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  1. PL: TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR v Bournemouth

    What a lucky bastard Begovic is
  2. PL: TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR v Bournemouth

    God what a bad performance from the lads so far. I nearly fell asleep for the tempo we play and although the match seemed to be frozen in midfield, it was Bournmouth who had the better chances. I like Dele's self esteem but the flick he made in the box in the early minutes when Eriksen took the free kick was unnecessary and prevent Sanchez from taking the volley. IMO it would have been a 100% goal. For me Winksy shows great potential but needs time. Today I wish he would dare to risk more. Of course deliberated, but should try the unpredictable. A shot from outside for example! Dier looks very rigid and only plays the safe passes. Wish he could play faster too. Eriksen is the best offensiv man. Nothing to see from Dele, Son and Kane. Toby solid, Sanchez struggles with the pace from King. Verts a good replacement for Ben. Trips does was he can best, disturbing players and cross the ball. Hope the second half time is better. We are lucky only because Bournmouth can't take their chances! 1:0 Well done Christian!!!
  3. PL: TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR v Bournemouth

    Righty right! The next one who believes Sissoko is better in central mid than at the wings! ;) Guess the formation will decide. Don't believe Bournmouth will hide. In a 4-4-1-1 they will drown. glug glug glug...
  4. PL: TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR v Bournemouth

    He is a wanker, what else have you expected?
  5. PL: West Ham United v TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR

    Same here. I also think, we'll be the winner in a tight 2:1, or should I see 1:2? But don't be too euphoric, its the first match of the day. Could be a surprise win for the hammers
  6. THFC v Barnsley

    Not long I guess. I know we are talking about the turkish league, but Janssen on the other side scored and assist a goal in two matches. Hope he gain confidence again. Best thing to loan him, otherwise he could end like Soldado. btw Soldado and Vince a team comrades! ;)
  7. THFC v Barnsley

    Bloody hell, is this cup really that important? No channels to watch the match!
  8. THFC v Barnsley

    Your dream come true
  9. Is there a plan B

    We'll see its all about the mentality my good old friend. Just take a look at Barcelona. Dembele is good, but he shit his pants. When they introduced him medially and all eyes were on him, he looked like a 10 year old without any skills. In the CL match he looked lost and Barca like they were playing only with 10 men. The media does the rest and interpret things their own way. The next thing, O. Dembele is not the brightest. I fear its the reason why he got injured now and will be sidelined for half a season. Another thing that influences these young lads are agents, family and friends. Just take Rose for example and if its true Dele has fired his agent and is in talks with Raiola (Pogba agent) The pressure is high for these young lads. Keep focused Alli
  10. PL: TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR v Swansea City

    For me Fabianski is MOTM!!! We played very well, also had many chances but it didn't clicked for us. And its as Cromo said Swansea defended very well. Also the tactical advises from the coach and the formation 3-5-2 were excellent. Of course Davies is a better left back, but Poch is demanding more and looks for an attacking full back. Without being disrespectful we must have won the match and Poch tried Son in a new position cause the Swansea game seemed to be the right one to make an experiment. And thats good, cause you need to try out new systems and formations, otherwise you get predictable. Even Arsenal played in a new formation in the younger past. And it makes sense to me, Son has a high defensive working rate and is able to run the flanks up and down. You need to rotate players when you are multiple burdened and with the absence of Rose Poch is looking for other options. But IMO it would have made more sense to sign a new left back, also because Rose is dreaming of a super contract with one of the elite clubs. I also think Dembele is better in the centre were his natural position is and if getting the chance he will be fine there, cause its the only position I see for him in our team. Sissoko had a miserable shot on target but comparing him to Dembele his shooting accuracy is far better and that is possibly one of the reasons Sissoko started against the Swans, cause in the end he also worked for the Everton match. Partly I see very good runs from Sissoko in to free spaces, but nobody put him into action. If Son had scored, Sissoko would have given the assist! Same for Kanes shot on the frame. In fact Sissoko was involved in many creating chances, lets give him a try in centre mid! But playing Aurier in the mid is nonsense and hopefully Poch will let off from that idea. It makes more sense to play Trips at right mid and Aurier as right back in a 4-2-3-1 start with Llorente and bring the long ball. If you have a giant in your ranks use his advantages ffs. What we needed is somebody like Lamela, or if you want Edwards (you know better if he is ready). A tricky player, a dribbler who can go behind the defenders and attacked players to cause problems. I think we underestimated Swansea and IMO nobody is to blame, except the referee and of course the betting mafia the referees are working for! :D
  11. 2017 Summer Transfers - Confirmed

    Wait and see! The season just began. I often agree with you but I'm not sure for Ibe. I follow Ibe for a very long time, but tbh I don't think Ibe has more potential than any of our current wingers. We need an increase. I don't say Ibe is bad and maybe Bournmouth is the right club for him to be at the moment to develop, but we need more than that. And even Ibe has his breakthrough this season, Liverpool will be the first to askk, cause they installed a pay back clause. You need to work for the collective, thats all. You can be the best football player on the planet if you can't work with the team you are worth a shit. Best example Christina for Madrid before he started to become more and more a team player. But that also depends on the manager, system and formation. Like Siggy who works for Swansea as playmaker in a 4231. But who fails for Everton and failed for us under AVB, cause he can't play on the flanks. But on the other side, if players work in the collective, sometimes it looks they are better than they really are. Best example Leister. Or players from Huddersfield at the moment or the de Boer brothers in their days in the great orange era! btw good bye de Boer, I'm glad you haven't signed for us!!!! I'm sorry for the home grown talents, cause there are many of them. But its fact that the best prospects from England are benched for the billionaire clubs and get no chance because foreign superstars get the preference. Why? Cause only these clubs can afford the horrendous sums Brit kids cost!
  12. PL: TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR v Swansea City

    meanwhile in the bet shops "fucking hell, I lost because of these bloody bin dippers" "It was clear from the outset that City will run over Watford. But I wasn't sure about them, cause Watford had a decent game last week!" "Nah, fuck off. I'll put all my money on a Tottenham walkover. At least 4:0 they have beaten Dortmund. I mean... Dortmund!" ERRRRRRRRRRRR NOPE. Wrong decision!!!
  13. PL: TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR v Swansea City

    Nice that you noticed that Serge is a hothead. :) the wuestion is can poch handle him. If he can, Aurier will become one of the best on his position. That is RIGHT BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ffs
  14. PL: TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR v Swansea City

    Who should replace them? No competition my friend
  15. Is there a plan B

    No, cause we didn't invest in midfield and have no alternatives to Harry. Llorente isn't the real deal, just a replacement for him, cause he doesn't offer any special. Too similar for me