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  1. selling club

    seeing the headline about harry being worth as much as 100,000,000,000.00 worries me, there is no better replacement for Chrstian Ronaldo in my opinion, I just hope that opinion is not shared by management at Real
  2. selling club

    and again I say if Ross Barkley is worth 50,000,000,000.00 with 5 goals last season then what is king Harry worth ?
  3. Say Hello

    it hadn't occurred to to me to worry about Ronaldo leaving for those reason aargh surely Dele and Harry are still not considered on the level of someone who could actually replace Ronaldo all though I think Harry could
  4. selling club

    everyone who posts on here will be made to look good/intelligent because I The daft yank will make them seem so

    happy fathers day to you sir
  6. Thomas Lemar

    let me provide one example to make me feel better about my rambling if Adrien Silva captain of ACmilan? is worth 30 mil then Harry Kane is worth every bit of 90 mil
  7. Thomas Lemar

    Are we suffering from Brexit a little bit here? All of Europe wishes they had a league with the attendance numbers that the EPL. has, yet so many of the top two teams in their respective leagues would probably beat us. I think Tottenham is getting "priced out" in our league, but I kind of think all EPL teams are getting priced out by other European leagues as well. The salaries seem way out of line, you know when half these players get faced with the pace of the EPL they will wish they were back in there home country playing the " beautiful game" there is often nothing pretty about the way English futbol is played anymore if you want to be successful you'd better press and be very youthfull
  8. selling club

    and for a change the bigger clubs aren't looking that attractive due to the way they finished in the EPL last season
  9. selling club

    this is one of the first seasons that I can remember not being a selling club in some form or another in fact their seems to be quite a bit of protectionism happening with Walker and Dier at least
  10. Say Hello

    hiddy ho Kyle
  11. men at work

  12. men at work

    who will it be now? who will it be now? cool now that that horrific song is stuck in your head seriously who will it be now?
  13. Walking?

    I think Trippier might be a better decision maker, but when Kyle has a hard time thinking of what to do next, he just knocks the crap out of someone. I think he (K.W.) is a more commanding presence
  14. Sessegnon To Spurs.....

    I didn't realize he was a Brit I'd have him on the squad probably in our price range and Poch can make into a Spur
  15. How ironic

    this is a golden opportunity should we win both or at least draw with the renters and beat newcastle