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  1. ITK - Non football stuff

    James, I started skiing when I was 43, got reasonably good, and brave, then had a big tumble after probably taking on too much off-piste. Just stick to the piste now...
  2. ITK - Non football stuff

    I started a golf thread, as i know a lot of footie fans/players are into it as well as me. Is this the correct place to pursue it further ? I am actually due to play with David Howells next month.....
  3. Come on England !

    I think we have one player in the squad ? I can't find anywhere that confirms the squad..... There might be a German player appearing that we have apparently shown interest in..... Oh, and maybe Alfie Mawson ... Still laugh everytime I hear the cautious way that the German managers name is pronounced........
  4. Language Timothy

    The Corner Pin was always the meeting place of choice...... back in the 70s.....
  5. selling club

    I had forgotten about him, looked good when he first played..... Aggressive as well, from what i remember.. good shout.
  6. Injury to Son

    Probably the worst possible injury for Sonny.... I hope it doesn't mean that his elaborate hand choreographed goal celebrations will be affected .......
  7. White Hart Lane or.......

    I wouldn't mind 'NIKE at White Hart Lane' 'Nike at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium' or similar, but if the big big money demands selling out, then so be it. From everything that I have seen already regarding the new Stadium, DL hasn't missed a trick, I'm sure he won't let it go cheaply or in a tacky way like woolwich did....... Mind you "Always White Hart Lane"....... has a great feel to it. Unless its https://www.always.co.uk/en-gb lol
  8. African players

    Victor being from Kenya, should not be away too long, as I understand that he is not surrounded by players of the same level of ability. That said he is probably the closest that they will get to a Bale for Wales scenario, and would obviously not want to let his country down. Hopefully The Poch will supplement our squad to the required level, with the right kind of players, to limit the effects of any absences, for international duties and injuries. I remain positive about next season, after a superb campaign which was just missing a trophy to make it perfect. Every day I check the reliable official club news site hopeful of a signing or two to boost our squad. COYS
  9. selling club

    I read somewhere that he wants to beat Jimmy Greaves' goals tally at THFC, he really would be King then.....
  10. White Hart Lane or.......

    From another forum : There has been some discussion (on Spurs based forums/ Facebook pages) on whether we should keep the name “White Hart Lane” or not. The majority, it seems, wants to keep WHL. White Hart Lane stadium was demolished, as was our first home on Tottenham Marshes, followed by Northumberland Park. All part of our history, but now gone (nobody is clambering to keep those days; accept probably the dead). Each time we moved we looked towards the future… not backwards. White Hart Lane is synonymous with the stadium that was demolished, but was our home from 1888 to 2017. Now we look to the future, with a new name and new glories ahead of us. We are now living in an era where money decides our transfer policies. This means clubs that are ambitious need a steady and great income (not just through the turnstiles or television rights). Tottenham has a unique opportunity to get a greater and wider wealth than we could at the old White Hart Lane; i.e. through naming rights (for the new stadium) and rent from the grounds that surround the new stadium, and which Tottenham Hotspur FC own. Look at Arsenal’s Emirates stadium; a 60,000 seater stadium, however, they only own the stadium, not surrounding area, which means a limited income (compared to Spurs forward thinking). So why would we want to step backwards and forsake that extra income so that we can keep a name that belongs to another era and past history? The future is for Spurs to take, but only if we forwardly think and not only build a great stadium, but a wealthy business project that can compete with the best clubs, not just in England, but the world. White Hart Lane belongs in our hearts, our memories and those Glory, Glory nights and days. Now we shall partake in a new phase in our history, let us grasp it with both hands. One other add-on: Spurs were known – in the 1960s – as the “Bank of England,” as we could compete financially for the best players that were available. The Premier League and the multi-billion takeovers of Premier League clubs pushed us down to mid-table (never competing for top honours, until recently, that is). We can reclaim that mantle, only if we take every opportunity that comes our way (i.e. charging for naming rights etc.). What are your thoughts?
  11. Latest News

    This guy has been mentioned a few times... Looks a lot like Toby in his style of play. the french league ain't up to much though, so hard to tell.......
  12. Latest News

    Actually you are correct about the location of my Golf posts. I thought I had put them in a non specific/off topic section. there isn't one on this site. I can't believe that you are "outta here" just for that.... I made 11 posts and received 20 replies on Golf stuff......... Boredin always liked stats........
  13. Stadium Cameras

    I love the speeded up videos... They have progressed so much since that amazing Finale...........
  14. Latest News

    I wasn't taking the piss out of you, I made no reference to you at all, just the site that you linked to.... that's why I added 'lol' after my comment, that's why I posted my reference to the media page that THFC.com link to..... which is also full of nonsense... Have you looked at the historical posts that I have put up ? Reference Alfie Conn, Jimmy Greaves and wonderful matches from the 60's, all of last season's goals... etc etc A forum is a place for discussion and opinion, preferably without profanity. We exchanged comments regarding the pitch size without any issues, I seem to remember..... My golf posts were posted in the correct area of the forum, and if you don't like them then you don't have to read them do you ?
  15. Latest News

    They are all so frustrated, all these so called experts, they just make up stuff, which is probably encouraged by the clubs to distract their attention away from the real business tha gets done. They even have this link on the THFC site, with all the media fiction..... http://www.tottenhamhotspur.com/news/spurs-media-watch/