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  1. Yeah I had to google him

    Oh yes I do.... I often miss putts..... lol you got some nice Golf courses in Carolina....
  2. Deli and dier

    Good points, but I really do think Martial is an upgrade on Son... by a huge amount. Greater potential as well in my opinion. I think that the Toby thing is being quietly sorted out behind the scenes.
  3. Two Kyle Walkers ?

  4. A four-ball of guys were waiting at the men’s tee while four women were hitting from the women’s tee. It was a fine spring day and the ladies were not rushing. When the final woman had her ball teed up she hacked it about ten feet. Calmly, she walked over to it and addressed it again. This time she whiffed it completely. Taking a third try at it she hacked it another ten feet and finally on her fourth swing she whacked it an additional five feet. At this point she looked up at the men who were patiently waiting and said apologetically, “I guess all those fucking lessons I took over the winter didn’t help at all.” To which one of the men immediately responded, "Well, there you have it. You should have taken golf lessons instead”
  5. Yeah I had to google him

    Martial is at Yanited, so no surprise that citeh said "no"... lol
  6. Two Kyle Walkers ?

    Haha The new Kyle Walker (Peters) has ALREADY won more than the old Kyle Walker did in his time at THFC.... He has a World Cup Winners Medal and even won a Man of the Match award every time he has played in the first team..... I don't think the old Kyle Walker EVER won it ..... Oh the irony. lolololololol
  7. PL: Newcastle United v TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR

    First game of the season away at the barcodes.... Good 2-0 win, and already getting some unwanted attention even before he scored, Dele gets the first goal and then takes the p*** out of Matt Richie in his own inimitable way..... when they come after him two at a time... Nutmeg !
  8. Yank new guy question

    Absolutely correct .
  9. PL: Newcastle United v TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR

    That debut is one of the best that I can remember for a young player since I saw Ledley King for the first time. The kid didn't give the ball away once ! Made lots of interventions and blocks.... they targetted him from the first minute and he won his first aerial duel, and just got better and better. Was stretching their defence with his positioning wide on the right. That will be a good ploy at our temporary home....
  10. Chelsea Implodes

    So, step up to the plate.... Scrooge and The Artful Dodgers........ Lets go to Toon on the oppo !
  11. Chelsea Implodes

    So, all that money those lot spunked has been worthwhile then......
  12. PL: Newcastle United v TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR

    Hey, that's actually very funny..... you got a new scriptwriter for Edinburgh ? lol You got that flag up yet ? read that book on Gilly ?
  13. Oh dear Danny Boy...

    Yeah, like a storm in a teacup/rosebowl even ? You make a good point about nobody picking up on a a possible undercurrent, but as he says, he was alone whilst being injured, and had a lot of thinking time, and maybe instead of talking to his manager, he spoke to his agent. Saw that he could make a few £££££ from the sun/(c****s and dived in.... maybe that the air has been cleared with a fine and apology it will all calm down again. of course, something that may have changed The Poch's view about recruitment was the injury to Trippier, and maybe Barkley was always on the cards, just a matter of him recovering from his surgery/whatever. What we are told is probably different to what the players are told...
  14. Oh dear Danny Boy...

    Maybe he was forced to read this out and they all swallowed it ?
  15. Oh dear Danny Boy...

    Personally, I don't believe all that about the applause. I know its a controversial thing to say but, I honestly think that the tosspot journos make things up... Does anybody think that is a bit far fetched ? I know it seems rather unlikely and surely The Sun wouldn't ever do that would they ? they have a reputation to protect after all..... C***s