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  1. Yeah I had to google him

    i live less than two blocks from what many consider to be one of the best mountain courses,It is great for snowboarding and sledding for myself and the kids during the winter also the PGA championship was held at Quail Hollow last weekend that is an hour and forty five minutes from here but most know us for Pinehurst which is three hours south east.
  2. Yeah I had to google him

    oops wrong Manchester boy you don't miss a thing now do ya
  3. Yeah I had to google him

    Been tweeting to Davinson about his move to Spurs, given Levy's negotiating prowess I figured it couldn't hurt to offer a little encouragement (Levy will probably make him pay for his own ink if he should sign)

    If Shelvey had not lost his composure, we may well have lost yesterday . Yeah I'm dwelling in the negative

    the new Kyle will not help us beat a team of Chelsea's caliber Levy is steering us right to mid table or worse if Rose (wrong side anyway) doesn't get healthy or we don;t sign someone at right back.

    what did Burnley do right to win 3-0 and would it work for us
  7. Yank new guy question

    one9marine it has been a very long time. Still a fan though?
  8. Yeah I had to google him

    Supposedly we've been inquiring about Martial from Citeh? I don't think he would have been a good fit and fortunately Citeh blocked that move. however much is he valued at? surely he'd come in as our highest paid player? not half the man that Harry is
  9. Chelsea Implodes

    Arsenal had a hard time with Liescter, Liverpool draws with Watford , Rent boys lose to Burnley it's been a good day today
  10. philip coutinyes

    that would be better than sex. what then for Liverpool Moyes? Sherwood? surely every great coach is all ready spoken for and their seasons under way yeah? maybe bring back Brendog? Ohh one can only hope!! thank you Watford by the way!!!
  11. philip coutinyes

    Some are saying that Coutihno is asking for the move to Barca to be the next Neymar. oh there is a God. This would all but cripple the Dippers. Please God I know its rather petty, but please let Barca force Liverpools hand on this one.
  12. Yeah I had to google him

    Davinson Sanchez, WOW. super exciting, full of himself, unbelievable passing, unbelievable tackles, (some of which would get called a foul if the player being tackled took a dive(you know like a Chelsea player, or an Arsenal player) I don't know that "diving" is considered a tactic in the Eredevisie (it doesn't seem so) but we know it is considered a skill at Chelsit and Arse nal. 35 mil is steep but what a fun player. We have not had a lot of luck with Brazilians as of late, but I hope we sign him
  13. Oh dear Danny Boy...

    I'd take Luke Shaw even money. Danny Rose was great 2 seasons ago when we wound up third, I don't remember much about his performance last season, I think he was again great, but after nearly a full year out and 28 yrs. old, plus he's not changed England's national team's luck at all
  14. take time to smell the roses

    not to mention Sherwood is wrong about almost everything (referring to the headline at the front page of this sight)
  15. take time to smell the roses

    I don't know if anyone noticed that we wound up 2nd in the premier league with Derek injured over half the season. I love this guy and thought his blood ran blue and lily white but ffs a third of the season Walker couldn't get his act together either.Yes he deserves better wages but he better come back and make a difference right away or based on last season he may get the opposite of an increase