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  1. What did he do about it

    I don't really put it down to a 'blip' although that is how I like to refer to it. To me, it was more of an unusual run where things went wrong on the day. At times we didn't get the rub of the green where as the opponents did. Also, it is not unusual for players to have sub standard days. Both Liverpool and Arsenal have had a similar experience in their last two games. Also, we are going through a patch with unfortunate injuries to key players. I think individual things had an effect rather than a team imploding. We don't have a depth of squad to easily cope with a string of unfortunate events happening at the same time. Looking at it objectively, whilst it was a tad long, there were positives. We gave away soft early goals putting our selves under pressure but managed draws. We had teams parking two buses to spoil the game yet we still battled hard and put the effort in and avoided a string of defeats. The point is, was it actually a dip in form or was it a sequence of other things going on at the time that perhaps had a bit of an adverse effect? I am hopeful that regardless of the result next Saturday, we will ease back into having a string of steady performances and by the time February arrives, the ship will have steadied and we will still be in contention for a 3rd or 4th place with a team full of confidence again. COYS
  2. 2018 Winter Transfer Window

    The one thing that has really struck me is the diversity of opinion on here. We all see the same thing, but some rave and some at the same time others hurl abuse. My view that it is a human trait that very often opinions on here are expressed more from a subjective angle rather than objectively. I have seen posts on here extolling Rose and others slagging him off. There were Son lovers and others who hardly had a good word for him. Cromwell recently actually posted he had now changed his negative opinion to positive regarding Son. Sissoko is another that gets a lot of stick while others see improvement in him with a possible role for him within the side. The important thing to me is that on here we are allowed to express them without fear of being attacked for holding them. Just my point of view. COYS
  3. PL: Manchester City v TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR

    No! I simply revealed my hopes as I said. I shan't make a guess as during the 'blip' all my predictions were rubbish. lol
  4. PL: Manchester City v TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR

    When teams go on a long winning run, I have always felt that the longer it goes on the more a team tightens up. The other point is that City now hold the record outright having surpassed Arsenal's run of 14. Putting those two factors together, I am hoping that City may possibly relax and we take advantage of it. My one worry is our propensity to concede soft goals that throw away any good work. I am hoping for at least a draw and possibly sneaking a hard fought win. I shan't make a prediction as I have been a bit of a jinx during our 'blip'. COYS
  5. Cl - Last 16 Draw

    Using the Pollyanna theory (there is always some good to be found in any bad situation) - when we beat Juve, there will be another two top teams bound to be knocked out from the matches Chelsea v Barcelona and Real Madrid v PSG, so that means 3 of the better teams will be out. A decent last 8 draw and the semi final beckons. Audere Est Facere. COYS
  6. PL: TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR v Brighten & Hove Albion

    I see that almost without exception Deli is being included in the team selections posted on here. As you know, I do not have the same faith as others that he is as good as is claimed. My main view is that he has had more than enough opportunities this season to prove he is exceptional and, if he as good as pundits say, he should have got back to top form by now. Coutinho soon shrugged off his deep disappointment. However, I now am beginning to worry that if he keeps turning in, what is for him is below par performances, will his confidence start to suffer? Also, what is this doing to the moral of those who would be hoping for a chance to show what they can do? What do you guys think? Is it OK to just keep.persevering regardless, or are we reaching the time when we say, "Enough is enough", it is time to give someone else an opportunity? Brighton is well off being a top 6 team so if he is to be given a wake up call by being benched, this seems a good opportunity. Just a thought. COYS
  7. Cl - Last 16 Draw

    Ever the master of euphemisms, Crom. For me it is twitchy bum time, and when you have as many splinters in your arse as I do from sitting on the fence it is not pleasant. COYS
  8. PL: TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR v Brighten & Hove Albion

    Oy! Youngster like you are not allowed to use the 'Old age' excuse. That is the prerogative of really old wrinklies like me. lol COYS
  9. PL: TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR v Brighten & Hove Albion

    Now we appear to be back on track, Wednesday's match should be another comfortable win for us. Sonny and Harry back in the goals again. Hopefully Lamela will start and get a goal as well. I also hope Dele starts on the bench. COYS
  10. PL: TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR v Stoke City

    I agree absolutely. Over the last 30 years or so I have suffered copeable disappointment because expectations were lower - much lower. It has been a surprise, no a shock, that disappointment could be this painful when expectations of glory seemed so reachable. I suppose I am partly to blame for gloating so much over the last two years. Boy! Have those I gloated over laid into me over the last 3 weeks. It has taught me a lesson. If they go through hard times in the future and we are doing well I shall be more humble and sympathetic towards them. Fingers crossed the dream may somehow come true. The desire for it happen remains. But the confidence of it happening is difficult to hang on to when I look at the billions needed to compete with the super rich. So, yes, I agree - it does seem the only way to be a super rich club is get a very, very large helping hand from elsewhere. COYS
  11. So what’s he going to do about it

    All I would say is that Roses' name used to always be one of the first pencilled in before his injury and I see no real reason why he should now no longer be first choice for the important games regardless. However, you may be right and I am reading too much into it. But as Tonto says, journos are known to sometimes get things right. Either of us could be right - we'll just have to wait and see. COYS
  12. So what’s he going to do about it

    The fact that Poch is not bothering to give him much game time since returning from injury suggests to me it is already a done deal. I for one wouldn't be surprised to see coming to us in a swop deal. COYS
  13. PL: TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR v Stoke City

    And thereby is the nub of the problem. The hard work, footballing wise, has been achieved. Poch and this squad can do no more having already done outstandingly well. But the crux of the matter is if we cannot find the billions of pounds to match the super rich, the game of seeking permanent top club status is very likely over. My rich friends who live in very expensive houses, drive 3 litre BMWs and Mercedes, go on World cruises in the best suites on board are no better than I am at the bridge table. However, although I am comfortably off, I drive a Citroen C1, my 2 or 3 holidays are for 2 or 3 weeks each and in Tenerife or Spain or in the lower cabins on a cruise. I will never match them without winning the Lotto. That seems a good parallel to the Spurs situation. If Enic does not have the wherewithal to find the money needed I personally see only one other dangerous choice. That is to go heavily into debt to pay the top wages to keep and attract top players. Do we take this risk of going bankrupt, having to sell our players and become a journeyman EPL team with good and bad years, or do we accept that the position we are in now, a good 6th to 4th place contender each year and just concentrate on winning Cup competitions? Like you (in fact, encouraged by you bugger when I should have listened to ASC) I have fallen into the trap of allowing myself to believe we were on the cusp of greatness and I am now struggling not to feel down each day when I think of Spurs as each 'blip' occurs. Having to watch Arsenal, Liverpool and Chelsea turn the positions around and starting to walk away from us in the table for me is agony. I am surrounded by supporters from these 3 clubs although I live in Leicestershire having a go at me on top of all those Leicester fans. Spursgirl, my only other Spurs fan who I get to talk to face to face has stopped coming to the gym, so I am taking all this flack on my own. Knowing 2 of those 3 have to have a bad run while we start winning every match just so we can pinch 4th place is an intolerable strain on my patience. Telling myself there is still the transfer window and a lot of the season left is no consolation. Still, that is the only hope I have to hang on to for the moment. Come January the 4th when we have won all the matches up until then and the 3 the teams I have all mentioned have each lost 2, all will be good with the world and you can tell me to stop being such a wimp. lol COYS
  14. PL: TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR v Stoke City

    A good thought and difficult to put an exact figure on it. For me, it is what are we exactly talking about here. Is it the effect on just this season's performances or the effect on our dreams of moving towards becoming a genuine long term top European side. If it is the first, for me the word crisis is too strong as the opportunity to win something is available again next season. If it is how this is effecting the dream and will it scupper the good work already put in, then I feel we may possibly have a crisis looming if we do not put a long series of wins together waiting 2 of the top 5 above us to crash. At the moment we still have the EC and FA Cups to be the attraction o keep and attract in players. The possibility of offering a top finish for next season is currently not a certainty. In fact, being up against 5 other top 6 clubs we have a stiff fight on our hands. Should one of those saving graces fall away, life for the dream to flourish will diminish. Lose both and then, as far as the dream is concerned, imo it becomes a crisis. COYS
  15. PL: TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR v Stoke City

    I really do not want this current 'blip' to extend itself. Poch and the players, like me, will be aching to end it and turn things around. Will this be a spur (no pun intended) to bring out the best in them or be pressure that they struggle to cope with. Whichever it is it will provide further indication as to whether the wheels are really coming off the wagon or not. My heart says the WBA match was the wake up call needed and business will be resumed as normal. My head says there is insufficient evidence to rely on this happening. Working on the law of averages that I won't be wrong 5 times on the trot, I shall go for a nervy win. COYS