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    • Gooner's Spurs Tattoo.....
      Just Tattoo Of Us : The MTV show, which is presented by Charlotte Crosby and Stephen Bear, puts relationships to the test when it organises family members, friends and couples to design tattoos for each other. When it came to Ricky's turn, his not-so-good friend Josh took little pity on him.Having not yet seen his tattoo, Ricky approached a mirror for the big reveal.Putting on blacked out goggles, tattoo artist Danny Robinson slowly removes the bandages.After the count of three, Ricky removed his glasses to finally see what his best made had done."You p****," Ricky calls his mate upon seeing his worst nightmare."I can't go to a game again!" he adds. "I can't believe you've actually done that, it's just kicking in actually." Josh, however, was quite proud of his creation and labelled it as "class".    Nice to have friends.....lol
    • Manchester Derby Draw....
      Great result...City now 9 points behind and Man Utd 10 points.....(oh and Arsenal 14 soon to be 17)....love it !
    • Autopsy Down The Pub...
      Whenever a team loses you will always find a group of their supporters in the pub on a Sunday afternoon conducting an autopsy. Very rarely will you find them all nodding in agreement that the team was outfought or outclassed by the opposition. Invariably it will be a case of who played badly, what an idiot the referee was or where the manager went wrong. I know to many on here that my recent postings have appeared anti Poch and somewhat negative towards his abilities but maybe I can clarify my standing. It is testament to Poch's tenure as manager that supporters do get irked when Spurs lose because for once in our lives defeat is not an anticipated event. He has established a young and talented squad that is obviously happy playing together and producing a style of football which is both attractive and yielding results. For so long Tottenham were a team that could never quite combine those two qualities. We could charm and excite but not also win the game. Poch has managed to bring together the two and we lie second in the league...still with a chance of becoming champions. Many of us have supported this club for over 40 or 50 years so please forgive us if we act in any way hesitant about proclaiming a new era for our beloved team. I am loving being where we are right now but it is every fan's natural reaction to try and analyse why a defeat happens. I am sure that back at White Hart Lane HQ... Mauricio and his team were pouring over videos of the match with Chelsea and trying to see where mistakes were made either tactically or on the pitch. It is not a question of "Right we've lost..sack the manager..he's useless" it's one of "Could the manager or the team have done better" and then pretending you are the boss and giving your views on what you would have done in similar circumstances. Asking why Kyle Walker was a substitute or that Son reverted to a defender's role against Chelsea were questions raised solely because we lost...had we beat them we would have sat in awe at Poch's astuteness and Chelsea fans would be demanding to know why Conte put Hazard and Costa on the substitutes bench. The criticism goes with the job because supporters demand perfection even though subconsciously they know it will never be achieved. The manager makes decisions and his fate is determined by them. I will be the first to stand up and say Mauricio Pochettino is without doubt the most forward thinking and talented manager this team has had for many a year. He has transformed the squad and destroyed forever the adjective 'Spursy'. I will however also reserve the right to question some of his managerial decisions concerning tactics when the team loses. It is not 'negative' to do so, it is part and parcel of this beautiful game and what keeps pubs in profit on a Sunday afternoon. Victories are great..everyone smiles and says how well the team performed but after half an hour the conversation reverts to the next match...now after a defeat is a totally different matter. Hours and hours (and pints) of who should have been dropped, substituted or played, who was at fault for the goals and the inevitable 'what the manager should have done' in order to win. That desire to examine each integral part of a loss is in the DNA of every football fan and is the backbone of a football forum. So just because doubt is raised or questions are asked do not condemn those that do so as negative thinking or anti Poch. They are simply playing at being in charge and having great fun doing so. Being an armchair critic is easy, I know because I am one but have a thought for people like Garyjones1271 on here who follow Spurs all over the country week in and week out regardless of distance, cost or weather. When they return weary and desolate after watching the team lose they have every right in the world to declare where they though the blame lay without being branded negative towards the manager. There has to be a happy medium to all of this. At one end of the scale are people who would criticise and demand Mauricio's head no matter how well Spurs did and at the other are those that are besotted with the guy and believe he can do no wrong regardless of defeat. The place to be is in the middle..appreciative of his attributes and talents but also wary of his relative inexperience and shortcomings. I regard myself as the latter. I truly want him to be lifting the Premiership trophy aloft at the end of this season and for it to be the beginning of a wonderful success story for the club. I also appreciate that he is up against a group of much more experienced and successful managers and would do well to learn from their guile and tactical skill. I shall be one of those pub people on Sunday, cheering on my side to victory and relishing the death of St Totteringham. I am totally confident that victory will be ours and Wenger's water bottle will be hurtling out of the ground towards the new stadium. I am also totally confident that Mauricio will select what he thinks is the best team for the game and when we have another three points in the bag I shall celebrate his managerial skills but please...please..please...should the unthinkable happen do not condemn us if we respectfully suggest where Poch may have got it wrong.
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