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  1. How, How can we

    I firmly believe we are one of the teams in with a shout. City started like an express train last season but by Christmas the rest of the teams in the EPL learned how to defend against them and I think this will happen again. Also, we have a reasonable record against them of late so we, who are staying on their shoulder, can catch up. I won't jinx the team by backing them to do it, but I feel our hopes of the title are very real. COYS
  2. CL: Real Madrid v TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR

    Our defence (ignoring the occasional blip) has shaped up pretty well this season. So I am reasonably confident (fingers firmly crossed and knees sore from time spent on my prayer mat) that we can, (if not keep a clean sheet) only concede one. That said, a draw seems to be in well within our reach and if we score 1 or 2, we can dare to dream. I've gone for the draw as our record away from home is the envy of all the other EPL teams. COYS
  3. PL: TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR v Bournemouth

    I've just got in from the Dreamers Caber at Bar in Los Christianos where I watched the match. The owner, Steve, is a Tottenham fan and there were another couple of Spurs fans there as well which made it more enjoyable - just as well as it was panning out to be another Spursey game. The positives are a win at last in the EPL at Wembley and a clean sheet. Slowly, slowly we are dispelling the stupid 'Wembley curse' tag. Also, with Chelsea losing, we have a 3 point gap over them which we can turn into 6 when we meet this month. Also, Man Utd and Liverpool both dropped 2 points. All we need is for Harry to break his 'in home games ' barren spell and Wembley will soon become a fortress. Dele Alli still gives cause for concern and the team as a whole seems to be returning to being too pedestrian for too much of the game. However, this is no time for negativity. After our disastrous start dropping 4 unnecessary points, we are still right in the mix. If any of you guys come on holiday to Tenerife, the Dreamers Cabaret Bar in Los Christiano is well worth going to with a wide variety of good entertainment in the evening between 10 and 12pm. COYS
  4. Crowd Fund

    I have no idea if it would be legal or how it could be organised. However, when you consider it is not tens of millions but hundreds of millions that would be required when dealing with transfers and wages, it wouldn't raise anywhere near enough imo. A nice idea though. When you say 'everyone thinks this will be the last year we can hold the team together', I think you may find many of us on here would not agree with that statement. Indeed, there has been a ground swell of optimism over the last couple of years that the club is very much on track to actually becoming a genuine top team and keeping and attracting players will be a thing of the past. COYS
  5. question

    In your dreams, stanmac - we stuffed you. lol COYS and ROI
  6. PL: TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR v Bournemouth

    Hard luck, Crom, and hard for you to take with so much possession. Skin of the teeth job but the bhoys held on for an historic victory. One mistake and one chance taken decided it. My nerves are in shreds and my nails bitten down to the quick. COYS
  7. PL: TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR v Bournemouth

    I suspect, Tonto, he doesn't like hearing any talk about the possibility of Harry being poached as, quite probably, none of us like to read or hear about the possibility. I think the majority feel there is a very good chance he will see out his time with us. However, if it is being discussed by pundits and journos, it is part and parcel of football. COYS
  8. Harry Kane will never move duung his career from Tottenham

    A further valid point. Hopefully once the new stadium is up and running it will create enough income that negates the need to sell. COYS
  9. An article in THIS IS FOOTBALL by reporter Jim White says Harry Kane will never leave Tottenham in any point of his career. Jim White is, allegedly, renowned for his level of football contacts, made this claim on talkSports show on Wednesday morning. He claims that despite Real Madrid being prepared to pay £177M for Harry, Tottenham are not even prepared to accept a fee that matches the world record amount paid for Neymar. Wow! I love this and pray it could be true .......... However, reality check. Despite Harry not having reached footballing maturity yet, he has won the Golden Boot twice. Having already reached a fantastic level of ability putting being placed as fourth best playing in Europe, the likelihood is he will get even better. The alternative argument is he should be rewarded for his brilliance, meaning he should be playing for a team that regularly wins PL titles and the EC? Spurs are showing signs of becoming one of those teams. That does not automatically mean becoming one. Therefore, will Harry stay if Spurs suddenly fall away from their target and do not get around to paying wages that match the top clubs? Will the lure of the likes or Barcelona, Real Madrid, Bayern Munich and Man Utd etc be too much for him. Should we as fans deny him the chance to win cups and medals? What do you guys think of this statement? Will he move? Should he move? What would your advice be to Harry?
  10. Real Madrid-esque

    Garth Crooks is reported as saying that Mauricio Pochettino's Spurs are currently looking like Real Madrid in terms of style. I have seen RM play a few times over the last year. I would like to agree with Garth but think, if there is a similarity, it falls short in ability of many of our players. It may well be that MP is hoping to head in that direction, but it takes a lot of technical skill and, imo, too many of our players, as good as they are, are not as good as those playing for Real Madrid. What do you guys think? Are we playing in the same style as Real Madrid or, as an ex Spurs player and supporter, is he letting his imagination and hopes run away with him? COYS
  11. Gareth Bale

    David Ginola is reported as saying that spurs should buy Gareth Bale and it would turn Spurs into one of the best teams in Europe if they could keep the current squad together. My heart says yes but my head says no. imo Gareth is a tad too injury prone for me, his wages would be too high and, let's face it he is moving into the area where he is approaching his sell by date (would that make him a short term solution?). I think we should continue with our policy of bringing in young players with a longer career ahead of them. What do you guys think of Ginola's idea? Would it really work? COYS
  12. PL: TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR v Bournemouth

    Please change your feelings to a Spursey game and dropping points and see if that works. lol COYS
  13. PL: TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR v Bournemouth

    A no brainer. Another comfortable win to get the 3 teams above us starting to take our threat seriously. City and United will start drooping points and it will be game on. COYS

    Not stupid, probably not really thought through. It is not just English players involved but all nations. Firstly, the international players themselves would be extremely miffed at being denied playing for their country. The countries and coaches would be narked to put it mildly. The players picked from the lower level clubs would probably love it, but the owners of the clubs and managers would then be upset - especially if fighting relegation. Those who are nationalistic or really love the International completions would feel aggrieved at not fielding the strongest teams. These are just a couple of obvious points. Sadly, there is no way around the situation and we just have to find a way to cope with the aggravation these mid season breaks for international matches throw up. COYS
  15. Danny Rose.....

    I agree. Hopefully he will be introduced gradually from the bench and possibly starting in the EFL. Having had such a long break he needs time to prove he is still as good as before he was injured. I trust in Poch, but my view it may be risky to put him straight in with the defence playing so well. It is not as though we have misswd his attacking contribution last or this season. COYS