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  1. Harry Kane will never move duung his career from Tottenham

    Or uses the cash for the stadium perhaps might be a few years before we start to see the benefit of the new ground my friend
  2. Gareth Bale

    Agree too injury prone and would still cost s lot to have back better to have love and lost than never loved at all sorry gareth you will always have a special place in my heart but memories of you players for us are just that
  3. Harry Kane will never move duung his career from Tottenham

    As mr levy as chairman the waft of £200 mill notes or more might mean he will go as much as we might not want

    If it wasn’t for the fact that the team included spurs players i wouldn’t bother watching we have little chance in my lifetime which of course i wish to be long and fruitful for many years to come of achieving anything internationally as we have a few quality star players ie kane,alli (unashamedly spurs supporter) mixed with mediocre ones and a manger that in my opinion couldn’t nanage a stiff dick at an orgy but as long as there is lillywhites in the team i will watch
  5. Carabao Cup

    Yeah looks like it oh well maybe 30000 for that one lol
  6. Carabao Cup

    As i first posted that some spin doctorin was needed to get a crowd to the game Well was i right or what 23800 at the Barnsley game and boy we were they treated to a festival of football lets hope if we continue in this cup that all our other games are away as that amount was embarrassing and with the quality of football my decision to give it a swerve was justified
  7. PL: TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR v Swansea City

    You were right bet ya dint think they would keep a clean sheet though
  8. Is there a plan B

    Nice reply my friend in my opinion by not putting out our best side we run and indeed ran the risk of dropping points and totally agree that swanseas tatics should have been countered earlier in the game which makes my point of poch's plan B where was it or was it good enough it ended 0-0 that tells it's own story
  9. Is there a plan B

    Now i will start by saying i have the upmost admiration for what poch has done for spurs since his time with us but before and after the swansea game i was puzzled and not for the first time firstly after the dortmund game we were on a high ok you can say we were a tad lucky but nether the less the performance was possibly the best since last season. so looking at the team sheet for the swansea game more than myself were raising eyebrow as to poch's team selection playing players that are not in the best of form (yes that's you sissoko) playing players in what i would consider to be out of position especially Son (but what do i know) and the bench producing little effect except serge who should have been on from the start please feel free to forward me any stats that you may have that backs up how players off the bench have improved are game. i personally go to work to put out my best every day although not everyday is my best but why would poch not do the same is it that the team hasn't enough strength in depth or is he trying to keep all happy ok easy for me to say as i'm not privvy to the internal workings of the team. but just to say that if you have the armory then use it first time round not as a back up as it may be too late. Does poch have a plan B ????
  10. PL: TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR v Swansea City

    Should be a romp so now i said that it will probably go against us but i stick me neck out and go for a 3-1
  11. Tottenham's new stadium plans has its own 6th form college

    Please stay forget politics and all that crap we are tottenham super tottenham from the lane
  12. Danny Rose.....

    It's all about consistency though if davies keeps up the form then great rock on and having the likes of rose waiting in the wings is no bad thing as for trippier my jury is still out on this one yet to be convinced
  13. Greedy B*****d

    Now you can call me greedy and i'm sure some of you will but i moaned in a previous post about the possibilty of getting a season ticket well all that was for nothing as i ended up getting one after all so all's well that ends well or so it would seem. But what happed to all my points that i amassed over many years of being a member and trying to go to as many games as i could to build up points only to be shut out by the lack of points now we have to start again. bearing in mind where i live all games are away games anyway but we did enjoy the few odd occasions of visiting our opponents stadiums when we were successful enough all that has gone as we will probably never gain enough points in my lifetime now to visit these places. shame as a 3 point win in a foreign land was kind of special how are we ever going to amass points to do this again but if getting a season ticket meant losing points so no away games that's a sacrifice worth paying but would av liked to have done more away yours sincerly greedy b*****d
  14. The enigma of Janssen.

    Exactly there just comes a time when you have to accept that some purchases in life are not quite what you thought they were going to be and either make do or bin. If he's got the fight in him to comeback and show all his doubters me included that he's got what it takes then great and i hope he does
  15. The good old days

    I could handle my kids disowning me i could handle my mrs leaving me in fact at times I actively encourage her but why couldn't dan the man av took a bit of a dive on the price and got shot now or as he got something up his sleeve in the January window hmmm lets see eh