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  1. 2018 Winter Transfer Window

    Spending Transfer money on Zaha and Barkley is exactly the same quality of transfers we have suffered in recent years. For years and I am sure hundreds of posts on his forum I have slated Poch for not purchasing a 2nd striker and his oversight of not relying on a strong club Captain:::: Now I believe Poch must have the confidence and managerial ability to recognise Son has improved in the last 12 months and should be given the title and accolade of 2nd Striker and he must encourage a current player (Winks?) to take on the future role of long term Club Captain. Zaha and Barkley agh....might as well go for Hart to replace Hugo and Rooney to play and replace whoever he likes...Some knowledgable guys on here who I am afraid are showing more Alzheimer's symptoms than I am!!!!

    I am just pleased my confidence was rewarded with this outstanding result. Only have to win another 9 out of 10 games to have a good season.

    I have registered a win vote. I am confident we will win or we should win or we could win. Let's hope the team come out with the right attitude and we certainly could win. We are at home so we definately can win. To continue my confident theme it would be good if we were 3-0 up at half time and the I would definately hope we will win. Let's hope the football gods are not against us and we suffer an outrageous penalty or Red Card decision because then we might not win. No! It's only Stoke a definate win.
  4. Bale

    If Real Madrid don't want him he is no good to us. IF he came cheap and his love of Spurs meant he only took a 100K a week wage he might be a reasonable buy. Failing that his persona,Injury record which would get worse as he is hacked down constantly in the Premier means he will be a constant disruption to the squad and not the greatest advertisement for our young or emerging players.!!!! Emerging Players!!! That's it, That's the answer!!! emerging players currently on low wages who aspire to one day have a 50K a week contract.....and if they really worked hard but we're not quite of the standard of a Galactico could play for Spurs for 100K a week. No more lazy transfer windows buying experienced players that prove to be failures.....put more effort into clever transfer deals.
  5. So what’s he going to do about it

    The players named were pleased to be given their last massive pay rises at the last contract negotiation. Poch knew of the Wage/Financial situation at Spurs even when he had his massive pay rise. If Wages are not under his direct control then Motivation,Tatics! Formations,Fitness, Training,etc etc etc are!!!! This team is the same as the last 2 years when we finished 2nd and 3rd and has recruited players that should make us stronger. Poch can take the plaudits but he must recognise the buck..... Finishes with him. We can go on an extended winning run and regain 4th place but I am not sure we will.

    I think most fans are against the excessive greed culture of modern players. However Managers and Clubs have the responsibility to manage the situation before it happens and offer contracts to players at the right time to keep them happy at that time. We went through the farce of offering all (it felt like all) players 5 year contracts when they are probably unenforceable from the players side but allow for a better transfer out fee for the Club. Whilst I applaud financial prudence I as amazed to hear the likes of Walker,Toby,Dele,Rose etc are on 50/60K contracts. Their immense possible futuretransfer fees should have resulted in sensible contract talks in previous months/years. Irrespective of players views and problems The Manager and his extensive team of training staff have to manage the situation. I would guess we only have 2 or 3 players who seriously want to get away for big money. If attitudes or performance falters in Training or in games have a replacement wannabee in the squad full in the knowledge he will be given his opportunity in the 60th minute of games. Even amongst greedy footballers there must be an accepted route/time frame from start to establishing to riches. Harry and Dele are the exceptions of a meteoric rise in Transfer fees from ????? To 100M plus. Pochs credibility and world class wage has increased dramatically in recent years NOW like the players he must justify it.

    James, you seem to get wiser as you progress in years... And Roycey have developed some pragmatic skills in recent months. i however still retain a pessimists view who actually hoped the last two years progress was the beginning of a 20/30 year dynasty. Even in the last 2 seasons I have been a little concerned with Pochs relationship with players. Too often our best players under perform. Management of this situation seems to make no difference. One small example Rose appears to have wanted to play in recent games but hasn't. Toby's contract has not been sorted and you wonder how this has unsettled him and other expectant players. Until yesterday's game I had never realised that the likes of Harry,Christian,Dele and ?? Would want to move for Money,Trophies and not being clattered by over the top tackles throughout premiership games. They would all develop in the sunshine in less competitive leagues until they faced the European games. A transfer abroad has many favourable points. Until recently I had started to expect to win games, All games, now I am reverting back to the last 50 years where I hope we win against any opponent and am not content until we are 3-0 Up.

    City,United,Chelsea,Liverpool and Arsenal have all been criticised in the last 2 seasons when Spurs were setting the world on fire and making the breakthrough to being a Top European team. I always knew they would recover but doubted we could continue to make progress. I have often said we were 3 to 5 results from reality. A good run may make us competitive for 4th place but I fear our lack of ambition in the transfer market will prove our undoing. Moans and groans about bad referee decisions and bad luck don't mean a thing....Lack of a 2nd striker and a Team Captain do!!!! we have not fallen back into the pack yet...but we are going that way.
  9. World Cup Draw

    James!! Possibility?? Meow! Meow!
  10. New England

    I seriously hope limited numbers of England fans attend this tournament. Inexperienced foreign Police Forces have over reacted to our football fans and have blamed them when intimidated and attacked by prior organised hooligans from various countries. The Russian State Forces will not allow criticism of the Russian Hooligans....So either they will prevent it from happening or blame it on other countries. Write these words down.....Only a fool would attend a World Cup in Russia.
  11. New England

    Before England go to the Workd Cup in Russia can registered recognised England Fans Associations have in depth discussions (In those big plush Hotels) with the FA to discuss: 1. All England Fans hospital bills to be subsidised by the FA. 2. Repatriation of Deceased England fans to be organised by the Government and a totally independent inquiry be held to ascertain which Russian Fans groups are responsible. 3. Promise not to withdraw the England team or ban English Fans from games or from the competition when they are intimidated and provoked into defending themselves. 4. Warn Fans if they seek front line action they may just have time to join HM Forcs and be in one of our hotspots within 6 months. 5. Perhaps start a National Campaign to donate monies to a central fund to try and persuade any England Fans with a "Death Wish" to partake in a free holiday on one of the Spanish Islands where they can drink excessively and live the football supporters dream. The prospect of watching it even on our TV Channels with Russian Government controlled TV should be interesting.

    Totally agree The Captain must be an outfielder. He must set the standard in the First Team,The Squad , The Club and with the media. He must be respected by his team mates and fully carry the backing of his Manager. He should be trusted by the Manager and this could have influence on team mates rotational or rest periods or games. Without detailed research I would be amazed if the dynasty winning teams of the past did not have such a player. Even from casual reflection I can recall the influential Captains of past teams. I don't think he needs to be the best or most expensive player but probably does need to be the most committed club player (hopefully long serving). He would absolutely have to want to do the job and consider it his ultimate football honour. I have previously suggested Toby or Dier but actually believe Harry Winks could be the man( without knowing his personality or temperament.)

    The half glass full is slightly cracked and showing signs of a minor leak!! I am not worried about our current position because we have some world class players, European class players and introduced some young players from our academy system. We also have a good premiership standard Manager who has flirted with being considered world class. Poch is somewhat responsible for our progress in recent seasons but I am not sure he has the ability to take us to and maintain a top European position. i think 7th place is a false position and we will be fighting for 4th as the season progresses. Despite my limited tactical football knowledge I wish I had faith Poch can change the direction of a game. I am sick of 65/70 per cent possession and drawn or last games. My two year complaints for an effective 2nd striker ( perhaps we should just give Son the responsibility and trust) and a strong team/squad/club Captain have fallen on deaf ears. I believe these two positions would have provided the additional points to be 2nd/3rd in the premier. For no logical reason I have a feeling our squad can raise their standards for Europe or the FA Cup and that's where I place my hopes for this season. This is also the showcase for those that want to move on to riches and trophies in the future. we probably need to win 8/9 out of 10 games to be a Top European team. We have made progress but we are not there yet. The next two transfer windows are vital for The Club and will be an indication to the fans of our direction of travel. We have benefited from our dysfunctional peers in the last two seasons. Let's just hope their progress is temporary or we will return to where we have been for decades. After recent results.... Things can only get better!!!!!
  14. PL: TOTTEHNAM HOTSPUR v West Bromwich Albion

    I don't think there is any abuse on this forum anymore that is a good thing but personally think we have lost some balance and now have a majority of Poch worshippers. It's not healthy. Our up and down results should produce a more balanced view. i think we could actually win the European Cup this year but recent form suggests just one off night and we end up with no honours at the end of a season that deserved more. Will our top European and world class players be around until we move into the new ground I don't think so. If so...another false dawn.
  15. PL: TOTTEHNAM HOTSPUR v West Bromwich Albion

    James. Your last line "not the time to hurl abuse". A strange choice of words and illustrate why I post less on the forum. In recent months I worry any dose of realism will be (and has been ignored) by the sugar and spice and all things nice posters. Spurs are having their best results for a decade and have the best squad since????. Our rivals are crap.. Reality is we are not going to catch City. We may drop out of the Top 4 but I think we can regain it. Spursy results have been evident from Real,Arsenal,Dortmund and West Brom. At the risk of being burnt at the stake ( the fire produced by your old fence!!!) It has to be recognised The Poch is not managing The Kane, The Dane or the team consistently. A wee bit of criticism may keep him on his toes. PS. The hockey ball in the forehead ... Are you sure it wasn't my shot on goal when playing for the RCT in Duisberg?? If so you went down like a ton of bricks and bravely played on until visibly nauseous!!!!