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  1. How, How can we

    how can we keep Man City from running away with the premier league points race, they almost surely have three straight wins coming, and I'd say we might get lucky to get a win and draw twice in our next three EPL fixtures.
  2. Crowd Fund

    how long will Harry Kane continue to stare down 200 million Euro offers or the club turn down Benzema, Bale and Modric plus a 100 million or so Just asking the question at the back of a lot of our minds
  3. Crowd Fund

    How much does the success of our beloved club matter? Does it give you a sense of "well being" when we are top four and starting to compete in UEFA? Everyone seems to think that this will be the last year we can hold the team together in today's current market, yet the revenue stream from our new stadium is several seasons out yeah? So why not crowd fund bonus money for those players that are worth up to 5 times what Spurs can pay them? Would this be legal via FIFA (rigorous standard that they adhere to)? I'm a struggling father of two but I believe I'd put a couple a quid in a fund to keep. say Harry, Christian etc.. once again just a topic to "jostle" some opinions out you lot
  4. Gold Balls

    I should get the facts straight before I post out of anger, sorry. I'd thought that the Ballon D'Or committee had over looked Harry Kane, and was about to rant a bit, but then I checked the facts and indeed he is on there (and damn well better be)
  5. too early to tell?

    Its funny how I (being daft and a yank) was so impressed by his tackling ability and now seeing that sometimes his tackles are compensation for being out of position in the first place? I'm not at all saying he won't work out, I just wondered if anyone else was getting that feeling in their gut, so to speak, that he might not conform to Poch's teachings. I too think this was a great signing. Again way too early to tell
  6. too early to tell?

    I wonder if anyone is worried about Serge Aurier, and do you think we should all ready be looking for a way out of his contract come the next transfer window. I realize how rash that may seem but given what I've read and seen so far, I don't know if he is "coach-able" . Only time will tell, and i'm posting this mostly to stir up the "opinion" pot. There are certain qualities our fan base adores in a player ( I actually can't speak for our "fan base"), and so far he doesn't seem to posses those qualities. I hope he settles in, but given some of the things you read about his recent past, and his actions on the pitch thus far, I'm worried.
  7. THFC v Barnsley

    I've got ya Stan, the Internet streaming "talksport" isn't listing it, but Talksport over there, the radio station probably is airing the game?
  8. THFC v Barnsley

    are you sure?I didn't find it listed. I wondered if they haven't paid for the right to games involving lower league teams? I could of easily missed it as well
  9. THFC v Barnsley

    4-0 christian eriksen with a brace
  10. PL: TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR v Swansea City

    two strikers? Bollocks
  11. Is there a plan B

    is Poch a great motivator but not a great tactician?
  12. Ouch !

    I sometimes wish Hugo's head had done a little permanent damage to ol Lukaku's knee oh I didn't mean that with any malice
  13. Ouch !

    It looked somewhat innocent, but there had to be a split second there when Mane knew no good was gonna come of it. The goalie had to know the entire time no good was gonna come of it. A classic game of chicken really and they both lost but the goalie looks scarred for life maybe?
  14. Ouch !

    I wonder who's face hurt worse Citeh;s GK or Jurgen Flops after keeping that "dour" look on his face for the entire rest of the game whilst his boys were getting beat like red headed step-children?
  15. New England

    Ali and Kane looked fantastic against a quite inferior Malta I wish for you lot that it was the start of something good for the National men;s team.