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    • horrific
      I would never post anything that is just for shock content so here is the best 'acceptable' footage I could find of the incident. I sincerely hope that Coleman makes a speedy and full recovery...whilst I appreciate the broken leg was not 'intentional' the tackle was nevertheless reckless, irresponsible and inexcusable.  
    • Spurs First Team Squad Valuation.....
      We can't always agree and like you I don't agree. Toby is out best player by a mile and you have valued harry and dele more than him and son only 5 million less. I don't rate dele nowhere near what you or anyone else does. I think he is decent but certainly not special and I'll go back to the euros and ask how he performed against average not even good European sides. Take His goals away and I see an average player, bear in mind he doesn't defend so he should score as many goals as a forward. Realistically the whole market has gone crazy but if dele and harry are going to be valued that high then the second tier players like tony kroos have to be worth 20 million more than the likes of Kane and alli then the likes of hazard bale and Suarez have to be another 20 mill on top of that so we are now talking about 100 million for the very best. I just don't rate our squad that highly I'm afraid and I'm still doubtful of a top 4 finish. Fingers crossed I am very wrong.
    • horrific
      It must have been bad as on Sky they wouldn't show replays of it. It happened so fast I can't remember the tackle in any great detail. All we saw were the close ups of how much pain he was in. I fervently hope he can recover from it quickly. 
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