesus and Sterling are two of the fastest players in the PL and I'm sure faster and more skillful than Zaha and they were outplayed! Firmino, Salah and Mane outplayed! LaCloset, Sanchez and Iwobi outplayed. Its like the lower clubs have mixed concrete. Poch system isn't wrong, but it becomes more and more predictable. Even on Youtube and other platforms his tactics are explained, that means you have to change your system when you recognize its not working anymore. To have more options upfront its a no brainer and pacy wingers can help, especially when the opponent plays a high defensive line, but this is the tactic of bigger clubs who wants to boss their opponents and call the tune, but a high defensive line is vulnerable. Best example Citeh against Monaco last season in the Ko stages of the CL. But what if 10 men are defending and the defensive line sits deep? Pace is not the answer I'm afraid! In that case it needs ideas from the coach, creativity, the will, passion and individuality from the players and two big fat hairy balls to dare the impossible. Unpredictability is the key word. Best example Saul against Bayern Munich. Sorry for my english, but I hope I could explain my point and you understand! :D
  2. PL: Manchester City v TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR

    You are very optimistic. I'm not. We were helpless in the cup when we played Citeh in the USA and we had Wany and Toby in the line up. Our team struggled and Poch seemed clueless. I hope he watched the Manchester Derby carefully and won't repeat the same mistakes, long balls are not the answer and it makes no sense to mark every single player, even they are called Silva and de Bruyne. They will find their way even you double or tripple mark them. But although I think Utd shit their pants most of the time they were unlucky cause Lukaku was involved in both Citeh goals. So a single player can decide the game. Thats why we have to be focused and concentrated the whole match even we have to play 10 minutes in extra time. If Pep decides to let Sterling play as a kind of false 9 we must profit from that. Sterling is shit in this position and hardly find his mates, cause his passes are awful and he makes a lot of mistakes. Another thing is the pairing of Otamendi and Mangala in central defense, cause Stones and Kompany seem to miss the match. Otamendi and Mangala know each other from their time in Porto, but nevertheless they haven't played often at Citeh, also because Mangala was out on loan and is fourth in the picking order when it comes to the line up ranking. Although I think we will probably lose 3:0 or 5:2 I hope Liam Gallagher is right who is a big Manchester City fan but predicted a win from Tottenham. As he predicted the buildings in NY will be blown up he predicted we'll win last weekend before the derby started, so I hope he is right for the match and will become something of a modern John the Seer on drugs!
  3. 2018 Winter Transfer Window

    I was one of the supporters, as others on this forum who disliked him for the reasons I have already explained. But we are all thankful that he transformed under the Poch and improved his awful crossing skills. The goal against the wankers is memorable, I remember well, but how many goals of the same kind has he scored after that? I'm afraid none. Otherwise he would be the Stephen Curry in football and worth at least something about 400 million. So maybe its more like the phrase, even a blind hen finds a corn. And if its about shots from distance, John Bostock must have become a Legend. But this is as true as David Bentley became our private Beckham! Or was it Beckham who called his privates David and Bentley? I don't know
  4. 2018 Winter Transfer Window

    Exactly, good point and perfectly proves how average Zaha is. I compare Zaha with Gayle cause he is cast in the same mould! In fact Gayle is better stat wise. Anyway, I'm still waiting for Zaha's predicted breakthrough, but I get tired of waiting, cause I'm waiting for years! 1 goal in the seasons debut against Chelsea who lost the match because of an own goal, funny cause it was not the first time that happened in this pairing. 1 goal against a discarded Bilic eleven and 1 goal against Everton managed by their interim. Wow.... so amazing. So awesome (sorry, I'm sarcastic) Cause the rest of the last matches - nothing! No hocus pocus, magic or anything special from him. One of the most overhyped players in the PL who has one good match against a struggling club like Watford and he is hailed and praised in the media. He may be a good transfer, but not for that money. As I say, for the demanded sum I would rather go and sign Mahrez instead. Next, the reason why he looks so accurate against the defense is the fact that he is playing for Crystal Palace. He won't get that chances when he is playing for us or other top clubs I'm afraid. You may not forget that mid table and lower teams are playing in different ways when facing smaller, equal or bigger clubs. That means when they are facing Palace they will play more offensive while they would play more defensiv when they play against us for example. And tbh Zaha can't even profit from the counters against equal or smaller teams. Best example his last matches this season. A very interesting fact is, that he hasn't played against Utd and Citeh. Of course because of his injury, or was it to keep his value and rating on the transfer market right? Cause I remember the same score of 5:0 against Palace when they faced Citeh last season WITH Zaha in the line-up. Same for United. All that glitters is not gold!
  5. 2018 Winter Transfer Window

    He was hated Tonto, before the successful transformation under the Poch!!! Rose, Bentaleb and not to mention Mason had the most errors in a game that led to a goal for wrong decisions and miserable interceptions and bad marking, now we know AVB was the worst transfer we ever made. Thanks to god, times have changed and Danny became one of the best on his position and his absence will be cruel, cause he is the last dinosaur left since Walkers away.
  6. 2018 Winter Transfer Window

    Zaha is only a winger while Lamela can also be used as a "tenner". Lamela may not be the fastest, but Zaha is nothing but fast. Speed isn't a necessity otherwise Poch would have kept Clint
  7. 2018 Winter Transfer Window

    I think its more of a fetish! :D
  8. 2018 Winter Transfer Window

    We don't need to cash in big, when many cheaper options are to find. But it needs scouts of high quality to find them. We would have our perfect striker in Batshuayi. I understand Levy, 33 million is too much, but 40 million for Sanchez as well. The funny thing is that we could have signed him for 15 - 18 mill when we had react on time. I still believe it would be a steal to sign Ghoddos from Ostersunds, even he will need his time, he could be used in a part deal for Cenk Tosun, if we are really interested. But tbh Cenk is also another Harry Kane replacement. What I also don't understand is, why nobody is aware of the qualities of Basel striker Oberlin, who had some great games so far. Especially in the CL. Basel is also known for their talents. Rakitic, Xhaka and Salah just to name few and the price is very low in comparison with the ridiculous prices in todays football! Sure Zaha has his qualities, but as many times before, we are too late and this fixation on Zaha stop us from seeing new opportunities and to be honest before I pay 40 million for Zaha I rather spend the same amount on Mahrez. But there are also cheaper options to find. Baily from Leverkusen for example seems to have arrived in the german BL. The pacy winger can play both sides and is very tricky on the ball, same goes for the Brazilian Neres from Ajax, who keeps on were he stopped last season. Both are just 20 and play on a high level. Although I think the german league is stronger than the dutch, what explains Bailys actual rating of 9 million. And we all witnessed what can happen to young forwards from the Eredivisie when they move to England without a stopover. Depay is the best example, not to mention Janssen. So caution is required when scouting in Holland! As others already mentioned, Barkley would be a good ad when we need more physical presence in the mid and I do think we need more options when Eriksen, or Dele have their menstruation and won't give anything to the game. Its funny, cause it seems they always have their period at the same time. Anyway, I want to use the possibility to introduce you one of my compatriots from Croatia. Many young guns from Croatia are compared with Modric although they have nothing in common with him. But I have made out one player, who really have similar attitudes. Modric started as an attacking midfielder, but was often used as a winger too. Lovro Majer can also play these positions and has interception qualities as Modric has. He is a fighter, have a great shot and have an eye for his mates and he is just 19 years old. No, he is not a Dinamo Zagreb player, he is playing for Lok Zagreb and has his regular playing time. We all know the day will come Rose will left us. From one of the most hatred players, Rose become the teachers pet and one of our popular figures. But 40 million for Fulham's Ryan Sessegnon? Instead to look forward wisely and sign a proper left back, we accepted Vorm and Davies as apart deal for Siggy. Sure not bad, but not ideal. Ben is a hard worker, but we all know he is not first team material, although I'm happy that he got more runs out during Rose's absence. But IMO we should have signed Cresswell who would be Roses successor and who would make a great replacement for him. He and Trips were outstanding in the championship and similar to Trippier he would have cost us nothing. I dont know how many messages I wrote to our office, but was ignored as usual. Same for Telles who is one of Portos key players now. Not only that he is gifted with a great left foot, he seems to understand the way Pochettino is looking to play. A very offensiv minded defender who runs his socks off. He is great at crosses, thats why he takes the corner and free kicks and with his experience in different clubs he is a complete modern full back. But rated at 7 million he is still an option IMO. Baba Rahman would also be a great addition, who seems to be out of favor in Conte's Chelshit. At 6.5 million he is really fallen off and discarded as one of the best left backs I know and would deserve another chance. This lad is just 23 ffs!!!! Ok. I think thats enough for today! XD
  9. 2018 Winter Transfer Window

    With Bergwijn the next flop is on the way. Of course only if the rumors are true!!!
  10. 2018 Winter Transfer Window

    Take care what you wish. I believe in an AC Milan sway and would rather concentrate on their flops than tops. The rumors about Suso are frightening me, first I don't trust the Serie A (cause I thing its a corrupted and an overhyped league), second the experience showed that everything turned to shit what Milan touches! (the real) Ronaldo, Kaka, Zambrota, Robinho, Balotteli, Pato, Schewa, Ibra (who was shit for Barca) and academy talent Mastour (they destroyed him)... I think Silva was the only player who succeeded from his time at Milan. On the other side you'll find players like El Shaarawy or Aubermeyang who have flopped at the Bunga Bunga Club, but succeeded elsewhere (St. Etienne/Dortmund, Roma) Now Lammy is back, we need an attacking midfielder and not a right wing!!!!!
  11. CL: TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR v Apoel Nicosia

    Nkoudou made some good runs and outplayed the opponent 2 or 3 times with a back heel, but he needs more time in the gym. His shots are awful and beautifully soft. Its like a girl is shooting, although many girls have a harder shot on goal than him. Don't see a problem with that why Vorm became Cpt. Rose just came back from his injury and wanted to leave in summer. Dembs hasn't played. Alli is too immature. Winks, Foyth, GKN too young. Llorente, Aurier, Sanchez just signed and I guess Poch won't make friends when he would have chosen Sissoko. Son isn't the best in English and for the picking order it makes sense to choose Vorm. First for the reasons named before, second as sign of respect and third, Vorm may not be the better goalkeeper skill wise, but he is more enthusiastic and incentive than the french man.
  12. 2018 Winter Transfer Window

    Nope, you don't understand anything
  13. 2018 Winter Transfer Window

    Linked with Kondogbia as replacement for Dembs I really question Pochettinos sanity? Does he have a clue of his own team potential and the skills his players bring to the game? If anything Kondogbia is a replacement for Dier and Wanyama. Okay he is more technical but if it were up to me I would have signed Tolisso, cause he meets the expectations a deep laying playmaker must meet, but its too late now. 2 goals for Bayern against PSG. What I have learned through the years, our scouts wouldn't notice a talent even they are at the stadium. Watching Njie they neither have noticed Tolisso, nor Fekir and that tells me a lot. We made an approach when it was too late and made no sense to Levy financially. We could also have signed Nzonzi who had PL experience, when noticed that Dembs is an injury prone and needs replacement. But no, no reaction.Meanwhile Nzonzi have won the EL two times in a row for Sevilla! What are our options? Beside the fact that Sissoko shouldn't have signed at all, he would be a better option in midfield than at the flanks, but no, he is still more often used as a winger. Even Paulinho would be better than Sissoko. Anyway, if Alli would be trained he would also be an option as cm, but no, he is still told to do... wait, what exactly is he told to do? Although I like the lad I must say that Winks is absolutely not ready. Maybe he is good enough for cup games, but to be honest, he is an insecurity I wouldn't risk full 90 minutes even against clubs like Swansea or Burnley. But we could also go for a new midfielder! As many other clubs we are linked with Dani Ceballos. A very talented young midfielder who make notice of him playing for the U-21 for Spain and become the best player of the EURO. Would be a nice player, but I doubt we can sign him and regarded to our positioning I doubt he wouldn't want that either. But what I can see is a loan and to be honest Real really owes us something. The thing is, we cannot risk to spend high for a youngster who haven't proved. He is good, but he would probably cost us 40 million. Thats why a loan with a signing opportunity at the end of the contract would be wise! Sometimes you would find players that aren't very glamorous or noticeable because of their "fancy" hairstyle or headlines in the articles, but so remarkable in their averageness that they become outstanding if you take a closer look. Similar to Rudy who was one of the most underrated players in Germany, before he gets the attention he deserves at least, is Pascal GroƟ. The new player from Brighton who just signed a contract in summer is dangerously underrated. With 3 goals and 6 assists at the moment he is one of the best at his position (only de Bruyne is better) and his rating is as good as Eriksens when it comes to creating chances! When you follow his development its not surprising. Instead to move to bigger clubs and keep the bench warm he decided to play for a small club to get his playing time. The PL is lunatic when it comes to transfer fees, but at 6 million he is a bargain, also because he could be used against lower or middle teams for sure. But as always, we won't react in winter. Drop points, lose key-players and won't even see EL next year. But the main thing is, we have a new stadium!

    Fail investments like Sissoko, Janssen and Llorente, but most of all extreme over-estimation of their abilities

    We are lucky that the chinese mafia put their bets on a draw. Good example for bribery. It was handball