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    OMG!!! The optimistic Royce71 is back. One way or the other is going to be a long, long season.......

    Voted lose based on they will have a very depleted team but will have to win. Top 4 teams cannot lose two on the spin.
  3. PL: Newcastle United v TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR

    I have already voted for a win. However yesterday's results have left me confused. I don't think any of our competitors played to the standard I expected but other premiership teams performed better than I thought. It could be a strange old season. it appears we are now going all out to acquire a couple of players before the close of the window. Let's hope they are more Dele than N'jie. Hows a fan to predict a final league position when we don't even know what the squad is. A slight wobble on my prediction of 5th place!! May be slightly higher. TBC!!
  4. Oh dear Danny Boy...

    I agree football loses its appeal the more the greedy,selfish rich show that their master is really the money and all the badge kissing , fan loving, club loving only lasts as long as their agent tells them it does. I think the one time the players get confused over this is when they are winning games and competitions when team camaraderie takes over for a time. I hope the other Top 5 do have the problems you describe and do not fulfil their ambitions. I will be surprised if they are all as disorganised as they have been in the last 2 Seasons. If they are there could be a few Managers looking for jobs. I think Spurs can continue to do what they have always done and perfected in recent years. Buy sensibly priced professionals and maintain the Wage structure. Whether Poch can do it or we have to employ an additional person to do this only Mr Levy will know. Whether we have a successful season or not we can expect some of our Top players to leave next year. So let's plan for that....start recruiting suitable replacements now who will accept the role of understudy to our top players and the wage structure as it is. I think we can establish ourselves in a position behind the Top money clubs and ahead of the mid table premiership clubs. I don't think it has to be super rich or nothing. We have been doing this already but should now make it our clubs future policy. Our Management structure may need to "grow a pair" and stand up to the players putting the club always first. Even if it does not work it may extend the time when we are completely swallowed up by the greed of the game. Royce71 I hope you are right about Top 4 and a Cup. A Cup possibly?. I think you have forgotten that at Wembley the pitch is too wide, the grass too long and that's before we talk about team harmony and morale.
  5. Oh dear Danny Boy...

    Welcome back Royce 71. By the way I am pleased to confirm you were right last season. My prediction of 5th was a tad off your Top 4. Apology over!!! Hope you found the grub inside to your liking (lol)and you will be able to continue your posts on here this season. we have had our two seasons of achievement and I have to predict a 5th place once again. This season???? To continue the balance the books discussion. I want the club go buy what they can afford with our increased income of recent years. I do not expect or want 50/60£ Million players...but I do expect our penalty for that is we expect our Manager and the club to be meticulous in researching and recruiting the right people. We cannot as in recent years waste 10's of millions on players that subsequently get shunted off on loan and then just disappear at a big loss. The club should resurrect the series of photographs of Poch and the happy individual players gratefully signing their increased wage contracts over the last 12 months. If it was good enough then....... I think James is confused. I recall you rarely (Never!) agreed with my occasional sensible post.
  6. Oh dear Danny Boy...

    Most of the players were happy to sign new 5 year contracts on significant wage increases. i don't want to be overly critical but who has been managing the squad in the lead up to this situation. What about the young,motivated,happy, hard working club loving players we are led to believe have been established in recent years. Poch has sent mixed messages in recent weeks. First we don't need extra players. The first team and youngsters can manage. At least 3 players confirmed this view. Then we need a flurry of players before the remaining transfer window closes. Raising another of my old moans....might an influential respected team and club Captain have picked up on the vibes earlier and manage it or at least forewarned the club. Lets hope this is just a minor mess and not something to affect our already difficult forthcoming Season
  7. Oh dear Danny Boy...

    We could have hoped that Danny was grateful for the support and guidance within the club to allow him to progress from an average premiership to an England international. Am I being cruel to suggest he only reached his level during the last two seasons which included a long period of injury and I am fairly certain at least one period of being dropped by Poch. If he wants to go, get the best money and let him go. What is annoying me is the support he apparently has within the squad. Spurs made a big play on signing all our players to 5 year contracts in the last 12 months. Let them honour their contracts? If we had strengthened the squad with the prospect of glory this season this money situation may not have arisen or could have been deflected to be discussed at the end of a successful season. Spurs shooting themselves in the foot??????
  8. Oh dear Danny Boy...

    Not sure journalists or Mourinio are at fault here. Danny wants more money and a chance at Cups or trophies.. Honesty deserves respect. If Spurs had strengthened this story may not have arisen.
  9. Oh dear Danny Boy...

    Unless you are trying to encourage your next employer!!!
  10. Oh dear Danny Boy...

    I don't understand why everyone is bleating about loyalty. He is a footballer who has been given the opportunity and more than enough time to make it to a good premiership level. Now he has sent the message to our competitors that by paying him an average wage he can double his wages. Now sell him to the highest possible bidder and make money out of the situation. I could mention that if we had had the foresight to strengthen the squad in the last few transfer windows or specifically the last 5 weeks Danny's remarks would not have been so painfully true and obvious.
  11. 2017 Summer Transfers - Confirmed

    James, i was totally with you until the continue to balance the books for a couple of more seasons. We can balance the books when we are a mid table premiership side. If all our competitors strengthen to whatever degree and we don't then we cannot produce he results of last season. Even more so if injuries,suspensions and loss of form kicks in. one of our own players s giving unauthorised interviews not only to encourage an increased wage but stating the bleeding obvious. A few bad results and the players confidence could be affected. The Club has allowed it to get this far surely they will now seriously try and get some quality players in. If we lose our good players next season we will need some quality go fall back on!!!
  12. 2017 Summer Transfers - Confirmed

    Without a doubt we have the first team to beat any team in Europe on our day. We do not have the squad to compete in 50/60 competitive a games in Premier,Europe and Cup competitions. It has taken decades to become a Top 4 club and we are fortunate that we have assembled a good Manager, half a dozen World Class players (emerging), New Ground and financial security under Mr Levys strict control. It is the Managers job to manage the squad. If he has to put a first team players nose out of joint by buying in that position and then making two or more players compete for a regular place so be it. Harry and 5/6 of the first team had bad periods last season when quality replacements were required. The younger players waiting for the big contracts may be desperate to play every game but would be surprised if all professionals were. i may be critical of us not buying but worry that the apologists continually make excuses for our lack of aspiration for not strengthening the squad and lame rasons why we cannot do it. if we drop back down to fighting for 5/6 place it will take years?? To assemble all the positives so we have in place today. If we lose players and the Manager at the end of a miserable disheartening season it may take decades to recover. Someone shine some sunlight into my life!!!!!!
  13. 2017 Summer Transfers - Confirmed

    It is not only the money rich clubs around the world that have fed at the transfer window. Even the lesser not as rich clubs have been out buying 2nd and 3 red tier players. Of course there will be a few diamonds scattered on the dust bit if you don't have a positive transfer policy how and do you deserve to find them. Late buys may turn out OK but why should we expect they will do so!!'
  14. 2017 Summer Transfers - Confirmed

    Some quality players will become available when the big clubs complete their purchases over the next few weeks. Spurs may have been waiting for this to happen!!! Who am I trying to kid.... If we had any plans we did not approach it correctly. As with many transfer windows Spurs fans are disappointed but honestly believe our transfer Guru,Manager or Committee know what they are doing and will pull a rabbit out of the hat.......and invariably they do. Its not only the disappointment of the purchases but the subsequent waste of the money that follows that is rarely talked about. Maybe this year will be different.
  15. Gareth Bale

    We loved him first time around. Not sure for the transfer fee and wage bill I would want him back but the squad needs to be strengthened. I just wish we had a more reliable transfer policy. There has to be more to it than just luck. Attitude,Personality,Adaptability, Acceptance of the needs of the Manager,Team and Club have to be researched thoroughly before we commit to buy someone. i still think we are in th second tier of purchases and relying on the process developing them further (and hard work). Still waiting for Incomings!!! One a week until the window closes????