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  1. PL: Manchester City v TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR

    You just have made your prediction ha lol
  2. What did he do about it

    After my last piece about our dip in form and what was poch going to do about it things seemed to have taken a turn for the better so my question to you all is what did he do ? i’d be interested in how differently people think it has changed
  3. So what’s he going to do about it

    Please please not for luke shaw FGS
  4. So what’s he going to do about it

    Time will tell my friend time will tell
  5. So what’s he going to do about it

    Sorry tonto got to disagree for me imo he slows the game down gives away too many fouls and gets booked quite a bit and gets caught in possesion a lot but hey what do i know he’ll probably go on to be like a new signing and i hope he does
  6. So what’s he going to do about it

    Unfortunately i’m not a fan of lamela gives the ball away too often makes too many fouls and has no pace imo an off the bench bloke at best our game seems to have slowed which is why teams are figuring us out they have more time to do so instead of us ripping them apart and they being clueless as to whats happening to them
  7. So what’s he going to do about it

    Like it but do you not think that some of them need dropping/resting and does son not give us the pace we appear to be lacking?
  8. It’s fair to say that our recent results can be described as a slump in form so what is Poch going to do about it. rotate squad even more? wait for the transfer window? drop some of our so called star performers to try an get their bite back? Change tactics ? concentrate in certain area whilst letting other areas fall away? ie go for a cup instead of league let me know your thoughts and ideas.
  9. Is it just me

    Handing out a few yellows earlier on would imo have made players think not only about time wasting but also how they played the rest of the game nip it in the bud and all would have been different me thinks
  10. Is it just me

    My point exactly yes its part of the game and all teams do it to a certain extent but not that early in the game as the officials would have more time to realise that this was persistently going on and show a couple of cards to prevent it continuing
  11. Is it just me

    Apologies for poor speeling (that’s deliberate) writing on a fone and getting emotional at same time not a good combination lol
  12. Is it just me

    I’ve left it a couple of days in case someone else decided to vent their views about this and i find it hard to believe that no one has i know it won’t change the result or anything but it has wider implications the point in question is Time wasting sitting at wembly admittedly watching a poor spurs performance I couldn’t help but notice the lack of balls shown by the ref and the so called assistant refs in reference to the amount of time wasting from much pretty straight after they scored it took if my memory serves me right the 82nd minute before the keeper ( the main culprit ) got booked why was something not done about it sooner by the ref,assistants or why can’t something be said to the officials at half time to say come on this is a deliberate tatic which is unsportsmanlike at best i appreciate they lacked the strength and skills to take the game to us and were sitting back and bus parking and using this as a means to get a result which they did but shame on them and moreshame on the officials for not preventing this a ref rating on that game was a 2/3 at best this is not sour grapes i can hcndle losing given a fair scrap i hope they get relagated as the other teams will at leadt show more gight and dpirit snd plsy the fame as its intended to be is it just me ?
  13. Give it a rest

    Getting really bored and fed up with the continual resurrection of kane and ali going to madrid bollocks do the journalists really have nothing else to write about so they keep going back to churning up the same old crap hoping one day it will come true not exactly stretching their so called journalistic talents is it come on guys put some effort in and give the footballing public something to think and talk about instead of being lazy
  14. The good old days

    Couldn’t agree more
  15. Harry Kane will never move duung his career from Tottenham

    Or uses the cash for the stadium perhaps might be a few years before we start to see the benefit of the new ground my friend