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    • Guillem Balague Talks Poch.....
      Here's an extract from an article written by Jody Rivers on the Guillem Balague blog which describes watching Mauricio giving his first training lesson to Southampton team just after being announced as manager. The training ground was in transition from the old, worn facilities to what it is today, a world class arena for all age groups at the Football Club. It was a hot day and as I walked round to the Academy games, though I knew I wasn’t allowed to watch, I stood there and waited for a security guard to move me on. No one came - thankfully - what i saw would change my outlook on coaching forever.Pochettino had eleven players set out in a 4-2-3-1 formation all standing by poles. Each player had 3 cones (Red, Blue and White). Playing against them was a Back Four and Two Centre Midfielders.The ball was transferred between the opponents in slow motion. As each pass was made each player moved towards the ball about 10/15 yards and stopped. They then placed the red cones down. The ball moved and the next colour cone went down. Same with the third.After detailed coaching to each player, Pochettino then talked, in clear English, in how to press as one. “One Trigger - we all move - No hesitation - Trust”…GO!!! For 20 minutes these players worked liked beasts. They didn’t make one tackle, not one interception. By the end of the practice each player was part of a smooth, well oiled machine. No one hesitated. No one strayed. The idea  of how to press as a complete unit was being installed into the players. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it so here's the link : http://www.guillembalague.com/blog/post.php?s=2017-05-25-hes-magic-you-knowmauricio-pochettino-a-blog-by-jody-rivers Please take the time to let me know what you thought of this insight. PS Jody Rivers is AFC Bournemouth Academy U13 Head Coach, having previously being Academy Under 11 Head Coach. Jody is also a member of the coaching staff for the Cherries Under 15's and Under 16's as part of their School Day release training programme. Director of Coaching at Premier Elite Sports Coaching, Jody works closely with a number of schools and grassroots football club's overseeing and coaching sessions with a view to encourage players to be technically confident whilst having fun and enjoying themselves.    
    • Dead Good Idea ?
      You can now be buried in a coffin of Real Madrid's Santiago Bernabeu stadium. At an annual funeral convention in Spain, Funermostra, one of the highlights of what must have been a fascinating event had to be the Santiago Bernabeu coffin.Real Madrid's home has been spectacularly designed to cater for keen Blancos fans whose time is sadly up. The exclusive wooden casket is aimed at the most loyal Madridistas who want to take memories of magical nights at their hallowed stadium to the grave.Whoever said death gets in the way of supporting your team? (No one really, with good reason.) Might be a bit morbid for a 90th birthday present, though. Borodin ; I can't see this idea catching on....I do hope when I told my wife I'd like a Spurs Box she didn't think I meant anything like this....!    
    • Shake Hands With Kyle Walker ??
      if and I mean if we get the proper money for him ,get him in a plane or taxi and wave bye bye. I say this on the basis of he is an ok player or maybe a little better than ok ,slightly, but we need players on that pitch who do not make mistakes, he makes far too many, if we are to compete at the highest level ,we cannot gift the other teams presents, ok in the semi final v rentboys it wasn't him to blame but mistakes cannot be made. yes gary he has pace, but other than that I cannot make enough of a case to keep him, he has very little positive end product for a flying wingback. anyway my answer is get rid.... for a fraction I like the kid we let go a couple years ago ryan fredericks who is at Fulham, only a thought.   ok, ill name one or two personnel who I believe are not good enough for this football tsunami called thfc, 1 walker. 2 onomah. 3 lamella. 4. lloris. 5.wimmer. replacements for these guys is another story and I would definitely keep janssan for one more season to see if just for once we can get lucky with a so called flop and he turns out to be a world beater. some on here may argue about hugo but I believe his excellence is diminishing slowly but surely, he has been brilliant for us but he is starting to make mistakes, not good.  what a wonderful league campaign, brilliant. European and domestic cups complete stupidity. watched some of that final last night, omg, what utter bullshit football, how we could not get to that level is the point I'm making, we need better players to compete. on to next season and  let us not be fearful of Wembley, let us embrace it  and by the tim the league and fa cup finals come around we will be well used to winning there, 2 trophies already in the bank...lol. COYS.
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