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  1. PL: TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR v Swansea City

    The Dortmund game on Wednesday was high tempo exciting game with both teams on the attack and the whole team played out of their skins.back to reality on Saturday a team that spurs could not break down and what the hell is sissoko on, steroids he is so top heavy with muscle he falls over when he runs with the ball.looking at the bench yesterday it is clear we had no real threat on the bench to unlock defensive teams like Swansea you need a fast tricky wide man to push on into the box and get defenders to panic tackle.The new signings did ok although I think aurier might be a hothead in his style of defending and give away the odd penalty I hope not but he looks hyped up.
  2. 2017 Summer Transfers - Confirmed

    I hope we get a couple of attacking players before the transfer window closes. Demarai Gray and Divock origi two quick young players would really give us a real threat up front please Mr levy go for these two guys,forget ross barkley he lacks pace and I cant see what extra he will give spurs apart from more cover in midfield.

    Spurs the better team but again we were weak as a threat on both flanks we need two clever quick attackers to force teams like Chelsea into mistakes at the back.
  4. A Touch Of Klaassen....

    My concern is are we as a club going to have enough financial backing to buy two or three quality players to add more pace and threat up front with the stadium being built.The Chelski and Manchester clubs will be buying up every proven quality player ,sending transfer fees through the stratosphere again we cant compete with that level investment in players for a while yet. I agree players will feel they have to move on to win something at another club if we don't invest in quality players, football careers can be short due to injuries and players want medals and trophys as much as fans do.
  5. The Kind Face Of Football....

    Nice to see, ajax have a hard core hooligan element that makes the headlines too often.i hope the young ajax team can win in Sweden I want that arrogant tosser mourhino to lose.
  6. Leicester City v TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR

    I agree we owe Leicester a beating the upstarts get Janssen on to run around like a headless chicken and have a run out before we sell him in the summer.
  7. TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR v Manchester United

    I don't care if you man utd send out the youth squad on sunday its about our players giving one last performance for the fans at this iconic stadium, to send the club into a new era where we can truly start to challenge the top clubs of the premier league and Europe on a equal footing.lets have a win for all the great individual players that have graced our teams down the years and the loyal fans who are with hope and expectations forever in their hearts .coys
  8. Which Would You Rather Have?

    Zaha had his chance at Man utd maybe he was too young or awe struck at utd, but it did not work out if he was more dangerous in the box I would go for him but Mahrez has got pace strength and goals get rid of Lamela get Mahrez I guess both players valued at same price £30 million one who has proved himself in the Premiership and Lamela the jury is still out on him if he ever returns to spurs.
  9. 16yrs Old And Worth £38m ??

    keep paying these mad amounts of money for players and clubs will crash with mountains of debt that they cannot pay back.
  10. No Hand Me Downs Thanks...

    One exception to above comments I would have taken Berbatov back on a short term contract in January to give us that know how and skill of getting important goals when Harry was struggling and Vincent was unable to offer any threat up front.

    I am gutted like everyone else on this forum with the loss to Chelsea the players need to forget Saturday and clear their minds and finish the season with as many wins as they can.The worst case scenario now would be a repeat of last seasons collapse in last seasons final games I am a realist Chelsea will win the premier league title they are strong mentally and physically and have had years of investment from Abramovich in top players we are still finding our way with a good team not a great team and smaller finacial resources we will get there one day if we can keep most of the players in our current team.
  12. TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR v Bournemouth

    Well done spurs yesterday now the focus is on Chelsea game in the fa cup the fans are desperate and the spurs team for some silverware to prove and show what a tremendous side we have,and wipe that smirk off ambramovichs face.
  13. Golden Glove Award

    Lloris is a top keeper one of the best Tottenham has had, and what I like about him he was loyal to the club to stay when clubs in Europe and here were interested in signing him with the lure of champions league football.He stayed and was rewarded with champions league football and I hope he gets the goal keepers award he is a top player.

    I agree Sissoko is not worth £30million crazy money on a player that is over valued but he has power and strength which we need in our squad and we need to get the best from him.As for Janssen I feel sorry for him as he works hard but when you watch him the effort he has to put in to compete at top level football you can see he lacks the close control skills required.We dodged another dud in not getting Berahino over rated and over priced lets see how he does at Stoke I might have to eat my words if starts scoring plenty of goals.

    We won the game but the worry for me is the resting of players in important competitions for the fans Europe league and yesterdays F A cup game I can only assume that f a cup and efl cup competitions are not important to Tottenham any more as qualification for the champions league season after season brings in the financial riches without ever winning anything unless you have the best players in the world to do it.as a football club it exists to compete and win trophies and makes the club and fans proud to be part of culture maybe Levy has some influence on poch to play a weaker team in cup games I don't know but Spurs have gone too long with out any domestic success take the cup competitions seriously the fans do.The premier league title is beyond us our squad is good but not great we saw that against Wycombe yesterday,we still have no quality cover for Harry Kane janssen is trying his best but apart from penaltys he is not going to be the quality player we need up front and as for Lamela he has shown some good form but he is not a player that poses defences real problems and his tackling is a red card waiting to happen.I want success for Tottenham I have supported them since I was 13 years old I am 50 now and want a F.A cup win or a Europe League cup to give the fans a boost as we move into our new stadium.