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  1. A Boy Called Cameron.

    Don't panic everybody...this is not Borodin making yet another comeback but rather wishing to have his very last posting remembered as a bit more meaningful than the trite exchange of words everyone no doubt recalls. A couple of weeks ago I posted a story on here about a young boy who lived near my village. I know Spurfect read it and then sent me an extremely nice reply. For some reason I didn't feel it wholly appropriate on here and just afterwards I deleted it. In hindsight that was the wrong thing to do as there is undoubtedly a lesson to be learnt from it's content. So I shall re-post it together with a small update. Let it stand as a reminder of just how precious life is..... together with how wasteful of it we are in using our time to simply swap insults. Rest assured (and relieved) I shall not be posting again..... A Boy Called Cameron. I am not a devoutly religious person but I do like to think that someone up there is watching over us. We have to believe that terrorist attacks in some way make us more resolute and determined to eradicate this evil from the face of the earth. To that end they can possibly be explained but that offers no comfort to the friends and relatives of the deceased. Then something happens that makes you question His existence.... Every Saturday afternoon I normally arrive at my local pub about 2.00pm. Usually the early kick off is just finishing on Sky and I settle by the bar with my mates. Invariably there is a guy called Simon there with his son Cameron aged 10. They are both West Ham supporters and the young lad proudly wears the full Hammers kit with the word Carroll emblazoned on the back. Usually they are playing pool and as soon as I walk in there is a cry of "Spurs are rubbish !" from Cameron. I shake my fist at him and he smiles cheekily. I always take my android tablet with me so I can watch a stream showing the Spurs match and usually have a few gather around. On the pub TV will be Sky Football Latest. The channel I watch is always a couple of minutes behind real time and my little friend soon realised this. Whenever it flashed on screen that West Ham had scored he would drop his pool cue and run to where I was standing asking to see the goal. I always obliged no matter what was happening in the Spurs game. I remember once allowing him to see virtually the whole of the first half of a hammer's match, much to the annoyance of my fellow Spurs fans. He had a vitality and spirit about him that was infectious. Everyone in the bar knew him and liked him....he was what you would call a loveable rogue, never too cheeky or overstepped the mark but just had a way of making you smile. Last weekend I walked into the bar and it was 'end of the season' quiet, with hardly anyone in. I ordered a pint and noticed a glass tankard on a bar shelf bearing the words "Cameron". I presumed it was a sponsorship collection of some sort and then I saw "In Honour Of" underneath his name. The landlord explained that the boy had contracted viral meningitis a couple of days earlier and had died within 6 hours of diagnosis. I cannot explain to you my emotional reaction at the news, shock, anger and a whole myriad of others. Later on his father came in and I shook his hand. All I could say was "I'm so sorry, I have no words". He nodded in understanding and walked away. Since that day one question burns in my mind....Why ?. Here was a young football supporter who lived for his team and brought so much sunshine into other people's lives. Next season the pub will seem like a desert without his laughter and smile. What possibly justification was there in this life being so cruelly taken ? So next time you feel life is unfair and you are in some way being unjustly treated, come back to this posting and read it again. I apologise for such a sad story but it was one that I needed to tell, if only to consciously remind myself how fortunate I am compared to many others. Update. Just to put closure on my thread. Cameron's funeral was last Friday (9th) and the attendance would have done Spurs proud. (He'd have given me some stick for mentioning Tottenham and his name in the same sentence). Our local has a flagpole in the car park and from the day after he passed away until this Wednesday morning (14th) the West Ham flag has waived proudly from it's top. A strange sight for many I'm sure, as I live in North Wales, but a poignant and fitting tribute to a ten year old boy who followed them so devotedly. RIP little man. I sincerely wish all (yes that means everyone) of you many happy hours of banter on this website. Bye.This really is "That's all folks".
  2. Gameiro Deal Done ??

    Which reads : Welcome to The Rumour Mill, where all stories and rumours, and the discussion these bring, about anything concerning Spurs belong. To keep this forum organised and easy to navigate, we'd like you to adhere to the following guidelines for posting in this particular forum. 1 - Please post all transfer rumours associated with Spurs (our players at all levels, and any players we may be interested in at any level, and any staff rumours too), that is, all speculation that has not been confirmed by the club, in this forum, and not in the The Lane or Football Banter etc 2 - Please search the forum, either manually or using the search bar (enter keywords) in the bottom left hand corner, before you post your rumour, as it is entirely possible that there is a thread relevant already. Even if it is an old thread, please use it, do not worry about "necroposting" here. 3 - You will have probably noticed that we have edited the thread titles to include only the name of the player it refers too. If you are posting a rumour about a new player, please just post his name in the title and nothing else. The reason for this is ease of reference. 4 - When quoting a rumour, please include the source! Whether it be the BBC, Tribal Football or your mum's aunt's gran's uncle's illegitimate son, posting the source helps evaluate the likely truthfulness of the article. Point 4.... Your thread began......If the rumors are true. Lets start a petition against this overrated money burner, if you don't want a "Sissoko deja vu"! .....so where in that statement do you include the source ??.....or do you only apply the 'guidelines' that suit yourself ?? You were also quite correct that I did not reply to your thread because you included the word F**K in the title..totally unnecessary in my opinion....but then you have your standards and I have mine. Leg up suitably returned....bye little man....
  3. Cengis under

    Total difference between 'criticism' and plain old insults as well you know. No more dirty washing....Laundry Closed....You were at least a worthy challenge when exchanging comments. In the words of whoever it was...."I don't need this shit !".....or care just how "it seems to you".
  4. Cengis under

    You wonder why people aren't on the forum any more when people like me are around....?...LOL SPURFECT......joined December 2013 Community Reputation 470 BORODIN .....joined August 2015 Community Reputation 2662 Congratulations Spurfect you have succeeded in becoming the 'final straw'........I don't need this shit and shall be taking your advice. Let's see how busier it gets......I love having a bit of banter and debate with people like Tonto (for whom I have a great respect)...and I love the innuendo and barbed remarks that we sometimes exchange. He doesn't have to resort to playground insults because he is intellectually about six universes above you (nope...make it eight). You see there comes a time when you realise that no matter how much effort you put into something to keep it alive there will always be arseholes who will criticise or find fault with your endeavours.....well I tell you something...if God ever decides to give this forum an enema then Spurfect is where he will stick the tube. Suddenly the sun shines bright and you realise you don't have to listen to crap from anyone....you simply walk away..... so you now need to find another target for your vitriolic abuse....I'm sure it won't take you long. Strange you knew all about Bruma (point 4 of your ridiculous list) and didn't tell the rest of us with a thread on the subject.... Goodbye....
  5. Cengis under

    You caused no hassle at all my mate....Spurfect refers to some 'rule' that I am totally unaware of and would completely ignore even if it existed. Threads on here are as rare as hen's teeth so I was delighted to see you put one up. I also sincerely hope that you will not be dissuaded from continuing by what followed. Please do NOT feel obliged to do any kind of search on here before writing a thread....I always have a look at Unread Content before posting just to see what's been happening (usually very,very little)....I did notice Spurfect had written one about Gameiro using the word 'f**k in the title. It was written on the 23rd May and has had 81 views and not a single reply. I wrote mine on the 29th (6 days later) and quoted an actual newspaper report. It received two replies (Jamesinashby and Tonto) followed by a "Why aren't you using my thread ?" moan from Spurfect. The reason I didn't use his thread was because I would never in any way endorse one with f**k in the title....he knows that and that is possibly the reason he did it.....I have no idea why nobody else replied. I wrote the one about Under Achievers and it received 4 replies (including one from your good self)....I had no problem whatsoever when you posted your later thread about Cenzig Under so please don't apologise for doing so......in fact, well done !! Cheers.
  6. Cengis under

    You wonder why people aren't on the forum any more when people like me are around....?...LOL SPURFECT......joined December 2013 Community Reputation 470 BORODIN .....joined August 2015 Community Reputation 2662 Congratulations Spurfect you have succeeded in becoming the 'final straw'........I don't need this shit and shall be taking your advice.
  7. Gameiro Deal Done ??

    If you need to find out whether a thread already exists about a subject before starting one then surely you need to go back to the very first one and not the previous one before yours.....you say in your post 'stick to the rules of the forum'....where is that rule please ?....in fact where are "The Rules". ????? I am growing ever more tired of your pathetic arguments and insultive posting.
  8. Cengis under

    Surely you did a search before posting about an existing thread subject ??....(Under Achievers posted Monday)........LMAO PS....hot news Tottenham Hotspur are set to miss out on signing Galatasaray winger Bruma.Portuguese newspaper Record claim that he is set to sign for German club Red Bull Leipzig, with a 18 million Euro deal agreed between the two clubs (£15.6 million). Bruma is scheduled to undergo a medical next week before the transfer is completed. Further info just in : Long-term Tottenham Hotspur target Bruma has joined Bundesliga side Red Bull Leipzig, his agent has confirmed that a deal is in place for the Portuguese youngster to join the German side.“Galatasaray and Red Bull have reached an agreement, Bruma will play his last game for the club on Saturday,” agent Catio Balde told Fanataik...there are a few issues to sort out but he will join Leipzig.”
  9. Cengis under

    Checkout my thread entitled Under Achievers which I posted on Monday....bit more info on there....hope it helps.
  10. Gameiro Deal Done ??

    With all due respect kindly remind me when this became a 'rule' of the forum and then also enlighten me what the penalty is for breaking it ? If I do a search on "Gameiro" the first reference to him is on a thread entitled Strikers and I find a posting by BlueSoulO dated July 21st 2013 in which he asked the question How about Kevin Gameiro? He's only 26 years old and with PSG signing Cavani I'm sure he wouldn't mind moving to somewhere he'd get more playing time. I mean he scored 24 goals during 2010/11 and in his first season at PSG he scored 14. Last season he scored 8 goals in 7 starts. He seems like a good forward and he prolly wouldn't cost too much. What you think of this Spurs? Should we all have replied to that ?? It's hard enough getting anyone to actually post threads without making them do a bloody search first....just try looking up the word Sissoko on here and see how many threads you find....enough to make a suit !!
  11. Sessegnon To Spurs.....

    Tottenham have beaten Liverpool in the race to sign Fulham player Ryan Sessegnon, according to a reliable journalist. Liverpool Echo Sports reporter Neil Jones sent out a message claiming that the 17-year-old is set to join the North London club in the summer transfer window. In his column for the Liverpool Echo, Jones reports that the teenager and his representatives did indeed speak to Liverpool but claims that the club were not convinced that Sessegnon wanted to join.He also claims that Jurgen Klopp had been looking for a young natural left-back to work alongside former England international James Milner and eventually become the number one choice in the position.Despite playing as an attacking left-winger in the closing matches of the season, Sessegnon has produced some impressive performances playing in the left full-back role for the majority of the season.The teenager scored four of his seven goals this season playing in the full-back role, getting on the scoresheet in the Championship draws against Cardiff and Burton, and scoring in the FA Cup victories over Cardiff City and Hull City. Borodin : Let's get this one over the line and then ship a few out (no names needed)....but there's work to be done and we need big names. A realistic title challenge and CPL next season, together with a squad and manager second to none must surely be a huge magnet....just that one massive stumbling block every time....salary.
  12. Busman's Holiday

    There's good....there's very good....and then there's me !.....lol. I must say that I do enjoy scouring the far flung corners of the internet for articles but this time it's the latest news on the official Tottenham website my friend. Glad to help though.
  13. Gameiro Deal Done ??

    I sincerely hope you are right and it's another pile of Daily Star crap.
  14. Gameiro Deal Done ??

    Tottenham close to £26m Kevin Gameiro deal: Talks at advanced stage - Daily Star report Gameiro only joined Atletico last summer, completing a £28m move from La Liga rivals Sevilla.But things have not quite gone to plan for the Frenchman since.Gameiro has scored 16 goals in 42 appearances for Atleti but has failed to fully convince boss Diego Simeone of his qualities.Spanish outlet Don Balon claim Simeone is now ready to let Gameiro go after just one season.They claim Atletico and Tottenham are in ‘very advanced’ negotiations over a summer move for the 30-year-old forward.It is said Spurs will pay £26m for him and that the deal is all but done. Don Balon say the transfer should be confirmed in the coming days barring any last minute complications.Tottenham boss Mauricio Pochettino is known to want a new forward during the upcoming transfer window.Pochettino signed Vincent Janssen from AZ Alkmaar last summer but the Dutchman has struggled to adapt to life in England, scoring just twice in the Premier League last term.Tottenham have instead had to rely on the brilliance of Harry Kane and his 29 top-flight goals.Pochettino is well aware that he needs reinforcements up front should anything happen to Kane.And it would seem Gameiro is now heading to White Hart Lane to provide some much-needed depth in the Spurs attack. Borodin: Hopefully with it being the Daily Star this is utter tosh....this guy is NOT what I think the team needs.
  15. Sissoko ....Let Me Go !

    Marseille are the runaway favourites for Moussa Sissoko despite reported Premier League interest from the likes of Everton and Newcastle.The Spurs star recently admitted that this season has been the worst of his professional career as he struggled to make an impact all season at White Hart Lane following his big-money summer move.That has got the 27-year-old already considering a move away from Tottenham in the upcoming transfer window - and it seems that a move to Ligue 1 is the most likely for Sissoko. Can anyone tell me what the local beer is called in Marseille because it must be powerful bloody stuff for them to be leading the hunt for this idiot ?....I think I'd risk a half but daren't ask for a pint. (Have to laugh at him being described as The Spurs star)