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    Can we inflict a third defeat in a row? Of course we can. 3-1
  2. Prediction time

    We certainly have a good and settled side maybe the best in the league but no squad depth at all.
  3. Prediction time

    Season before last, after finishing 3rd behind Arsenal, I thought we would struggle against the top 6 and we would finish 7th. To my great surprise we surpassed that to finish 2nd. Now my pessimism has kicked in again, what Wembley holds for us and my very first season ticket being jinxed. I really cannot see us getting any better than 3rd. 1st Chelsea 2nd Man City 3rd COYS 4th Arsenal 5th Liverpool 6th Man UTD 7th Everton
  4. PL: Newcastle United v TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR

    2-1 win
  5. Stadium update....

    Very impressive. Think I'll take a drive up one day just to check it out myself. Any thoughts on whether it will be ready for August 2018?
  6. Tottenham Hotspur vs Juventus ticketing

    As Wembley will be our new home this season, I'd imagine that quite a few UK Spurs will be in the same position as you.
  7. New season ticket allocation

    When we joined as Bronze members, we were something like 36000 on the list around 2010. As I stated before, we paid the membership fee just to get ahead in ticket queue. Is this what Rookie is pissed about? For the little extra money, My wife and I, thought we would go straight to Bronze and get on the ST list. We did not know at that stage how long the queue was. Having started at the back of the queue, we just renewed our Bronze every year. So from 2010 til now, we progressed from 36000 to 22000. If not for the new stadium, I predicted we would both die before a ST would be available. I don't know but do people pay Bronze membership for years and years and years just get a ST and not attend matches?
  8. Season Ticket

    First match Chelsea What a cracker to start off. We enjoyed our last trip to Wembley for the FA SF, so time for retribution methinks
  9. New season ticket allocation

    And who are you pointing the fickle finger of fate at?
  10. Season Ticket

    Worth the wait to save the money!!!
  11. Season Ticket

    The price I paid makes you appreciate being an OAP. Only just though.
  12. Season Ticket

    Anything you can do? Contact customer services, perhaps?
  13. Season Ticket

    Don't quite see what you're getting at. We have been Bronze members for 6 years, starting at 35000 on the list. We became members, originally just to buy match tickets easier before general sale but over the last year or so, it's been impossible even as Bronze.
  14. Season Ticket

    Had an email on Tuesday offering season tickets to Bronze members. We are 22500 odd on the list and took up the offer today. So finally we are Season Ticket holders Kinda makes my forum name redundant...
  15. White Hart Lane or.......

    Always WHL