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  1. PL: Huddersfield Town v TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR

    I can confirm that you have never relented in your hero worship of Poch and I am pleased that he has continued to improve his managerial skills. i am sure he will be pleased to thrash one of the promoted teams so convincingly.
  2. Going on holiday again

    3 Weeks!!!! I am pleased that the Heating allowance is still being used to benefit our Senior Citizzens. Long may it continue as I approach the Pension stage in 11 months. Remainder of Posters in this forum keep doing the overtime so we poor old uns can afford to take that blanket from our shoulders in the cold winter months and afford the odd tin of Spam for Sunday dinner!!! James enjoy and return rejuvenated.
  3. philip coutinyes

    If their mediocre performances continue they could be out of this seasons Top 4 by Xmas. If they sell Coutinio in January I am beginning to doubt Jurgens managerial capabilities to recruit suitable replacements to strengthen their team or squad. They could still be one of our rivals in January or their steady decline of recent years could continue. With most Managers you expect progress as they spend more years in post in Liverpools case things seem to be getting worse and their fans are too decent to acknowledge it or raise concerns. on the slippery slope..........?.......
  4. Dele

    Agreed. He has not played consistently in these few games of the season. We have no idea what is going on behind the scene. We have to assume it is not a club problem therefore I think Dele is unsettled. He is underpaid and maybe he is resentful of that and the status it implies. I hope he recovers form this season for the teams benefit and to ensure he is sold for 100M instead of a bargain 50/60Million. As you suggest he could waste his potential (Barklay?) but I think he feeds off adulation and the status of being considered a world class footballer. if I am correct in the view that Dele has to move for his career progress what about Harry? After the current few quality Goalscorers , some approaching over the hill and others not yet established, Harry is soon to become the hottest thing in Football. oh Dear... Rocky times ahead.!!!!
  5. Dele

    Or he is just "unsettled". He has begun to make a name for himself. IMO he has the potential to be a world class player if he continues to work hard on the right career path. He is going through a quiet uninspiring stage. He apparently is negotiating with the worlds best agents. He can now see the "Alladins Cave" of riches awaiting him. His agent will get him to Real Madrid or Barcelona or PSG within the next 12 months. He needs to move to recover his form and continue to progress to the heights he can only achieve at the Worlds best clubs. We got him cheap, he has been a good loyal servant of the club, we can make up to 100 Million pounds profit on him. Good luck Dele. I look forward to watching your Beckenbaur type career for the next decade or so.
  6. PL: West Ham United v TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR

    Had to go for a draw. West Ham look to have a decent attack but we will be OK! Fanny Hart will be flapping around!!!
  7. Deli and dier

    Ive never been in a job where I have had to work hard to establish myself and get a wage that most normal...average individuals would not get in a year. if I were Dele on 50K a week and had the potential to be worth 100Million plus in the next couple of years......then I want my 200K a week NOW plus all the fame, status and Shampoo adverts going. In 10 years I would be willing to be a football pundit to continue to grease my living expense wheels. Anyone who doesn't think this is going to happen will end up on this forum espousing loyalty and love for the club blah blah.Spurs can command loyalty only until the apprentice approaches being a Master and then they do what they want.
  8. Deli and dier

    Am I right in believing Dele's 50K a week contract is not currently being renegotiated at the same time as the worlds Top 6 Agents are courting him to sign up with them. Um! The worlds top agents probably have a very good working relationship with the biggest fee and personal terms Clubs in the world. Despite and because of a recent loss of form (interest) Dele may feel he Needs to move to rejuvenate himself. If he recovers his mojo he is still an outstanding prospect to be a world star of the future.
  9. philip coutinyes

    I am sure to quote yourself is to be frowned upon but honestly when as there such a daft decision as Liverpool refusing to cash in on a very, very overpriced asset at the same time as the squad is desperate to be strengthened in various positions is almost laughable....except maybe to dedicated Scousers. Liverpool may recover but I for one am happy to witness the demise of a once great club to the 6-10 places in the Premiership. One team less to worry about!!!!
  10. The FA and EFL cups

    Play your best team with the exception of resting your most valuable player(s) and giving opportunity to your most deserved squad or academy....based on present form and performance. These rich boy footballers have to be disappointed to see the League Cup disappear because the Manager wants to throw together a mixture of tired experience and "what the hell am I doing here" players that do not play together. If you don't want to commit to winning the competition then continue as you have in recent years and we will just concentrate on the Premiership Title because that's likely to happen soon?. I can't see Harry agreeing to sit on the bench against lesser teams when there are goals,Cups,Status,Contracts and Big Big Money to be earned.(In the near future)
  11. PL: TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR v Swansea City

    Yes you are probably right. Poch never gave Jannsen the chance to develop into a top striker. He has probably recruited Llorente to play in the Cup games and for the last 10 minutes when Harry isn't doing it. on reflection we have suffered so long with the one striker system Poch is unlikely to have the nous to spot the obvious!!!! Regularly 65 minute possession and no goals!!!! Lightbulb moment!!! 2 Goalscorers required. Not sure Llorente can play with Harry. Best leave things as they are then!!!
  12. PL: TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR v Swansea City

    For the past couple of seasons we have the occasional result glitches despite having 65 or 70 per cent of possession and dozens of goal chances but not many on target. I have a controversial idea as a contingency plan... Just in case Harry,Dele and Son have a poor game why don't we buy a 2nd Striker. He could add some goals which would provide the additional points that may allow us to challenge for the premiership title. i realise Poch would have the problem of recruiting him, managing two top strikers and selecting and managing games on the day. This may be difficult but I for one believe Poch is the Manager who could do this.
  13. Well said. I just hope there are not too many Momentum supporters on this forum or you could be in for a hard time.!!!!
  14. PL: TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR v Swansea City

    3 Points......Next.......
  15. CL: TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR v Borussia Dortmund

    Excellent post James. If we are to believe we cannot compete financially with the Top clubs in the premiership and Europe then we have to be the best at doing what we have done so far in achieving a Top 4 premiership position. We must have a first class scouting system and an academy that supplies us with quality players for the squad and hope occasionally a Harry Kane thru the academy and a Dele thru the transfer system inject that element of world class quality. The occasional 40/50 Million pound purchase to recruit the additional quality required will be required but I would not want 100M players or 300K per week players. i am happy for us to cement ourselves as a top 4 club with the odd cup and a decent run in Europe over the next 10 years. As a Spurs fan I worry that if this season is very good our best players will want to leave for more money and if it is a disappointing season our best players will want to leave for trophies and more money. Either way I don't think we are there yet......this season could be pivotal in Spurs future.