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  1. Leicester City v TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR

    I have stated that so many times since 1962......... It ain't finished yet......
  2. Leicester City v TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR

    i have noticed so many changes in his game recently. In fact all of the main scorers look well coached now. There is hope for Vincent ! Did you notice how angry The Poch was when Sonny skied one early on, he literally leapt off the bench and indicated with his arms what Sonny should have done....keeping the ball low..... and later on..... he did - twice !
  3. Leicester City v TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR

    The Kane ! Even better than I wanted for !!!!!
  4. the most important matches left this season

    Mmmm, but the fans are not the manager/coach.... Koeman is professional, and I want woolwich to get top4 keep whinger, and have to sell thier (few) top players........ Bring on another season of unhappy dumb gooners ! I love it !
  5. the most important matches left this season

    No, because they are more professional than the chavs.
  6. What will you miss mostly......

    I heard a report on the radio that fans can request to be with their exisitng ST holders........
  7. Kyle To Leave ??

    Interesting little video from Kyle Walker.... also watch the tweet...."Tottenham till I die....." https://twitter.com/kylewalker2/status/864558161902129152
  8. Which Would You Rather Have?

    I just can't imagine Mahrez running around for 90 mins, whereas Zaha would do so....... Shame that he would be off to the African tournament....
  9. Levy Message To The Fans...

    The tv cameras only EVER showed him when we had conceded a goal, never just after we had scored. There is a great piece that I have posted before, which shows his genuine enthusiasm, for the team, the stadium , the fans and most of all the club. It was shown on tv, but I know that alot of my mates missed it..... Premier League World Special - Tottenham Hotspur
  10. What will you miss mostly......

    Fondly remember the songs from each section ringing out, which happened again on Sunday.... "We're the Park Lane (repeat)...................We're the Paxton (Repeat)......... " Missing was the loudest (in the day) "We're the Shelf side (Repeat)............
  11. Leicester City v TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR

    Blimey Rip Van Winkle is awake !
  12. Leicester City v TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR

    as he plays like one, how about Vulvia ?

    Actually, one of your better puns.... Clever as well.....

    Appoint her as your PA, and dictate your comments for the good lady to post for you......
  15. Leicester City v TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR

    yeah, but can we trust Sissoko to REALLY hurt him ? personally I would like him to kicked on the achilles tendon.....just like vardy did to Saints' Van Dijk,(who I would love to see at THFC...) which put him out of the game for a while recently.......