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  1. Tottenham's new stadium plans has its own 6th form college

    If the Admin team could delete my membership please. Thank you
  2. Tottenham's new stadium plans has its own 6th form college

    As you refuse to acknowledge your abusive language against myself, I don't wish to associate with you. I'm leaving this forum Good Evening
  3. Tottenham's new stadium plans has its own 6th form college

    Oh dear, I appear to have hit a raw nerve. I’m sorry that this has caused you to use expletives, something that tells me a lot about the writer…. You talk of generalisation “Everyone is entitled to their opinion of course, but facile generalisations about wealthy people being elitist or benefits cheats is plain fucking stupid - in my opinion” and then state “Maybe I should be a socialist and get everyone else to pay for what I want. Personal responsibility ... no thanks mate, I'm a member of the Labour Party, so gimme gimme gimme” I too agree that those that work hard should be able to spend their money on what they like. But society can only function if we put in to the system. In an ideal world where everyone pays their taxes there would be no need to pay for private healthcare. You seem very angry that you feel the need to pay after contributing to the system as this has stopped you flying. The very same consultants that provide private consultations also work for the NHS. I just don’t want to see a country where the likes of your wife cannot be treated without having the ability to pay. I don’t want to see children denied the right to receive cancer services because the family happen to work hard in a supermarket, putting in 60 hour shifts but are unable to pay the rent let alone foot the cost of health care. Often private tutors are used get children into Grammar schools, so it is not just a selection on merit. Private education is sponsored by the taxman, why when state schools pay VAT? “I believe good healthcare and education should be a right for everyone, but everything has a cost” Unfortunately the amount we pay isn’t enough. Our spending on health is lower than other developed countries and I think that explains a lot about what this current Government is trying to do. They won’t succeed because as a country we recognise the value of our NHS but I don’t want to see it bought in by the back door by forcing people to pay because the service has been run into the ground. I must apologise for bringing politics into this good natured forum, Sorry, but personal abuse aimed at myself, I will not tolerate.
  4. PL: TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR v Swansea City

    Our home season starts here. 3-0 win
  5. What's red and smells of blue paint?
  6. CL: TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR v Borussia Dortmund

    Looked everywhere but could not find how Arsenal did last night.............................
  7. CL: TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR v Borussia Dortmund

    Did we enjoy that game... The BD fans were marvellous with their 3 drummers belting out the beats to their full throttle singing. Did I say we enjoyed the game??
  8. Tottenham's new stadium plans has its own 6th form college

    I'm a Socialist and Labour Party member. I believe health and education needs are a right for everyone, not subject to wealth or patronage, free from fees at the point of use. These public services should be paid for from public money collected with a tax system that many people, the wealthy, businesses and large companies, apparently choose to defraud. I call that benefit cheating. The presence of non state sponsored Schools/Academies and Hospitals creates an elitist and two tier society.
  9. Tottenham's new stadium plans has its own 6th form college

    Totally against private education or health care...

    Roll on Wednesday at Wembley
  11. Champions League

    Managed to get the CL ticket package. £55 for the 3 home games Less than £19 to see RM and Modric get beaten. Bargain

    Definitely a draw

    Oh dear. there was more interest when some trouble maker was ejected by the stewards at the Burnley end. First half was a total bore Fortunately they did not play the amplified drums this week. Second half, after scoring, the noise level raised considerably. But in the end I think we were lucky to come away with a draw. Next up is Dortmund, perhaps the CL music will inspire a bit more passion. Ever hopeful. COYS
  14. Champions League

    Getting tickets for all 3 home games to show my support. With Dortmund selling Dembelle this week gives us a better chance. Just hope we don't end up against Arsenal on a Thursday.