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  1. 2018 Winter Transfer Window

    In the 16 hundreds! His one of our oldest/original posters...............James aside!!:)
  2. PL: TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR v Brighten & Hove Albion

    Sissoko! Built like a brick out-house yet rarely does he use that physic to take responsibility and attack the back line, 9/10 he go's sideways/backwards. I can't ever remember seeing him pass a football more 5 yards! Is this lack of confidence in his own ability or lack of commitment? Either way if we can replace him he has to go in January or we keep hold of him until the Summer and play him when there is no other option.
  3. 2018 Winter Transfer Window

    You are probably right although Mourinho has done it before. Lukaku/Mata?
  4. PL: Manchester City v TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR

    I'd take a point right now! Albeit for less than 5 minutes Davies and Rose both played down the left against Brighton. I'd like to see that for the whole game against City in an attempt to nullify Sterling/Walker and the other wing-back? And see how Dele/Eriksen/Dembele match-up against Silva/De-Bruyne/Sane? With Sonny and Harry as our out ball. Dier/Verts/Davies 3: Trips/Dele/Eriksen/Dembele/Rose 5: Son 1 Kane 1. 2-2 COYS!
  5. 2018 Winter Transfer Window

    Reading Mkhitarian is out of favour at Utd. I like this lad a lot and would like to have him at The Lane. Only problem would be his wage demands so I guess its a non-starter as he ain't gonna take a 2-3mill pay-cut!
  6. 2018 Winter Transfer Window

    We have enough options for 'tenners' we need more options of pace that's why Poch went for Clinton and now N'koudon. Unfortunately neither seem to have cut it! And I think Zaha has more to offer than just pace. if a player was rated by speed alone every club would be bidding for Usain Bolt!!
  7. PL: TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR v Brighten & Hove Albion

    Did what we had to do without busting a gut. Good nights work! Coys!
  8. 2018 Winter Transfer Window

    I don't think Mane would take a drop in wages (and he would have to) to come to us! Whereas Zaha would not need to and is a better option (for me) than Lamela.
  9. 2018 Winter Transfer Window

    See post to Neophyte for Zaha and Barkley on a free!!! Or did you forget that Asc3:)
  10. 2018 Winter Transfer Window

    For me he is quick, has a trick and is an 'energized' player who is prepared to take a defender on. Good awareness and Prem experience too! Which all adds up to stretching a back line. Not that many in the prem like him at his level. I'd have him over Lamela any day. Plus in a side like ours under Poch he would improve no-end.
  11. 2018 Winter Transfer Window

    At the risk of Sonny being dislodged from the starting 11 I'd like to see us go for the Watford boy Richarlison. Until very recently I knew nothing about him but what I know now I like a lot. Still a bit rough around the edges (perfect for Poch and his staff to work their magic) still only 20-21? (perfect purchase for DL) can play wide or through the middle knows where the goal is! We would be able to offer him a better contract than Watford without it affecting our wage structure and if we could prise him away from Watford (taking into account these crazy inflated prices) for 30-40mill I think he could be the perfect January purchase! I would possibly see him a better buy/target than a 60+million (26 year old) Zaha or sell Lamela (indifferent about this lad) and buy both! Jannsen/Sissoko/N'koudon/Lamela out: £80mill? Richarlison/Zaha In: 90mill? plus Barkley on a free in the Summer. What a test for Poch keeping (Trips/Aurier/KWP/Rose/Davies/Foyth/Cartet-Vickers/Toby/Sanchez/Verts/Dier/Wanyama/Dembele/Barkley/Winks/Eriksen/Dele/Son/Onamah/Richarlison/Zaha/Kane/Edwards and others happy!!! Apologies! Got completely carried away there! Just enjoyed writing that squad out!:)
  12. 2018 Winter Transfer Window

    Never gave that a thought! Very smart!
  13. 2018 Winter Transfer Window

    Not so much a transfer but a return! Reading Poch is considering terminating Carter-Vickers loan spell at Sheff Utd due to Toby's longer than expected injury. Makes sense!
  14. PL: TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR v Brighten & Hove Albion

    See previous post!! I thought I had clicked the quote button! Old age ah!!
  15. PL: TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR v Brighten & Hove Albion

    Ah! understood! Recent previous encounters against City I think have seen us at our best when we go toe-to-toe with them. I expect...3-1-5-1. or 3-1-4-1-1. Both formations attempting to keep their wing-backs pushed back and to flood/stifel the centre of the park. I'd like to see us start with....... Aurier/Verts/Davies (3): Dier (1): Trips/Eriksen/Dembele/Rose (4) Son (1) Kane (1). Bench: Dele/Winks/Lamela/Sissoko/Foyth/Lorente. Against Brighton? Not Sure! They will probably have 9 behind the ball I think so I'd go with the same back 3 but maybe bring in Dele and Lamela for Trips and Rose. With all that 'intricate' talent on the pitch I'd hope we would be able to unlock them!