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PL: Newcastle United v TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR

Started by Neophyte,

PL: Newcastle United v Tottenham Hotspur   8 members have voted

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That debut is one of the best that I can remember for a young player since I saw Ledley King for the first time. The kid didn't give the ball away once !  Made lots of interventions and blocks.... they targetted him from the first minute and he won his first aerial duel, and just got better and better. Was stretching their defence with his positioning wide on the right. That will be a good ploy at our temporary home....

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First game of the season away at the barcodes.... Good 2-0 win, and already getting some unwanted attention even before he scored, Dele gets the first goal and then takes the p*** out of Matt Richie in his own inimitable way..... when they come after him two at a time...

Nutmeg !

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Seriously impressed with KWP today. The lad did well other than that one potential mistake that was nullified by the off sides call he was brilliant. MOTM well deserved for his debut work, although I will say had this been any match but his first I would have given MOTM to Eriksen. The Dane is just tireless in offense and defense, creating 3 chances of which two were converted. He is the thing that makes this team go.

Great three points and the lads never really turned it on, which they will have to figure out how to do between now and next week because Chelsea will be a bit desperate. No team with Champion aspirations will drop the first two of the new season without a fight. 

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On 12 August 2017 at 6:46 PM, Tonto911 said:

Hey, that's actually very funny..... you got a new scriptwriter for Edinburgh ?  lol

You got that flag up yet ? read that book on Gilly ?

I'm on page 297 ,,,,David Jenkins a player I can't remember from the late 60s gets sent home from a Nortth American tour because he got his feet sunburnt.

As for the flag still undecided what to do with it,ill probably get it framed.

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